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Emmental, Switzerland
BE, Switzerland
The Emmental is a hilly region of Switzerland, part of the canton Bern. Crossed by the Emme and Ilfis rivers, the region is mostly devoted to farming, particularly dairy farming. Its notable... more
Geneva, Switzerland
Geneve, Switzerland
Grauholz / Krauchthal, Switzerland
This large hilly area is just next to the large city of Bern, and indeed parts of this area have sadly already been transformed into bland suburbia. But by and large, tis remains a largely unknow... more
Luzern, Switzerland
Luzern is a popular city in Switzerland on Lake Luzern, with views of Mount Pilatus.  It is a beautiful city and one of the main landmarks is the Chapel Bridge (a 14th century wooden bridge).... more
Val D'Anniviers, Suisse
Valais, Switzerland
Val d'Anniviers is one of the most authentic valleys in Switzerland and is a true hiking paradise with hundreds of kilometers hiking trail.When entering the valley you will imediatly see the... more

Blenio, Greina Capanna Scaletta
Blenio, Greina Capanna Scaletta
Campo Blenio, Ticino, Switzerland
14.4 mile trail near Campo Blenio, Switzerland
Haute Uranaise Ski Route
Haute Uranaise Ski Route
Realp, Uri, Switzerland
Moderate: 22 miles, Multiple days
5-days ski touring trip close to Bern in Switzerland
Cabane de l'A Neuva
Cabane de l'A Neuva
La Fouly, Valais, Switzerland
L'A Neuva is one of the most spectacular mountain hut of Switzerland, nested on the verge of a vertiginous wall.
Grindelwald, Switzerland Ski Trip
Grindelwald, Switzerland Ski Trip
Grindelwald, Switzerland
Easy: Multiple days
Enjoy some serious skiing in scenic Bernese Oberland.
Cabanes d'Orny and Cabanes de Trient
Cabanes d'Orny and Cabanes de Trient
Champex, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 9.4 miles, Full day
Enjoy a great full day hike among the best daytrip of the "massif du Mont Blanc" and the Swiss Alps.
Mont Dolent, Refuge Fiorio and Grands Grépillons
Mont Dolent, Refuge Fiorio and Grands Grépillons
Ferret, Valais, Switzerland
Difficult: 4.2 miles, Full day
Fantastic day walk in the "Massif du Mont Blanc" with great scenic views.
Val Ferret, Malatra, Grand Saint Bernard, lacs de Fenêtre
Difficult: 21 miles, Full day
Mürren to Gimmelwald Via Ferrata
Mürren to Gimmelwald Via Ferrata
Lauterbrunnen, Bern, Switzerland
Moderate: 1.4 miles
Properly administered, adrenaline is the most addictive drug in the world.
Bicycle trip, Grand Saint Bernard
Bicycle trip, Grand Saint Bernard
Grand Saint Bernard, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 3.4 miles, Half day
Grand Saint Bernard is a among the most famous mountain passes of Switzerland and Italy.
Hiking along Bisse du Ro to Lac de Tseuzier
Hiking along Bisse du Ro to Lac de Tseuzier
Crans-Sur-Sierre, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 12.0 miles, Full day
Go back in time along the trail of Bisse du Ro to the magnificent artificial lake of Tseuzier
To the Illhorn and Schwarzhorn
To the Illhorn and Schwarzhorn
Anniviers, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 8.2 miles, Full day
From Chandolin to the Illhorn above the Rhone valley to the rocky mountain Schwarzhorn.
The glacier and lake of the Moiry
The glacier and lake of the Moiry
Grimentz, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 12.2 miles, Full day
A rewarding trip which takes you to one of the most amazing panoramic views over Val d'Anniviers and Val de Moiry.
Le Catogne mountain, from Champex.
Le Catogne mountain, from Champex.
