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Climbing out of Cañada Bonita Photo
Early on, the trail passes through the Las Conchas fire burn scar Photo
Heading toward the Valle de los Posos overlook Photo
Cañada Bonita Photo
Cañada Bonita Backcountry Ski Trip
by bikeandhikenm on Dec 26, 2012
Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States
Back-country skiing | 2.7 miles
Winter provides no excuse for not using the trails around Los Alamos (until it gets icy). The winter trip, on skis or snowshoes, to the Valle de los Posos overlook on the rim of the Valles Caldera is a favorite of many. There's easy parking at the far west end of the Pajarito Mountain Ski Area lot. The first section of the trip is on a groomed ski track, and beyond the...


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