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I've been keeping track of my travels on my travel blog,

When I'm not spending all of my work time and free time working on cool new products for EveryTrail, I like to enjoy the outdoors as much as I can. Thankfully there is so much around me that I often don't need to go too far. I have traveled to Europe several times and each time keeps me begging for more, especially after living in Berlin for 3 months while studying--I can't wait to go back!

This past year I went to Tahoe a few times to ski, visited my friend in Peru where I finally hiked around Machu Picchu (one of my dreams), and then spent a week in Yosemite with my entire family hiking as much as I could each day--it was great!

Now I'm living in San Francisco and trying to find rides out to the mountains for weekend backpacking trips with friends. They tend to be very last minute which has caused some minor problems in the past year, such as forgetting to bring a camp stove and not knowing where the campground was while trying to find it in complete darkness (we passed it by 3 miles). So far nothing too serious has happened and it always makes for good stories.

Happy trails everyone!

San Francisco, California, United States

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September 4, 2006

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chris favorited SueD's trip Ohai Loop Trail on Feb 08, 2014

Honokōhau, Hawaii, United States2.0 miles
View from the parking area Photo
DSCN2444.JPG Photo
Nahele Blowhole in that direction Photo
DSCN2446.JPG Photo

chris favorited croyle's trip The 'Iao Valley on Feb 08, 2014

Wailuku Heights, Hawaii, United States1.8 miles
'Iao Valley central display area Photo
Looking east Photo
Jungle Trail 1 Photo
Jungle Trail 2 Photo
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chris favorited LonnieJones's trip Journey of a Lifetime on Feb 08, 2014

Olinda, Hawaii, United States17.2 miles
This Way Photo
Get Ready Photo
Hav'in a Ball Photo
Follow The Leader Photo

chris favorited w_nikolai's trip Haleakala 04-17-10 on Feb 08, 2014

Kaonoulu, Hawaii, United States12.5 miles
P1000253.JPG Photo
P1000256.JPG Photo
P1000259.JPG Photo
P1000268.JPG Photo
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chris created a new trip Backpacking at Bull Run Lake on Nov 16, 2013

Cape Horn, California, United States11.5 miles
Mosquito Lakes Photo
Mosquito Lakes Photo
Mosquito Lakes Photo
Mosquito Lakes Photo

chris created a new trip Shasta Houseboating on Nov 03, 2013

Baird, California, United States17.3 miles
Tubing on Shasta Photo
View from my window Photo
Lunch time Photo
Uncovered Islands Photo
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chris created a new trip Bike to work on Jul 08, 2013

Farm Hills, California, United States7.1 miles
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