Champex, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 2.9 miles, Half day
Breathtaking hike to reach the summit of the Mount Catogne (2600m) with the feeling to be on the top of the world
Exploring Val de Réchy from Vercorin
Exploring Val de Réchy from Vercorin
Chalais, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 11.9 miles, Full day
From Vercorin you'll conquer the La Brinta mountain before exploring the untamed valley of Val de Réchy.
Cabane de Tracuit - 3256m
Cabane de Tracuit - 3256m
Zinal, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 9.4 miles, Full day
Hike to one of the highest cabanes of the Alps, the starting point of alpinism with amazing views over the high mountain
Bella Tolla, Rothorn to the Meidpass and back
Bella Tolla, Rothorn to the Meidpass and back
Anniviers, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 13.6 miles, Full day
Enjoy the view on 3000m height and walk through pure untouched nature above Val d'Anniviers
Grand Saint Bernard
Grand Saint Bernard
Orsières, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 4.0 miles, Full day
Experience scenic views over the Mont Blanc and the Grand Saint Bernard
Hiking to Toûno Mountain
Hiking to Toûno Mountain
Chandolin, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 13.6 miles, Full day
From Saint-Luc it looks undoable, but you can conquer this magnificent mountain and enjoy the spectacular sights.
To Cabane des Dix and the Glacier de Cheilon
To Cabane des Dix and the Glacier de Cheilon
Val des Dix, Valais, Switzerland
Difficult: 16.6 miles, Full day
From Europe's highest dam to Cabane des Dix in a glacier paradise with the crossing of Glacier de Cheilon.
To the Arêtes des Ombrintses under the Rothorn
To the Arêtes des Ombrintses under the Rothorn
Chandolin, Valais, Switzerland
Moderate: 7.4 miles, Half day
A more adventurous hike to the Arêtes des Ombrintses witch lies just under the Rothorn (2998m)

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Cycling the length of The Rhine
by GeoffJones on Jul 09, 2010
Andermatt, Uri, Switzerland
Road biking | 924 miles
A ride down one of Europe's longest rivers. The trail closely follows that given in books 1,2 & 3 of the excellent Bikeline Rhein-Radweg books. Note that the gps trail as shown is my actual un-edited ride so contains quite a few 'getting lost' bits plus I suspect some quite illegal manoveures, follow it at your own risk!The ride is a mixture of roads, paved cycleways & dirt tracks. There are many...
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First -Faulhorn -Schynige Platte, Switzerland
by ysato_JAPAN on Aug 14, 2010
Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland
Hiking | 10.3 miles
binnthal2660. (Binn, Switzerland) Photo
binnthal2661. (Binn, Switzerland) Photo
binnthal2662. (Binn, Switzerland) Photo
binnthal2664. (Saflischmatten, Switzerland) Photo
Binnthal - Alpe Veglia
by gregus_ on Aug 30, 2008
Binn, Valais, Switzerland
Hiking | 19.1 miles
2 day walk in the Binnthal (Switzerland) and Alpe Veglia - Alpe Devero National park (Italy).Nice weather in Switzerland and fogy in Italy.Randonnée de 2 jours dans le Binnthal and dans le parc national de Alpe Veglia- Alpe Devero  (Italie).Beau temps en Valais et brouillard en Italie.
