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Can and you sit down and you take a one of the little kids that will patient kits with the in the Donica on the day in the least kits and have a little file ease and sodium hypochlorite in your gate. That canal start the irrigation is a more longer timewise at that material can soak in the canal and begin irrigating the better from a chemical standpoint and begin mechanically. Removing that material out you've negotiated after you've one determine the length with an x-ray and begin removing the material and start from there and you can get in your first root canal. Skit what I would do is schedule your root canals at the end of the day on your first ones at the in of the day so that you don't have to feel ever feel rushed or stressed and after you've done a few words the last patient a day self takes a few extra minutes so be at your learning you're getting through your first ones that how I managed in a direct treatment. As first scheduling my office I never do a root canal when the patient shows up never I will get them out of pain and I schedule on for production for doing that roof now I do all my root canals.

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