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Lake Helen
by jwania on Feb 16, 2013
Morgan Springs, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 13.4 miles
Sierra Club Snowcamping.  http://www.snowcamping.orgGroup 4 2nd trip.Day 1 - Lassen Visitor Center to Lake Helen via Ranger Cutoff.Day 2 - Day hike from Lake Helen to Bumpass Mt and Bumpass Hell.Day 3 - Hike out.
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South Lake to North Lake
by jwania on Sep 01, 2012
Bishop, California, United States
Backpacking | 54 miles
The South Lake to North Lake trip has been on my bucket list for a couple of years.  I was finally able to take the time to do the trip around Labor Day weekend 2012.Friday morning I drove from Palo Alto, CA to Bishop via Tioga Pass (Yosemite).Picked up the wilderness permit from:   White Mountain Ranger Station   798 North Main St, Bishop, California, 93514, Tel:760-873-2500Drove to Four Jeffrey campground, locked up food...
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Hetch Hetchy, Lake Vernon, Rancheria Falls, Wapama Falls Loop
by jwania on Jun 09, 2012
Mather, California, United States
Backpacking | 27 miles
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Lake Helen and Lassen Peak
by jwania on May 11, 2012
California, United States
Snowshoeing | 13.2 miles
For a late season snowcamping trip, we headed to Lake Helen in Lassen National Park over May 11 - 13 weekend.  The road from Kom Ya-Mah-Ne visiter center was plowed up to Lake Helen but was open to cars only up to Sulphur Works.  We walked on the road for about 1/2 a mile and then took the "Ranger Cut-off" heading up the western side of Diamond Peak.  We were on snow once we got off the...
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Trinity Alps, Canyon Creek Lakes, Boulder Creek Lakes
by jwania on Jul 22, 2011
Globe Mill, California, United States
Backpacking | 22 miles
Full resolution pictures: was my second time to Canyon Creek Lakes and Boulder Creek Lakes in the Trinity Alps in northern California.  Thanks to the above average snow year the streams and water falls were gushing, which made for an entirely different trip than my first one in November 2003.For this trip, we left Palo Alto around 5:45 am Friday morning.  Made great time on the road and reached Weaverville by 11:30...
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Lost Coast, Southern Section, Usal to Nadelos, Sinkyone Wilderness
by jwania on Jul 02, 2011
Hales Grove, California, United States
Backpacking | 26 miles
Full resolution pictures. the extended 2011 July 4th weekend, Manish, Ashok and I headed to the Lost Coast, Sinkyone Wilderness for a backpacking trip from Usal to Nadelos campground (walking south to north).We left Palo Alto around 7:15 am on Friday July 1st and reached Shelter Cove around 2 pm.  On the way we stopped for coffee at Pete's in Corte Madera, top off gas in Willits, buy wine and chips at...
Ridge Lakes, Lassen National Park
by jwania on Mar 04, 2011
California, United States
Snowshoeing | 3.9 miles
Sierra Club SnowcampingGroup 2 - 2nd tripOn Friday March 4th, 10:08 am, 18 hearty campers headed to Ridge Lakes for a 3 day 2 night snow camping trip.  Sunny weather made for a great start and offered opportunity to practice map and compass skills along the way and build shelters while the weather was nice.  On the way in, we re-broke an existing trail, which was faster than blazing an unbroken trail,...
Nancy Lake (x 2)
by jwania on Feb 05, 2011
Troy, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 9.3 miles
Sierra Club Snowcamping, Group 2's 1st trip to Nancy Lake.http://www.snowcamping.orgInfo on the trail, etc can be found here. Saturday Feb 5th Start hike               10:00 am Stop for lunch           12:00, for 1/2 an hour Choose suitable campsite  1:00 pmSunday Feb 6thShelter tour             10:00 amLeave for hike           11:30 am Arrive at ridge          12:00 noon Short hike to view       12:15 - 12:40 pm    Devil's Peak Back at camp             12:55 pm Start hike out            2:00 pm Reach Sat lunch...
Woods Lake
by jwania on Jan 22, 2011
Kirkwood, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 3.8 miles
Sierra Club Snow camping Group 4 1st trip.http://www.snowcamping.orgTH to Woods Lake: Followed the blue diamond marked trail.Woods Lake to TH: Cross country route using map and compass after crossing bridge over Woods Creek.TH is Meiss Meadow Sno-Park in Carson Pass.
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Mt Whitney
by jwania on Sep 05, 2010
Lone Pine, California, United States
Hiking | 10.1 miles
On Oct 4th, 2009, my friend Manish and I turned around a mile short of the summit of Mt Whitney on a very cold day.11 months later, I got the opportunity to try again when a cancellation made a permit available for a day hike on Sept 5th.This time, thanks to excellent weather and a very early start (12:30 am), I was able to summit Mt Whitney at 10:15 am.  I felt...
