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Ready to leave the Notre Dame hotel. Photo
Passing New Gate Photo Video
It's a Jewish holiday Photo
2013-09-07 Group Run Around Jerusalem
by SteveKRay on Sep 07, 2013
West Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Running | 3.0 miles
It was very hot today Jin erusalem but there was a group of 14 of us that took a run around the walls of Jerusalem. Unhappily, because of my knees I can no longer run but I take my bike and gave myself a good workout anyway. Everyone had a great time "running through salvation history" and we had the most we've ever had before. There were 14 and a wide range...
Leaving Ron Beach Hotel Photo
Small harbor for fishing boats Photo
Fishing boats Photo
Water from the springs Photo
2012-01-29 Galilee Shoreline
by SteveKRay on Jan 29, 2012
Tiberias, North District, Israel
Running | 3.4 miles
Arrived in Tiberias three days ago; still recovering from jetlag. Lots of winter rain which is good for Israel. Enjoyed my familiar morning run north along the shore of Galilee watching the fisherman coming in. 
Leaving Tom & Gail Buckley's house Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
Beautiful autumn trees Photo
2011-11-15 Autumn in Charlotte
by SteveKRay on Nov 15, 2011
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Running | 3.2 miles
In Charlotte NC working on new Bible studies for Nice neighborhood to run in especially with all the trees in glorious color. Video
Statue of St. Francis arrives in Rome Photo
Ancient Roman walls Photo
Marking St. Francis' visit in 1226 Photo
2011-11-09 St. John Lateran & Churches in Rome
by SteveKRay on Nov 09, 2011
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Running | 6.2 miles
Today is the Feast Day of the Dedication of the Church of St. John Lateran. It was finished being built on November 9, 318. So I took a taxi there, toured the whole church and the area around, and then ran through many other churches and sites on my way to Piazza Navona. It was a great day with cool dry weather and always I love Rome. It is one of my...
Leaving our rented apartment in Rome Photo
photo2.jpg Photo Video
2011-11-06 Around Vatican Walls
by SteveKRay on Nov 06, 2011
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Running | 2.9 miles
Just arrived in Rome last night after guiding two back-to-back pilgrimage groups in Israel. Good to stop in Rome to rest and catch up. In Jerusalem I ran around the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and here around the Walls of the Vatican. Great and fun adventure.I hadn't run for four days due to sore knees but all went very well today. It rained last night so the run was...
Janet drops me off at Bethsaida in our rental car Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
Running up the road to the archaeological site Photo
Arriving Photo
2011-10-27 Bethsaida to Kursi
by SteveKRay on Oct 27, 2011
Aţ Ţawāḩīn, Quneitra, Syria
Running | 10.8 miles
Today I embarked on another segment of my extended run around the Sea of Galilee. After this run from Bethsaida (home of Peter, Andrew and Philip) to Kursi (where Jesus cast the demons from the Gadarene man into a herd of pigs), I am now more than halfway around the Sea.Today it was 80 degrees and I still have a sore left knee but I took off on the adventure full of...
Leaving my hotel Photo
Boat repair Photo
Sea of Galilee waking up Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
2011-10-20 Tiberias
by SteveKRay on Oct 20, 2011
Tiberias, North District, Israel
Running | 3.0 miles
Since I ran north along the shore of Galilee yesterday, I decided to run south thru Tiberias today. Beautiful morning. 
Our bus ready to go when group awakes Photo
Leaving Ron Beach to run Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
Huge cockroach Photo
2011-10-18 Sunrise over Galilee
by SteveKRay on Oct 18, 2011
Tiberias, Northern District, Israel
Running | 3.3 miles
Woke up early and took off running along the shore of Galilee before morning light. Saw fishermen in boats coming in from a night of fishing, and the birds and wildlife waking up. Beautiful sunrise. 
Leaving Notre Dame to run thru Haredic  Jewish area.  Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
Entering Mea She'arim  Photo
Booths built for living in during week of Succoth, or Festival of Booths Photo
2011-10-17 Jewish Feast of Booths
by SteveKRay on Oct 17, 2011
Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Running | 3.3 miles
Today it is in the middle of the week in which Jews celebrate the Festival of Succoth, or the Festival of Booths as required by Leviticus 23:40ff. As I ran thru the Haredic neighborhood of Mea She'arim I saw all of the booths in the streets and on balconies in which the Jews live and eat for one week. When they walk thru the streets they carry palm fronds and a lemon...
Leaving Notre Dame hotel near New Gate Photo
Leaving Notre Dame hotel near New Gate Photo
Leaving Notre Dame hotel near New Gate Photo
New Gate into Christian Quarter Photo
2011-10-15 Walls of Jerusalem
by SteveKRay on Oct 16, 2011
Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Running | 3.0 miles
This is my first run in about three weeks, since Poland. With doctor's warning, new shoes (Brooke's Beasts). My knee is better. It is currently the middle of the Jewish holiday called Succuth. More on that tomorrow. For those afraid to come to Israel because of concerns over safety - check out this run with lots of pictures and videos. You will see how friendly and safe it is here in Jerusalem....
