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guney created a new trip Summit Road on Jul 24, 2016

Los Gatos, California, United States19.5 miles
DSC05762 parking on Summit Rd.jpg Photo
DSC05766 intersection of Summit Rd and Loma Prieta Ave.jpg Photo
DSC05768 steep and shady initial climb on Loma Prieta Ave.jpg Photo
DSC05770 Loma Prieta Ave.jpg Photo

guney created a new trip Emigrant Trail on Jul 10, 2016

Truckee, California, United States22 miles
DSC06090 Donner Camp Picnic Ground parking lot.jpg Photo
DSC06092 beginning of Emigrant Tr from the parking lot.jpg Photo
DSC06094 Emigrant Tr.jpg Photo
DSC06098 junction of Emigrant Tr and a road to some campgrounds.jpg Photo

guney created a new trip Fort Ord (eastern trails) on Jul 09, 2016

Salinas, California, United States12.2 miles
DSC02102 part of the parking lot at the Creekside Terrace trailhead.JPG Photo
DSC02103 the beginning of Hobo Tr (Trail 30).JPG Photo
DSC02104 early stretches of Hobo Tr (Trail 30).JPG Photo
DSC02107 Hobo Tr (Trail 30).JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Fifield-Cahill Ridge on Jun 24, 2016

Half Moon Bay, California, United States12.5 miles
DSC04158 parking area.jpg Photo
DSC04160 Fifield-Cahill Ridge Tr.jpg Photo
DSC04161 Fifield-Cahill Ridge Tr.jpg Photo
DSC04162 Fifield-Cahill Ridge Tr.jpg Photo

guney created a new trip East Bay Canyons on Jun 15, 2016

San Ramon, California, United States36 miles
DSC04973 street parking on Norris Canyon Rd.jpg Photo
DSC04974 Norris Canyon Rd.jpg Photo
DSC04975 Norris Canyon Rd.jpg Photo
DSC04976 Norris Canyon Rd.jpg Photo

guney created a new trip Repack Road (via Deer Park) on May 31, 2016

Fairfax, California, United States12.7 miles
DSC03894 the parking lot.jpg Photo
DSC03897 intersection of Bolinas Rd and Broadway Blvd.jpg Photo
DSC03898 intersection of Bolinas Rd, Sherman St, and Park Rd.jpg Photo
DSC03899 intersection of Bolinas Rd, Cascade Dr, and Frustuck Ave.jpg Photo

guney created a new trip Empire Grade Loop on May 21, 2016

Santa Cruz, California, United States36 miles
DSC04752 street parking on Highland Ave.jpg Photo
DSC04754 High St.jpg Photo
DSC04755 intersection of High St, Bay Dr, and Coolidge Dr.jpg Photo
DSC04756 beginning of Empire Grade.jpg Photo

guney created a new trip Mission Peak on Apr 25, 2016

Fremont, California, United States11.1 miles
CSC07790 parking lot H at Ohlone College.jpg Photo
CSC07792 junction where a paved trail begins.jpg Photo
CSC07794 paved trail thru Ohlone College.jpg Photo
CSC07796 junction on Pine St where YSC Tr begins.jpg Photo

guney created a new trip Skyline Trail on Apr 09, 2016

Saratoga, California, United States12.8 miles
DSC03744 the Saratoga Gap parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC03745 the beginning of Skyline Tr.jpg Photo
DSC03746 Skyline Tr.JPG Photo
DSC03747 Skyline Tr merges onto an old fire road.JPG Photo

guney created a new trip Pescadero - San Gregorio Loop on Mar 17, 2016

Pescadero, California, United States32 miles
DSC04595 parking lot.JPG Photo
DSC04597 Pescadero main street and Duarte's Tavern.JPG Photo
DSC04599 Pescadero Country Store and Pescadero main street.JPG Photo
DSC04601 a cemetery on Stage Rd.JPG Photo
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