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Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
California, United States
East of San Diego, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park offers respite from the dry Southern California landscape. The park’s 24,700 acres of oak and conifer forests and expansive meadows are broken... more

Stonewall Peak
Stonewall Peak
Descanso, California, United States
Moderate: 5.3 miles, Half day
Stellar views and a variety of terrain in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

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DSCN1343.JPG (Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States) Photo
DSCN1344.JPG (Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States) Photo
DSCN0002.JPG (Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States) Photo
DSCN0003.JPG (Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States) Photo
Cuyamaca Peak - via Azalea Loop Trail
by john_hopper on Oct 21, 2008
Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 7.5 miles
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Stonewall Peak 1/2/11
by San_Diego_Hiker on Jan 02, 2011
Descanso, California, United States
Hiking | 5.3 miles
Great, mildly wintery day to hike Stonewall Peak. Today was one of my volunteer roves in Cuyamaca, and my hiking partner and I decided to see how many "contacts" we could make. We spoke to around 35 people on the way up and around the peak. Plenty of folks out enjoying (my idea of) perfect hiking weather. Parts of the trail were snow covered, parts mud bogs, but it was an interesting...
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Cuyamaca Middle Peak
by Mikey. on Jul 15, 2012
Cuyamaca, California, United States
Hiking | 6.6 miles
beautiful sunny day for an excursion up to middle cuyamaca peak. sugar pine trail was fairly overgrown and lined with lots of poison oak, so very careful bushwacking up to face level is required for this portion. there is no summit trail to middle peak so we scouted around and found a clearer cross country route directly from the north over all the dead burnt trees. while checking out the hard to...
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Cuyamaca Lake Reservoir
by Mikey. on Jul 15, 2012
Cuyamaca, California, United States
Hiking | 3.7 miles
we took the side trip out on the island to the little summit and down to the shoreline, then over to the stonewall gold mine and museum before returning. made three loops along the way, it was a perfect day!
Green Valley Horse Camp April 2011 001.jpg Photo
Green Valley Horse Camp April 2011 002.jpg Photo
Green Valley Horse Camp April 2011 003.jpg Photo
Green Valley Horse Camp April 2011 004.jpg Photo
Cuyamaca~Green Valley Horse Camp
by CowgirlJewel on Apr 16, 2011
Hulburd Grove, California, United States
Horseback Riding | 5.8 miles
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Cuyamaca Peak
by Duncan on Mar 16, 2012
Julian, California, United States
Geocaching | 10.4 miles
Longest hike of the four so far, but lots of fun with Janey and Nancy.  Up Lookout Rd., over to Burnt Pine Fire Rd (lots of nice non-burnt pines on the upper section), down to West Mesa Loop trail, hooked up with the CA riding and hiking trail, down to Fern Flat Fire Road and back down Lookout Rd for the 10 mile loop.
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 001.jpg Photo
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 005.jpg Photo
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 008.jpg Photo
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 009.jpg Photo
Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
by CowgirlJewel on Jul 11, 2010
Descanso, California, United States
Horseback Riding | 4.7 miles
Lake Loop extended.
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Stonewall Peak
by mattgrace on Jun 05, 2011
Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 5.3 miles
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Noble Canyon
by FlagMan on Mar 06, 2011
Lagunas, California, United States
Geocaching | 10.6 miles
Great hike from the Sunrise Highway to Old Hwy 80 through Noble Canyon.  Lots of caches and a great trail to ride on a MTB.  I've hiked it twice now.  Today there was lots of snow on the ground for the first mile, and we trudged through it.  Other than the deep snow on that first mile or so, the conditions were ideal.  We brought our jackets but carried them most of...
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2012-04-21 - Stonewall Peak
by FlagMan on Apr 21, 2012
Cuyamaca, California, United States
Geocaching | 3.9 miles
This is the third of of three hikes to clear the caches in the soon to be Cuyamaca Hall of Fame.  I parked at the Paso Picacho campground and hiked the trail to the top and back in a couple hours.
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Stonewall Peak
by Mikey. on Nov 22, 2012
Cuyamaca, California, United States
Hiking | 5.3 miles
absolutely perfect weather for a great thanksgiving day hike to stonewall peak (5730). made the loop by taking the other return route, then headed over to viejas casino for a thanksgiving buffet feast with friends. great day!
DSC_0116.JPG (Guatay, California, United States) Photo
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Cuyamaca - Harvey Moore and Dyar Springs Trail
by Duncan on Apr 30, 2009
Guatay, California, United States
Geocaching | 6.0 miles
Grabbing a few caches in Cuyamaca SP.GC1QM04GC1MDR2GC1N4WXGC1N4VKGC1QM0YGC1QM1X
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Stonewall Peak & Lake Cuyamaca
by benvolta on Jul 31, 2010
Walking | 6.5 miles
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Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
by CowgirlJewel on Jul 10, 2010
Descanso, California, United States
Horseback Riding | 7.9 miles
Great ride to Azalea Springs!
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West Mesa Loop Trail
by roywarfield on May 26, 2009
Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 6.8 miles
John, Ade and I hiked the West Mesa Loop Trail with a stop at the Airplane Monument.   Saw some game today: some wild turkeys, a deer and a few rabbits.  Still lots of flowers blooming at this elevation.  Nice hike.
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Cuyamaca Rancho~Merigan Staging Area
by CowgirlJewel on Aug 21, 2010
Descanso, California, United States
Horseback Riding | 8.8 miles
Great Ride up Merigan Fire Road to Sweetwater Trail to Blue Ribbon back to Trail Head via Merigan Fire Road.
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Laguna to Cuyamaca One Way
by roywarfield on Jan 10, 2012
Julian, California, United States
Hiking | 10.1 miles
The guys that dreamed up this hike implied that it was mostly down hill and about 7 miles long.  All of this was mostly true.  The starting point was higher than the end point and 10 is somewhere around 7.  All Whining aside, it was a beatiful day and the back country scenery was as great as ever. The views down through Parker Canyon were wonderful.   Some sections of the trail were a little...
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Cuyamaca - Arroyo Seco & Monument Trail Loop
by Duncan on Apr 20, 2012
California, United States
Geocaching | 8.5 miles
A long, hot hike with Nancy and Janie.  Found a few, placed a few.
Cuyamaca 11.18.12 015.JPG Photo
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Cuyamaca Pico Picacho
by GirlyCamping on Nov 16, 2012
Cuyamaca, California, United States
Camping | 0.0 miles
I had never been to Cuyamaca State Park before and all I can say is I'm definitely going back... and soon! It was beautiful! We stayed at Pico Picacho where we had an amazing view of the forest! We saw deer, wild turkeys, nad beautiful wood peckers! It was chilly but we survived!
banafshehmtn001.JPG Photo
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Banafsheh Mountain aka Wildwood Mountain
by Mikey. on Oct 12, 2014
Poway, California, United States
Hiking | 4.2 miles
Distance: 4.39 miles      Elevation gain/loss: 1099 ft / 1094 ft     Moving time: 1:59     Moving speed: 2.2 mph                    From the Iron Mountain trail head  hike up to the junction with the sign. Turn left and as the trail starts to go downhill towards Ramona Overlook look for a very small cairn on your right. Start your cross country hike to the summit here. First go up and over bump 2200' to get to...
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