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Muir Woods to Stinson Beach
by jwania on May 29, 2010
Tamalpais Valley, California, United States
Hiking | 12.3 miles
Muir Woods to Stinson BeachDispea Trail.Stinson Beach to Muir WoodsMatt Davis Trail from Stinson Beach to Pan Toll Ranger Station.Bootjack Trail from Pan Toll to Muir Woods.
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Winnemucca Lake Snowcamping
by jwania on Mar 27, 2010
Kirkwood, California, United States
6.3 miles
A beautiful snowcamping weekend with Mike, Toni and Cooper (the 4 legged happy camper).
Andesite Ridge Loop
by jwania on Feb 27, 2010
Norden, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 5.5 miles
Sierra Club Snow camping Group 2 2nd Trip.Our trip followed the route suggested here
Round Valley, Basin Peak, Castle Peak
by jwania on Feb 13, 2010
Norden, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 10.0 miles
Sierra Club Snowcamping Group 4 2nd trip.Pictures
Nancy Lake Snowcamping
by jwania on Feb 07, 2010
Troy, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 2.4 miles
Sierra Club Snowcamping Group 2 1st Trip.http://www.snowcamping.orgPictures
Whitney09-6 (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
Whitney09-7 (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
Whitney09-8 (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
Whitney09-9 (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
Mt Whitney
by jwania on Oct 04, 2009
Whitney Portal, California, United States
Hiking | 17.6 miles
My friend Manish and I went to climb Mt Whitney 14,495 feet (4,419 meters), highest point in contiguous US, over the weekend. We started the hike on Sunday Oct 4th from Whitney Portal trail head (elevation 8400 feet) at 4 am on a clear night lit up by a full moon.  We slowly made our way up in high winds and cold weather wearing headlamps, heavy woolen gloves and a couple of layers of clothing.  Many...
Emigrant09 (Kennedy Meadow, California, United States) Photo
Emigrant09-1 (Kennedy Meadow, California, United States) Photo
Emigrant09-2 (Kennedy Meadow, California, United States) Photo
Emigrant09-3 (Kennedy Meadow, California, United States) Photo
Kennedy Meadows to Upper Relief Valley
by jwania on Sep 26, 2009
Kennedy Meadow, California, United States
Backpacking | 9.8 miles
This trip was in Emigrant Wilderness,CA, just north of Yosemite National Park.  We began our trip at Kennedy Meadows trailhead and hiked almost ten miles to Upper Relief Valley on the first day, returning by the same route the next day.  The sky was clear blue and visibility seemed endless.  Aspen leaves were turning golden yellow, and an end-of-summer dryness filled the air.  Tall, narrow conifer trees (pine, fir, and cedar) accented the glacier-polished...
MtDana09 Photo
MtDana09-1 Photo
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MtDana09-3 Photo
Mount Dana, Yosemite National Park day hike
by jwania on Sep 20, 2009
Lee Vining, California, United States
Hiking | 5.6 miles
Weather for peak bagging does not get better than what the weather gods offered us on September 20th in Yosemite National Park, allowing me to spend a full 2 hours at the summit of Mt Dana at 13,054 feet enjoying 360 degree views of Yosemite high country and chatting up a storm with other hikers.From the top we located Mt Hoffman, Clouds Rest, Lembert's Dome, Saddlebag Lake, Dog Lake, Lyell Peak & Glacier,...
GNP09-2 (Polebridge, Montana, United States) Photo
GNP09-3 (Polebridge, Montana, United States) Photo
GNP09-4 (Polebridge, Montana, United States) Photo
GNP09-5 (Polebridge, Montana, United States) Photo
Glacier National Park - Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake
by jwania on Sep 06, 2009
Ford, Montana, United States
Backpacking | 38 miles
Glacier National Park 6 day backpacking trip from Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake via Brown Pass and Boulder Pass.  I did the trip as part of an 8 person guided group (7 participants + 1 guide) with Glacier Guides whom I highly recommend. 406-387-5555These stats are from the Backpackers Permit which Glacier Guides arranged for the group.Date  Itinerary                    Length  Elev Up  Elev Down----  ---------                    ------  -------  ---------Enter Bowman Lake9/06  Bowman Lake...
HSCLoop09 Photo
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Glen Aulin - May Lake - Sunrise Camp Loop
by jwania on Jul 01, 2009
Curry Village, California, United States
Backpacking | 44 miles
A week before July 1st I noticed an opening for the Glen Aulin trail in Yosemite National Park.  When I called the Wilderness Permit office to see if the record was correct on their website, the ranger said that yes, they had an opening for one person for that day.  That worked for me and I booked that spot right away.  This would be my first 5 day 4 night backpacking trip in the US.  I planned...

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