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
Me running Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
2011-09-22 People of Krakow
by SteveKRay on Sep 22, 2011
Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland
Running | 3.3 miles
Foggy, cool morning. Perfect for running. Enjoyed watching Krakow wake up. People hustling off to work, kids going to school with their backpacks and street sweepers already busy. I ran the cycle around the city center then up and around Wawel Hill and the cathedral.
Leaving hotel Photo
Found Fr. Dan Andrews coming in from his run! Bravo! Photo
Crossing streets wet from heavy rains Photo
Water everywhere Photo
2011-09-20 Krakow Sites
by SteveKRay on Sep 20, 2011
Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland
Running | 4.5 miles
Must have forgotten to turn off the program when done running since it kept ticking away. I ran 3.3 miles. Rained hard all night. Afraid I couldn't run but it was cool and perfect for running. I ran through the areas my group would visit this morning. Around Wawel Hill and got home at the last minute!
Good noting Zakopane! Photo
Leaving Mercure Hotel Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
2011-09-19 Zakopane to Wooden Church
by SteveKRay on Sep 19, 2011
Zakopane, Malopolskie, Poland
Running | 4.7 miles
Up hill all the way to the church. Started a bit late and was convinced I'd not make it. So I ran extra hard and fast and DID make it. With screeching winds last night howling through the mountains I doubted I'd be able to run this morning but by sun rise the weather was perfect.
From our Mercure Hotel Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
Leaving our hotel Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
2011-09-18 Zakopane Poland
by SteveKRay on Sep 18, 2011
Zakopane, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Running | 4.0 miles
Beautiful Zakopane - just like being in Switzerland. Cool Sunday morning, great for running.
Leaving Mercure Hotel Photo
Modern Warsaw Photo
Thank you Warsaw Public Works :-) Photo Video
2011-09-16 Warsaw War Monuments
by SteveKRay on Sep 16, 2011
Wola, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
Running | 4.3 miles
Cool morning. Nice run though sore and tired for the first mile before warming up. Went to visit two war memorials, rather monuments to the resistance of the Poles against the Germans and their subsequent slaughter. Such memories are remembered everywhere in Warsaw.
On my way knowing I have 6 miles to go Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
2011-09-15 Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko
by SteveKRay on Sep 15, 2011
Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
Running | 6.1 miles
Today our group will arrive on Lufthansa and after a quick drive around Warsaw, will have Mass at St. Stanislaw Kosta Church at the burial place of the Blessed Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who was cruelly martyred 20 years ago by the Communist Secret Police. I wanted to visit the site so I ran there this morning. Other fun things along the way.
Leaving My hotel Photo
Looking back at our Mercure Chopin Hotel Photo
Modern skyline Photo
Road where the reding segment of Ghetto Wall is found Photo
2011-09-12 Warsaw Poland
by SteveKRay on Sep 12, 2011
Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
Running | 6.7 miles
First night in Poland. Stayed at Mercure Chopin Hotel in downtown. Beautiful day to run. I used a app for Warsaw to find all the churches and sites. Quite moved by the Jewish Ghetto walls. Wispy and cozy feel to old city center. Driving to Krakow today.
Leaving rental car and old seminary to head into the forest.  Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
2011-08-30 Kirkland Washington
by SteveKRay on Aug 30, 2011
Kenmore, Washington, United States
Running | 4.0 miles
Though it was drizzling and even raining I loved my run thru the St. Edwards Nation Park Forest. Beautiful mature trees and deep gorges with steep drops to the lake. It was one of the roughest ever since the trail was rough and very steep in places. I hate hills and many places I had to walk since it was steep! It was also sad to see a beautiful seminary that once...
Front of Alamo where I'll end my run.  Photo Video Video
Heroes who died at the Alamo.  Photo
2011-08-28 The Alamo
by SteveKRay on Aug 28, 2011
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Running | 3.6 miles
107 degrees! Hot! Left right after the conference Mass at the Hyatt with the Archbishop and took a taxi to downtown San Antonio Texas to run around the city and to tour the Alamo. Beautiful city, very friendly and clean. Hot today but this time I took water and felt great.
Leaving Hyatt lobby Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
Trail and roads around resort Photo
2011-08-27 San Antonio TX
by SteveKRay on Aug 27, 2011
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Running | 4.2 miles
Hot and humid. Made the mistake of not taking water. Left the Hyatt Hill Country Resort early before it really heats up. They have nice places to run. I'm here giving talks but sneak out to run.

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