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Leaving my room and ready to go Photo
Our home away from home in Galilee. Just arrived was 60 pilgrims. Photo Video
photo3.jpg Photo
To Magdala in Galilee
by SteveKRay on May 08, 2014
Mountain biking | 7.8 miles
We just arrived in Galilee with our group and I jumped on my bike to get some exercise and exploration. It rained a lot the night before so I ran into some mud and some big puddles but it made it all the more fun. I wanted to check out Magdala where the Legionaries are building a church even though they don't call it that, they called a spirituality center, whatever that...
Pre-canonization Rome
by SteveKRay on Apr 22, 2014
Walking | 0.0 miles
Leaving Notre Dame with my funny helmet.  Photo
Good-bye Notre Dame! Photo Video Video
2013-11-28 Jerusalem to Bethlehem
by SteveKRay on Nov 28, 2013
West Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Mountain biking | 14.1 miles
Last day in Jerusalem. Janet suggested I ride my bike to Bethlehem which I did. Interesting riding my bike thru the wall's checkpoint. Had a good time visiting friends and very familiar places. Lots of hills here which insures a good cardiovascular workout. Loved it! Enjoy!
Arrived yesterday; ready to exercise and explore Photo
My new bike I bought for riding in Israel Photo
Leaving from our Ron Beach Hotel Photo Video
2013-11-17 Magdala
by SteveKRay on Nov 17, 2013
Tiberias, Northern District, Israel
Road biking | 10.2 miles
We arrived in Tiberias yesterday and are driver brought my bike up from Jerusalem. It wasn't very hot today so I decided to take a nice long ride and explore some new things. First, the Tanureen Restaurant which has built a new section where we will bring our groups in the future.  Then I went to visit Magdala, the center being built by the Legionaries over the place where Mary Magdalene lived. They're...
Ready to leave the Notre Dame hotel. Photo
Passing New Gate Photo Video
It's a Jewish holiday Photo
2013-09-07 Group Run Around Jerusalem
by SteveKRay on Sep 07, 2013
West Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Running | 3.0 miles
It was very hot today Jin erusalem but there was a group of 14 of us that took a run around the walls of Jerusalem. Unhappily, because of my knees I can no longer run but I take my bike and gave myself a good workout anyway. Everyone had a great time "running through salvation history" and we had the most we've ever had before. There were 14 and a wide range...
Leaving our Ron Beach Hotel on the shore of Galilee.  Photo
My new bike Photo
photo3.jpg Photo Video
2013-08-30 1st Israel Bike Ride
by SteveKRay on Aug 30, 2013
Tiberias, Israel
Road biking | 5.5 miles
Since my knees blew out from running too much, I came early to Israel this week and bought myself a bike. So now I am going to ride bikes to explore and get exercise instead of running. Today I did not go far or hard since I am getting ready and used to the new bike. I was also making a video for 90 pilgrims who will be joining us on Sunday. I... Video
photo1.jpg Photo
Abandoned house country road Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
20-09-26 Biking our Country Roads
by SteveKRay on Aug 26, 2013
Superior, Michigan, United States
Mountain biking | 14.7 miles
Since my knees are messed up from too much running and age I now have to ride my bike. But I'm enjoying it. I am going to arrive in Israel on Friday and buy a bike in Tiberias so that I can ride my bike where I used to run through Israel. Yesterday I rode the bike 13 miles around our neighborhood so today I kept it a little simpler at 7.4...
Leaving our hotel Moderne Soubirous, or Grand Hotel Moderne Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
Everything here is about the sick, so Lourdes is full of volunteer nurses taking care of people  Photo
Main St Joseph Gate Photo
2013-07-31 Lourdes France
by SteveKRay on Jul 31, 2013
Lourdes, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Walking | 6.5 miles
Today it is supposed to be 92° in Lourdes and tomorrow 105° so I decided to start early with my walking tour covering all of Lourdes. This is an incredible Catholic shrine and my wife Janet neither have enjoyed being here. But today I wanted to take a walk through everything to become very familiar and to share it with everybody else. I started at the main Basilica's going to the grotto,... Video
Leaving our Domus Pacia Hotel across the street from the shrine Photo
Across the street I see the dome of the Basilica of our Lady of Fatima Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
2013-07-26 All of Fatima
by SteveKRay on Jul 26, 2013
Lomba de Égua, Santarém, Portugal
Walking | 6.9 miles
Yesterday we went with the guide to visit all the areas related to Fatima and three children: Lucia, Francesco and Jacinta. Today I decided to put on my running shoes and take a brisk walk to all those areas which covered about 7 miles. First I visited the village with the children lived in Aljustrel. You will see their 100 year old homes in detail with pictures and videos. Then to the...
photo1.jpg Photo
Carmelite Street Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
2013-07-24 Catholic Lisbon Part 2
by SteveKRay on Jul 23, 2013
Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal
Walking | 6.3 miles
Visiting all the beautiful churches and Catholic sites of Lisbon Portugal. We also saw a lot of other beautiful places and cultural events. Lisbon is a very clean, friendly, and delightful city. We hope that will visit back here again sometime. Enjoy!
