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Hell Hole Reservoir 4x4 Trail, California
Hell Hole Reservoir 4x4 Trail, California
Foresthill, California, United States
Difficult: 3.9 miles, 1-3 hours
Short, difficult descent to scenic reservoir

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Mountain Lion (Applegate, California, United States) Photo
Foresthill Loop 9/15/09
by md_mtb on Sep 15, 2009
Clipper Gap, California, United States
Mountain biking | 10.4 miles
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Foresthill May 2nd
by ronpluth on May 02, 2010
Davis, California, United States
169 miles
John Fravesi & Ron Pluth go to Foresthill for lunch!
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McKeon Ponderosa Way to Oregon Bar
by Achaetes on Dec 10, 2011
Todd Valley, California, United States
Hiking | 7.2 miles
This was Ruck-A-Chucky Rapids - the hard way.  We were planning to do the Ruck-A-Chucky Rapids Hike according to the book "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Sacramento".  We headed out down I-80 to the Foresthill Road exit and then took the narrow and windy Drivers Flat Road, expecting to drive for 5 miles - passed the Ruck-A-Chucky Campground, across 2 forded streams, passed the remnants of the Greenwood bridge and the...
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Foresthill Loop - 11 Miles - Auburn, CA
by mvmills on May 24, 2012
Auburn, California, United States
Mountain biking | 10.8 miles
This trail is just like a roller coaster.  The first 5 miles have a lot of steep uphills and downhills that are a combo of single and double track .  One minute you could be in your lowest gear, the next in your highest, and finally a minute later back in your lowest gear again.  The condition of the trail is fair, but there are a few areas that are pretty rough and chewed up....
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To River from Alton Tr.JPG Photo
Alton Tr to Middle Fork American River
by Scottime on Nov 24, 2012
Foresthill, California, United States
Hiking | 5.6 miles
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Armstrong Connector Trail w/ a side of Corrals
by darknomad on Oct 07, 2013
South Lake Tahoe, California, United States
Mountain biking | 8.2 miles
So, the last time I rode this trail was back in Aug of 2012 with Rob, Mike, and Clay.  On that trip we had originally planned to ride all the way up to the Tahoe Rim Trail and then take Mr. Toad's down.  That would have been a pretty strenuous but epic ride...except that we started a little later in the day than we probably should have, so we made it an...
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ForestHill Divide
by darknomad on Oct 08, 2013
Foresthill, California, United States
Mountain biking | 10.9 miles
Forest Hill Divide Trail, oh how I have always loved thee!!!But today was different.  The trail is still as awesome as ever, and it's still a great ride but I wasn't at my best.  I think the 10.00 user fee at the trailhead should have been taken as an omen as well. read that now costs 10.00 to ride here.  They installed a self registration kiosk and drop tube that...
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Foresthill Divide Loop
by guney on Aug 10, 2013
Auburn, California, United States
Mountain biking | 11.0 miles
CampingMan at Middle Meadows Alt Directions
by DangerDad13 on Jul 29, 2011
Auburn, California, United States
Driving | 61 miles
This was the path I took out from middle meadows campground in 2010.  This direction was a nicer drive, with smoother roads, and signs pointing to Foresthill, however it took about 20-30 mins longer than the path I took in.
Foresthill Loop
by ToranMacLeod on May 26, 2007
Clipper Gap, California, United States
Running | 10.7 miles
Josh fun run ;)
Foresthill loop
by clarkaw on Nov 11, 2008
Foresthill, California, United States
Motorcycling | 231 miles
Memorial 2009 - Rehiding Big Valley Falls Cache.
by Busboy on May 25, 2009
Red Point (historical), California, United States
Geocaching | 43 miles
Ug the trip from Hell where we went to rehide a geacache that had been burned up in a fire that went thru the area a while back.Going up there was fine... its all Foresthill Divide... then its a left and up a hill we go... its tuff trail/fire road... no jeep or 4x4 can make it as its just plain too rocky and slippery. well I hit a bad rock didnt...
Memorial 2009 - Property to trails 3 & 4 - Foresthill OHV
by Busboy on May 24, 2009
Hughes Mill, California, United States
OHV Motorcycle Riding | 28 miles
LONG ride with Bart, Mark, Ed and Myself. This was the trip that we took ed on to get him to some trails that would work him! ;-) well that worked well but when we reached the FARTHEST point from camp that we could possibly get to I had a small spin out and then my bike started to get a freeky and finally died and wouldnt start. This pissed me off.The...
Connector + Foresthill Divide Loop (FHDL)
by wonger7 on Jul 19, 2009
Bowman, California, United States
Mountain biking | 16.2 miles
Testing out the "Trails" program on the new iPhone 3GS. The tracking seems about right, but the elevation is incorrect when comparing to a Garmin 305. I'm going to change the setting to record a waypoint every 10 meters on the next ride.It was a great day. Low 80s and little wind.
Lollipop Loop
by mattmc on Jun 07, 2009
Clipper Gap, California, United States
Mountain biking | 16.8 miles
This is the Connector and Foresthill Divide Loop trail in Auburn, CA.  It is a very popular loop.
by md_mtb on Sep 14, 2009
Clipper Gap, California, United States
10.5 miles
Foresthill Divide + Connector 10/17/09
by steven_fong on Oct 17, 2009
Auburn, California, United States
Mountain biking | 17.2 miles
Mark and I decided to take the Clementine connector up to the Foresthill Divide Loop and back. It adds about 6 miles to the ride. Alot of fun, alot of roller-coastery sections. We were both pretty wiped out by the end of the ride
Foresthill Divide
by kiddoc on Nov 15, 2009
Foresthill, California, United States
Mountain biking | 10.8 miles
Foresthill Divide
by jefftz49 on Nov 28, 2009
Auburn Lake Trails, California, United States
Mountain biking | 10.4 miles
Day after light rain. I was a little worried about it being too wet -- didn't want to tear up the trail. Actually it was perfect. Tacky loam, a few puddles to wheelie through, but no damage to the awsome trail.
Riding Foresthill Divide + Clementine Connector
by steven_fong on Jan 09, 2010
Auburn, California, United States
Mountain biking | 16.5 miles
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