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jillyhike favorited tommangan's trip 9-mile moderate hike at Raven Rock State Park on Apr 26, 2013

Raven Rock State Park, North Carolina, United States9.3 miles
Raven Rock Visitors Center Photo
Raven Rock Trailhead Photo
Raven Rock Trail Sign Photo
Steps down to Raven Rock Photo

jillyhike favorited robert.dawson's trip Kennesaw Mountain - Pigeon Hill Loop on Apr 21, 2013

Marietta, Georgia, United States6.2 miles
KEMO20TrailMap.jpg Photo
IMG00292.jpg Photo
IMG00293.jpg Photo
IMG00294.jpg Photo

jillyhike favorited cutter's trip Shining Rock Wilderness Area Loop on Jan 12, 2013

Waynesville, North Carolina, United States17.0 miles
Hiking along the East Fork of the Pigeon River Photo
Easy hiking on the East Fork Trail Photo
East Fork of the Pigeon River Photo
Logan and Landon Photo
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jillyhike favorited PrestonS's trip Hike :: Congaree Loop on Jan 12, 2013

South Carolina, United States17.3 miles
2012-01-28 13.02.53.jpg Photo
2012-01-28 13.03.23.jpg Photo
2012-01-28 16.17.47.jpg Photo
2012-01-28 16.17.58.jpg Photo
Congaree Backpack Camp Video
Congaree Backpack Camp Video

jillyhike favorited kkirk1980_The_Captain's trip Uwharrie National Forest on Jan 12, 2013

Troy, North Carolina, United States0.0 miles
IMG_2383.JPG Photo
IMG_2404.JPG Photo
IMG_2413.JPG Photo
IMG_2423.JPG Photo

jillyhike favorited bikesandbooks's trip Wambaw Creek Tidal Blackwater Kayaking Trip on Jan 02, 2013

Wambaw Corner, South Carolina, United States8.3 miles
Wamba Creek Kayak Trip Photo
Wamba Creek Kayak Trip Photo
Wamba Creek Kayak Trip Photo
Wamba Creek Kayak Trip Photo
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