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Tamtkeddie favorited oldpinetree's trip Tsuen King Circuit to Sham Tseng via Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail and Tsing Fai Tong on Apr 21, 2014

Chai Wan Kok, Hong Kong6.1 miles
20100425_094413_P4258383.jpg Photo
20100425_094524_P4258384.jpg Photo
20100425_094845_P4258386.jpg Photo
20100425_095453_P4258388.jpg Photo

Tamtkeddie favorited asaikar's trip Hike from North Point to Stanley on Apr 21, 2014

Wang Hang, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong6.6 miles

Tamtkeddie favorited oldpinetree's trip Tsuen Kam Au - Sham Tseng on Apr 21, 2014

Pak Shek Kiu, Hong Kong6.5 miles
20090308_103541_IMG_8360 Photo
20090308_104646_IMG_8362 Photo
20090308_104949_IMG_8366 Photo
20090308_105020_IMG_8367 Photo
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Tamtkeddie favorited thechilibuddy's trip HK Trail Section 8: Dragon's Back to Big Wave Beach on Oct 19, 2012

Shek O, Hong Kong5.2 miles
Big Wave Village Photo

Tamtkeddie favorited dylanchan's trip Hong Kong: Dragon's Back Trail on Oct 19, 2012

Hong Kong4.7 miles

Tamtkeddie favorited forrestkwan's trip 蚺蛇尖 on Oct 06, 2012

Hong Kong, China10.5 miles
IMG_3353.JPG Photo
IMG_3380.JPG Photo
IMG_3347.JPG Photo
IMG_3368.JPG Photo
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Tamtkeddie favorited moloi's trip 20100418 Ping Chau on Oct 01, 2012

Peng Chau, Hong Kong4.5 miles

Tamtkeddie favorited GeorgeChung's trip 城門至火炭之二 on Jun 16, 2012

Lo Wai, Hong Kong8.4 miles
IMG_0262.JPG Photo
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IMG_0263.JPG Photo
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