I bushwhacked to the top of Guyot in the winter of early 08. We knew there was a summit marker but didn't have coordinates for it... it was sheer dumb luck we stumbled across it. As best as I could tell the marker was not actually quite at the tallest part of the mountain.

Still this is a very cool trip with the bush whack... we had heavy winds, snow, and a lot of trees either downed or looking like they might come down on top of us swaying in the wind. It was surreal. We did make a loop out of it though as I'm not a fan of coming back the way I came... you can either make a giant loop by continuing south from Guyot and swining way around (better have 2.5-3 days and good cardio/legs for that one though) or come back up a few miles and then branch off to the right (east) on the AT. If you go that way and have some extra time or fresh legs there's also a fire tower that's a few miles off the route you can visit.
by Threxx on Dec 15, 2009 at 12:59:11 pm