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chiAngdAo (3).jpg Photo
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tRails of ... kota damansara 1 & 2
by LANGMUSI on Dec 31, 2009
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hiking | 10.1 miles
LU In the Forest (Kienholz, Switzerland) Photo
LU View on lake Brienz (Kienholz, Switzerland) Photo
LU Water Fall (Kienholz, Switzerland) Photo
LU View on lake 2 (Breitenfeld, Switzerland) Photo
Brienzer Rothorn - LU
by gregus_ on Aug 01, 2007
Brienz, Bern, Switzerland
Hiking | 10.7 miles
Brienzer Rothorn - Culminant point of Canton Luzern - Switzerland
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IMG_0531.JPG Photo
IMG_0536.JPG Photo
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Zuerich, Uetliberg (Winterwanderung, 1h2-2h)
by cosmonaut on Dec 26, 2010
Zürich (Kreis 3) / Gratweg, Zürich, Switzerland
Hiking | 3.7 miles
Sehr schöne Wanderung, etwa 1h20-2h.Mit der Bahn vom Zürich Hauptbahnhof bis Uetliberg. (Vor allem im Winter empfiehlt sich die Abfahrt ab dem Hauptbahnhof, um bereits am Bahnhof einen Sitzplatz zu finden, da ansonsten die Fraktion der Schlittenfahrer die Bahn komplett einnimmt.)Einmal oben angekommen, gleich zum Hotel Uto Kulm laufen, und von dort aus dem gelben Wegweiser Richtung Felsenegg folgen. Sehr gut ausgeschildert, man kann nichts falsch machen oder sich verlaufen.Man geht über lange...
Rando vers La Dole
by tmaness on Apr 06, 2011
La Cure, Vaud, Switzerland
Hiking | 8.9 miles
Belle rando sur parcours balisé. Compter 4 bonnes heures de marche. Super vue sur les Alpes et le lac Léman.
Dent du Jaman
by michal_s on Sep 02, 2011
Les Avants, Vaud, Switzerland
Hiking | 3.0 miles
After-work hike from Col du Jaman to Dent du Jaman (1875m).
IMG_4533 (Dahlem, Berlin, Germany) Photo
IMG_4535 (Zehlendorf, Berlin, Germany) Photo
IMG_4538 (Rehbrücke, Brandenburg, Germany) Photo
IMG_4541 (Linthe, Brandenburg, Germany) Photo
Germany, Swizterland, Liechtenstein, Austria Bummel
by chris on Dec 07, 2007
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Driving | 1,224 miles
Our Grand Bummel! We drove down to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, through the Black Forest (with a stop at Mummelsee to see the mermaids), through Switzerland by lake Constanz, through Liechtenstein, to Innsbruck, Austria. Then we drove back to Berlin with a stop in Garmish for lunch and Christmas shopping. 3 days, 1225 miles, lots of fun!
IMG_3697.JPG (Gottlieben, Switzerland) Photo
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Bike Trip Konstanz - Stein am Rhein - Konstanz
by pgs on Mar 25, 2010
Petershausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Mountain biking | 44 miles
Nice Bike-Trip with Bernd Sch., starting in Konstanz/Reichenaustrasse:Konstanz - Hegne - Allensbach - Markelfingen - Radolfzell - Moos - Horn - Gaienhofen Wangen - Stein am Rhein - Mammern - Steckborn - Ermatingen - Gottlieben - Konstanz.
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Caux - Rocher de Naye
by amassouras on Sep 11, 2011
Caux, Vaud, Switzerland
Hiking | 4.8 miles
Very beautiful alpine trail mostly going through forest but with stunning views.Also a great exercise, since you climb about 900 meters over 8km.Our pace was slow, since there was a 7 year old with us.
Via Francigena Photo
Via Francigena Photo
Via Francigena Photo
Via Francigena Photo
Via Francigena
by on May 31, 2013
Canterbury, England, United Kingdom
Hiking | 1,270 miles
All roads lead to Rome. The Via Francigena is an ancient road to Rome, passing through England, France Switzerland and finally Italy. In medieval times it was an important road for the pilgrims heading south, and is since 1994 designated as a European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe. The route travels through some of the most stunning scenery in Europe, such as Kent, WWI battlefields, Champagne, Alps, Abruzzo, Umbria, Tuscany,...
viaAlpina_0634.jpg Photo
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Via Alpina - Hiking Sargans to Chillon
by gregus_ on Jul 18, 2009
Sargans, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Hiking | 257 miles
15 days of mountain hiking across Switzerland. From Sargans to Chillon (Montreux). Following the Swiss Alps from east to west.About 350 km in distance, 24'000 m vertical climb . We traveled very light, we sleeped outside when the weather was good.Marvelous scenery of the Swiss Alps. Going through typical villages, ski resorts, mountains passes, lakes, meadows, ...A unforgettable experience.--------15 jours de randonnée à travers la Suisse. de Sargans à Chillon (Montreux) en...
