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guney created a new trip Ridgecrest Boulevard on Nov 19, 2014

Stinson Beach, California, United States17.9 miles
DSC00366 parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC00367 Hwy 1 through Stinson Beach.JPG Photo
DSC00370 intersection of Hwy 1 and Panoramic Hwy.JPG Photo
DSC00373 Panoramic Hwy.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Repack Road (via Camp Tamarancho) on Nov 04, 2014

Fairfax, California, United States13.4 miles
DSC09006 the parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC09008 intersection of Broadway Blvd and Azalea Ave.JPG Photo
DSC09010 intersection of Scenic Rd and Manor Rd.JPG Photo
DSC09011 intersection of Rock Springs Rd and Iron Springs Rd.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Annadel (Suggestion 3) on Sep 29, 2014

Santa Rosa, California, USA12.8 miles
DSC09629 the parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC09635 junction of Warren Richardson Tr and Steve's S Tr.JPG Photo
DSC09639 Warren Richardson Tr.JPG Photo
DSC09640 Warren Richardson Tr.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Wilder Ranch (Eucalyptus Loop and Long Meadow Trail) on Sep 14, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, USA11.4 miles
DSC09323 parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC09324 starting point of the ride.JPG Photo
DSC09325 the trail passes under Hwy 1 via a tunnel.JPG Photo
DSC09326 an early split that reconnects right away.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Iron Horse Trail on Aug 22, 2014

Danville, CA, USA29 miles
DSC09441 roadside parking along Glen Rd.JPG Photo
DSC09443 junction of Iron Horse Tr and Del Amigo Rd.JPG Photo
DSC09445 Iron Horse Tr.JPG Photo
DSC09447 a footbridge on Iron Horse Tr.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Salmon Falls (Darrington Trail) on Aug 06, 2014

Roseville, California, USA14.7 miles
DSC08501 the parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC08502 beginning of Darrington Tr.JPG Photo
DSC08503 an early split on Darrington Tr.JPG Photo
DSC08504 a super-touch trail obstacle on Darrington Tr.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Round Valley on Jul 19, 2014

Brentwood, California, USA7.4 miles
DSC08853 beginning of Miwok Tr.JPG Photo
DSC08855 parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC08858 Miwok Tr.JPG Photo
DSC08859 view NW from Miwok Tr.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Skeggs Point (Suggestion 3) on Jul 13, 2014

Redwood City, California, USA10.6 miles
aIMG_2949 parking lot.JPG Photo
aIMG_2950 gate CM01 on Skyline Blvd.JPG Photo
aIMG_2953 climbing the paved connector to Fir Tr.JPG Photo
aIMG_2954 gate where Fir Tr begins.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Uvas Reservoir Loop on Jul 04, 2014

Morgan Hill, California, USA22 miles
DSC08405 parking lot off Depot St.JPG Photo
DSC08406 intersection of Depot St and E Dunne Ave.JPG Photo
DSC08407 W Dunne Ave.JPG Photo
DSC08409 intersection of W Dunne Ave and Dewitt Ave.JPG Photo
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