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Mt Whitney
by jwania on Sep 05, 2010
Lone Pine, California, United States
Hiking | 10.1 miles
On Oct 4th, 2009, my friend Manish and I turned around a mile short of the summit of Mt Whitney on a very cold day.11 months later, I got the opportunity to try again when a cancellation made a permit available for a day hike on Sept 5th.This time, thanks to excellent weather and a very early start (12:30 am), I was able to summit Mt Whitney at 10:15 am.  I felt...
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Muir Woods to Stinson Beach
by jwania on May 29, 2010
Tamalpais Valley, California, United States
Hiking | 12.3 miles
Muir Woods to Stinson BeachDispea Trail.Stinson Beach to Muir WoodsMatt Davis Trail from Stinson Beach to Pan Toll Ranger Station.Bootjack Trail from Pan Toll to Muir Woods.
Whitney09-6 (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
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Mt Whitney
by jwania on Oct 04, 2009
Whitney Portal, California, United States
Hiking | 17.6 miles
My friend Manish and I went to climb Mt Whitney 14,495 feet (4,419 meters), highest point in contiguous US, over the weekend. We started the hike on Sunday Oct 4th from Whitney Portal trail head (elevation 8400 feet) at 4 am on a clear night lit up by a full moon.  We slowly made our way up in high winds and cold weather wearing headlamps, heavy woolen gloves and a couple of layers of clothing.  Many...
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Mount Dana, Yosemite National Park day hike
by jwania on Sep 20, 2009
Lee Vining, California, United States
Hiking | 5.6 miles
Weather for peak bagging does not get better than what the weather gods offered us on September 20th in Yosemite National Park, allowing me to spend a full 2 hours at the summit of Mt Dana at 13,054 feet enjoying 360 degree views of Yosemite high country and chatting up a storm with other hikers.From the top we located Mt Hoffman, Clouds Rest, Lembert's Dome, Saddlebag Lake, Dog Lake, Lyell Peak & Glacier,...
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Vogelsang High Sierra Camp Loop
by jwania on Sep 06, 2008
Curry Village, California, United States
Hiking | 23 miles
Although I had heard about Yosemite's High Sierra Camps (HSC), I had never been to one.  A couple months back, I made a reservation for Vogelsang HSC for Sept 6th, the last night of their 2008 season.  The weather turned out to be perfect, cool and sunny.   Day 1 – To Vogelsang - I started the hike at 9:15 am from the backpackers car park before Tuolumne Meadows Lodge.  Vogelsang can be reached via Rafferty Creak trail (6...
LeavittMeadows. (Sonora Junction, California, United States) Photo
LeavittMeadows-2. (Sonora Junction, California, United States) Photo
LeavittMeadows-5. (Sonora Junction, California, United States) Photo
LeavittMeadows-6. (Sonora Junction, California, United States) Photo
Leavitt Meadows - Roosevelt Lake - Secret Lake
by jwania on Aug 23, 2008
California, United States
Hiking | 6.4 miles
In case you are in the Sonora Pass area and want to do an easy loop hike past a meadow, through a forest, while going by a lake or two, then this hike may be just what you are looking for. The trail from Leavitt Meadows to Roosevelt Lake is gentle and shaded once you leave the meadow and enter the forested area. From Roosevelt Lake, Secret Lake is a...
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CloudsRest-7. Photo
CloudsRest-10. (Curry Village, California, United States) Photo
CloudsRest-13. (Curry Village, California, United States) Photo
Tenaya Lake to Clouds Rest
by jwania on Aug 09, 2008
Curry Village, California, United States
Hiking | 5.9 miles
If Granite turns you on, Yosmite National Park is the place to be, and the trail to Clouds Rest is one to be on. Clouds Rest (elevation 9926 feet) is one of those summits in Yosemite National Park from where one can "look down" on Half Dome (elevation 8800 ft) and enjoy a 360 degree panaromic view of Yosemite high peaks. The hike from Tenaya Lake to Clouds rest is a...


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