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by SpicySauce on Apr 03, 2012
Zug, Zug, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 8.2 miles
After work ride. Wasn't sure where I was going at first but eventually found a trail I knew.Nice trail pretty steep and technical in spots, a lot of steps and some small drops.**** Do not follow my trail after my 7th photo! I made the mistake of going down a trail with RED BIKE REFLECTORS hanging in a tree on the right hand side at the trail head. The trail is not...
everest base camp - mt pumori  7145m ....1993  Photo
CHOLA PASS 1993 Photo
botak hill ... age 10 ...1974   Photo
botak hill ... age 10 ...1974   Photo
tRAiLs oF ... frim - 197O ... tO ... mt everest ... 1993 ---- sOLO
by LANGMUSI on Jan 01, 1990
Kampong Jawa Tengah, Malaysia
Hiking | 32 miles
... me born in kepOng ........ frim is my happy childhood playground ......... !... my grandpa kepong WELLKNOWN kung fu master .... !... master YAP YOU ... !
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P1140440.jpg Photo
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20111001 GMPbike@Lugano - Alpe Bolla - Valsolda
by resnati on Oct 01, 2011
Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 18.6 miles
Distanza complessiva: 32km Dislivello in salita: 1.001 Dislivello in discesa: 1.003 Quota minima: 273 Lungolago Lugano Cassarate Quota massima raggiunta: 1.174 Pian di Scagn (confine Italo/Sivzzero) Pendenza massima: 23% rampe tra i km 9 e 10 Fondo: asfalto, single track, sentiero Impegno fisico: medio Difficoltà tecnica: media Cartografia: Hallwag/Scott n.12 Lugano Malcantone 1:50.000 Le prime notizie sull’Aple Bolla, le avevo trovate nel “vecchio” ma pur sempre molto interessante libro “Dal Lago Maggiore al Lago di Como in mountain bike”, edito da CDA Centro...
Melchsee Photo
Singletrail1 Photo
Singletrail2 Photo
by boemel on Aug 07, 2010
Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 32 miles
Val d'Uina Photo
Pforzheimer Hütte Photo
Schweiz Mobil Route 443 - Fimberpass - Val dUina - Reschenpass
by danikoller on Apr 25, 2011
Sent, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 91 miles
Von Sent führt die Route nach Sur En hinunter. Von hier geht es stetig aufwärts in die Schlucht Val d`Uina. Eines der absoluten Biker-Highlights schlechthin. Durch die enge Felsengalerie und den abenteuerlichen Weg führ die Route zum Schlinigpass. Hier wird die Grenze zu Italien überquert. Hinunter geht es jetzt nach Schlinig und durch das Südtirol nach Burgeis und St. Valentin. Weiter über den Reschenpass nach Österreich (Nauders). Jetzt führt die Route zur...
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Locarno - Cardada
by itogni on Jul 28, 2011
Orselina, Ticino, Switzerland
Walking | 6.3 miles
This is a beautiful day trip with amazing view of southern Ticino, the lake Maggiore and Locarno, Ascona. You can take a the cable car from downtown Locarno to Orselina, just above Locarno, and then take another cable car to the top of the mountain. The arrival has been designed by the famous Swiss architect Mario Botta. From there are several walk easy trails or you can take another cable car to...
DSCN2441. (Langenbruck, Switzerland) Photo
DSCN2443. (Langenbruck, Switzerland) Photo
DSCN2444. (Waldenburg, Switzerland) Photo
DSCN2445. (Mümliswil, Switzerland) Photo
Hinteri Egg - BL
by gregus_ on Jun 14, 2008
Langenbruck, Basel Land, Switzerland
Walking | 5.2 miles
Walk to the culminant point of Basel Land, Switzerland
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