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Ohlone Wildness Trail Day Hike
by ybwhiker on Apr 04, 2015
Livermore, California, United States
Hiking | 26 miles
I have hiked this trail a few times in the past. The spring time is the best time to hike, where grass is still green and wild flowers are still blooming, and weather is not too hot. The same trail is also for "Ohlone 50k" race annually.
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Presidio Hike in San Francisco
by ybwhiker on Feb 22, 2015
San Francisco, California, United States
Hiking | 7.1 miles
The Presidio has a network of wonder trails, with a number of outlooks to the sea. 
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Ray Miller Trailhead hike in Santa Monica Mountain
by ybwhiker on Nov 27, 2014
Malibu, California, United States
Hiking | 10.6 miles
This is the first hike on our Santa Monica Mountain. After 5 hours driving from San Jose, we started on this one. It's beautiful along the coast.
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Mt. Diablo from South Gate
by ybwhiker on Jan 25, 2015
Blackhawk, California, United States
Hiking | 12.4 miles
This is my first time hiking Mt Diablo from south gate. The parking is difficult at or near trailhead, but the whole experience is different and great.The trail is in very good condition. When we pass Rock City, we did some sightseeing around, good place to try rock climbing.This is also the first time I saw thick cloud down below when we were above 1700 feet. And the whole way up to...
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Day hike on Skyline to the Sea from Waddell beach to Saratoga Gap
by ybwhiker on Jan 10, 2015
Davenport, California, United States
Hiking | 26 miles
I hike this famous trail before, but was from Saratoga Gap to the Waddell Beach. This time, with a few hiking friends, we hiked the other direction, from Waddel Beach to the Saratoga Gap.The weather today is perfect, clear sky with a bit cold in the early morning. The first section to Berry Creek Fall is quite gentle. The Fall looks great, thanks to the recent heavy rains. Starting from Big Basin...
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Telescope Peak Hike from Shorty Well (Badwater, -250ft)
by ybwhiker on Oct 18, 2014
California, United States
Hiking | 22 miles
This day hike is the most elevation gain a hiker can get in a single day, over 12000', from -250' to over 11000'. It's challenge and also very exciting.We started at about 2:30am, after driving more than 10 miles on an unpaved road. First 8 miles are gentle accent, following a 4X4 Jeep road. After the road ends, there is no marked trail. We then follow our GPS route, download also from...
Huddart Park Hike
by ybwhiker on Jun 28, 2014
Woodside, California, United States
Hiking | 8.3 miles
The reason to choose this park for hike is again its shady trail, great for summer hike trip.Parking on the side of Runnymede Road is plenty, and surprisingly, not many people on the trail. The trail is gentle and wide, and suitable for everyone.On the way back, we passed a very large picnic area that is still quiet and empty. Thanks to our love to hike, we found so many wonderful places...
Sanborn County Park to Castle Rock
by ybwhiker on Jul 06, 2014
Saratoga, California, United States
Hiking | 10.1 miles
Summer in the Bay Area starts to getting hotter, although not as bad as other regions. So it's more interesting to hike in the shade for cooling experience.Sanborn County Park is within the Santa Cruz Mountain Range, and is definitely a shady trail. We started at 9am with almost empty parking lot at Ohlone Picnic Area. Some folks are already there, preparing seems a very large party, possibly wedding. We just went...
Wunderlich County Park Hike
by ybwhiker on May 31, 2014
Woodside, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 10.6 miles
As summer is approaching, and the weather is getting warmer, sometimes hot, we decided to hike in the Santa Cruz Mountain Ranger, where most hikes are in the shady. Although its view may not be as impressive as in the open field like other trails in the South Bay, it's cooler and more comfortable, while still serving as a great way outdoor exercise.The trail condition on this hike is excellent, especially on...
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Garrapata State Park Hike
by ybwhiker on May 25, 2014
Carmel, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 2.8 miles
It's memorial day long weekend, and everyone is heading coast. There are a lot of traffic on the Highway 1 and the parking along the highway is hard to find. Fortunately, most people just have short hike along the beach, so people are coming and going and it's not too difficult to find a parking spot. We have a large group and have both genders and all age groups represented. The trail is...