Studying the map of Lisbon in advance. Charting our course. Photo
Leaving our hotel. Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
2013-07-23 Lisbon, Part 1
by SteveKRay on Jul 23, 2013
Campolide, Lisbon, Portugal
Walking | 2.4 miles
With our wonderful Catholic Guide Teresa, we took off exploring the highlights of Lisbon Portugal. We visited the main churches and squares, tried the local foods and had a great time. Hope you enjoy part one. Stay tuned for part two!
2013-06-20 Walk thru Rome
by SteveKRay on Jun 20, 2013
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Walking | 2.1 miles
Taking another route to view more churches and sites.
Our taxi drops us off at starting point Photo
We arrive at Holy Cross of Jerusalem Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
St. Thomas finally proves the Jesus rose Photo
2013-06-19 Exploring Churches in Rome
by SteveKRay on Jun 19, 2013
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Walking | 4.3 miles
We had another free day in Rome so Sean, Emily, Janet and I took off again for another adventure. We wanted to explore a couple of significant churches that we had not seen during the pilgrimage so Seam and Emily could see them. One of them was St. Mary Major, one of the four major basilicas in Rome. Also two of my favorites St. Stefano Rotundo and San Clemente. We took a...
Leaving our rented apartment on Via Aurelia  Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
Sean, Emily and Janet ahead of me Photo
I love exploring Biblical and Catholic sites and getting exercise at the same time  Photo
2013-06-18 Exploring Rome
by SteveKRay on Jun 18, 2013
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Walking | 5.0 miles
Our pilgrimage group left yesterday so today Janet and I, Sean and Emily (my daughter and her fiancé) decided to go exploring Rome. We walked 5 miles over five hours casually exploring, visiting churches, sweating in the heat, eating and taking pictures of interesting people and things along the way. Hope you enjoy the adventure with us!
2013-05-12 Around Jerusalem
by SteveKRay on May 12, 2013
West Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Walking | 4.6 miles
Leaving St. George Hotel Photo Video
Muslim women in E. Jerusalem  Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
2013-04-30 Around Jerualem
by SteveKRay on Apr 30, 2013
Bāb as Sāhirah, Palestine
Walking | 3.6 miles
It was pretty warm today in the 90s but I took off for a nice walk after our group left back for the United States. I took a little different course than I normally take to see new things and have interesting pictures for you along along the way. I walked through part of the Old City and around part of the Old City and took a lot of pictures of people...
Leaving our Ron Beach Hotel Photo Video
Fishing boats in small harbor Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
2013-04-022 Galilee Morning
by SteveKRay on Apr 22, 2013
Tiberias, Northern District, Israel
Walking | 4.0 miles
Our group arrives today so I decided to take an early morning walk along the Sea of Galilee to get my exercise and to immerse myself back in the land. It rained a bit but overall a beautiful walk with lots of birds and flowers blooming everywhere. I always like stepping back to Jesus's time as I watch the fisherman coming in to the little harbors in the morning and unloading their...
The group as we are leaving the Notre Dame Center. Photo
Light rail train passing new Gate into Christian Quarter.  Photo
Approaching Mount Zion.  Photo
Jaffa Gate into Christian Quarter.  Photo
2013-03-06 Group Walk Around Jerusalem
by SteveKRay on Mar 06, 2013
West Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Walking | 3.1 miles
I have a great group of people here in Jerusalem so I offered to take them to walk around the outside of the walls of the old city. It was a beautiful day and you can see and everybody enjoyed learning about the history, Bible, and the roots are safe. They had whisper sets and I had a microphone and I explained to them that they were seeing along the way. I hope...
Taxi drops me off at En Gev Photo Video
My destination is up on top Photo
Up to ancient Susita, also called Hippo Photo
2013-02-27 Up to Ruins of Susita
by SteveKRay on Feb 27, 2013
‘En Gev, Northern District, Israel
Hiking | 5.7 miles
I've been wanting to climb up to Susita for sometime now. Today I had the time and it was a deliciously beautiful day. Hiking up the steep inclines I was again amazed at the ancient people who would build a city on a hill like that and climbing up and downwithout cars or modern roads. These were tough people back then - including Jesus and his disciples. Susita was one of 10 cities...
Leaving Notre Dame with a driver Photo Video
Entering the small door into Church of the Nativity - the  Photo
4' foot high to keep horses out - truly! Photo
2013-02-08 Womb to Tomb: Bethlehem to Calvary
by SteveKRay on Feb 08, 2013
Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine
Walking | 8.7 miles
Janet and I had a free day so I decided to take an adventure. I called my friend George in Bethlehem and he picked me up and drove me to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. I started my walk from the place where Jesus was born. That's why the titlist from "Womb to Tomb." I visited a lot of my friends in Bethlehem and saw a lot of sites and I...

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