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Fall Creek Hike
by ybwhiker on May 17, 2014
Felton, California, United States
Hiking | 10.5 miles
It's a fun hike, with some of best college friends and their families. Along the way, we took many outdoor portrait shoots and everyone was excited. We had lunch at Big Ben Tree.
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Berkeley to Bayfair, BART-to-BART
by ybwhiker on May 18, 2014
Berkeley, California, United States
Hiking | 28 miles
I have hiked East Bay Skyline Trail a few years ago, from Richmond to Chabot Lake for 32 miles. At the time, we had to leave one car at Chabot Lake, and drove to Richmond. After the hike, we had to drive to Richmond to pick up the car.This time, inspired with other hikes' idea of BART-to-BART, we drove to Bayfair BART station, and took BART to Berkeley station. We then hiked...
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Ed Levin County Park to Monument Peak
by ybwhiker on May 11, 2014
Milpitas, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 8.7 miles
This is my first time in Ed Levin County Park. After paying entry fee of $6, we parked by the parking lot next to the Sandy Wool Lake. Although it's already 10am, it seemed still early and not many cars here.We started hike up. The first 1/4 mile accent straight up, pretty challenge for people who do not hike often. After that it levels off. The trail seems not used by hiker...
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Mission Peak and Mt. Allson Hike from Ohlone College
by ybwhiker on May 10, 2014
Fremont, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 10.2 miles
We have hiked Mission Peak many times, but from Ohlone College, this is only the second time. Compared to the number of hikers from Stanford Ave Parking Lot, it's a lot less on this trail, but still see people passing by frequently.This trail to the Mission Peak is longer, so the accent is more gradual, more suitable to first-time hikers. The view is not as stunning, because part of the trail is...
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Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park Hike
by ybwhiker on May 04, 2014
Union City, California, United States
Hiking | 4.3 miles
This is a neighborhood park, right next to an apartment complex, and off Mission Blvd (238), very easy access.We started at the Staging Area, right next door to an apartment complex. My friend living nearby told us that there are peacocks living in the apartment complex area. So we quietly walked into the complex, and indeed, we saw quite many peacocks, and several of them displayed their beautiful eye-spotted tail covert feathers. We also...
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Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve Hike (Kennedy Trail)
by ybwhiker on May 03, 2014
Los Gatos, California, United States
Hiking | 13.7 miles
This trail is close to the residential area, and have good views of the south Bay. I hiked Limekiln Trail starting from Lexington Reservoir. But through Kennedy is kind of new to me.The accent to the first intersection is gentle, although not easy but certainly not very hard. We thought that the hard job is finished, and the rest would be some up and downs but not long. We continue  on Kennedy...
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Foothill Park at Palo Alto, CA
by ybwhiker on Apr 27, 2014
Palo Alto, California, United States
Hiking | 7.3 miles
This park is restricted to the residents of Palo Alto and their guests.The trail mostly in the shade, and some section follows a small creek, even with a tiny water fall. We also passed several meadows. At one place, there is a bench chair, facing the City of Palo Alto, overview the Stanford Campus, very impressive.I did not start my GPS tracking until maybe a mile into the hike.
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Mission Peak and Mt. Allison Hike
by ybwhiker on Apr 26, 2014
Fremont, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 8.0 miles
The Mission Peak hike is the most popular hike in the south Bay Area. In the weekend, there are up to 5000 hikers finish this trail per day. So you will meet a lot of hiker on the traditional fire road along the Ohlone trail.It was right after the overnight rain, so the air is clear and fresh, lots of cloud in the blue sky, and the hills are covered with fresh...
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El Sereno Open Space Preserve Hike
by ybwhiker on Apr 12, 2014
Los Gatos, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 11.0 miles
This is my second time on this trail. I was impressed at the first time by its beauty, and thought that it's worth to visit again, with my hiking friend.There are only a very small parking lot for 2 cars near the trailhead. So it's a good idea to park way down and hike up to the trailhead. The first part of the hike is mostly in the shade, with little views....
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Wilder Ranch State Park Hike
by ybwhiker on Apr 06, 2014
Santa Cruz, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 21 miles
We picked this state park, because it can offer both hiking trails to the hillside and coast.There is a parking lot passing the park entry, for which you need to pay $10. Another choice is to park along the Hwy 1, just at the entry point to the park, which is free.From the parking along the Hwy 1, we went across the highway (be careful), and got on to the trail. This...

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