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The Original Highway 9 Photo
Sunrise.  And the road. Photo
Waterman Gap Thataway Photo
Early morning fog Photo
Yet another Skyline-to-the-Sea hike
by navratil on Aug 29, 2010
Hiking | 25 miles
There are numerous descriptions of this hike already on EveryTrail; in fact, I used a few of them when trying to verify the route in the week leading up to the hike.  It's a well-known (locally) route that starts at Saratoga Gap (the junction of Highways 35 -- Skyline Boulevard -- and 9) and ends at Waddell Beach on the Pacific Ocean.  It's not all downhill, despite appearances, but the uphill sections...
Some kind of berry? Photo
Poison oak with fall hues already Photo
Grinding rock Photo
Ithuriel's Spears? Photo
Ring Mountain wandering
by navratil on May 30, 2010
Meadowsweet, California, United States
Hiking | 2.5 miles
Due to a small change in plans, I had a morning to hike around Ring Mountain in the north bay (Mill Valley?  Tiburon?  Something like that).  I wanted to do some geocaching, but didn't have a set route.  I'd also read about the Tiburon Mariposa Lily, a rare flower that only grows on Ring Mountain, and wanted to see if I could spot one.Long story short, I ended up just wandering --...
Fog over China Hole Photo
Fog over China Hole 2 Photo
Last year's thistle Photo
Laurent descends Jackass Peak Photo
Henry Coe: Backcountry, one way or another
by navratil on Apr 24, 2010
Madrone Soda Springs (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 18.7 miles
(See Laurent's trip report here) After Backcountry Weekend (note: I believe that URL gets updated annually) got canceled, I wanted to get onto the trail for a long dayhike on Saturday.  Laurent decided that Hat Rock would make a decent destination, and the hike was on.Since Laurent's already written up the route, I won't write my usual narrative tome.  Bullet points follow:This is the second week in a row that we've found ourselves...
Santa Teresa CP: Bernal to Stile Ranch loop
by navratil on Apr 23, 2010
Pomar (historical), California, United States
Geocaching | 3.3 miles
Last Friday, my wife and I decided to play hooky.  I'd already taken the day off, thanks to Backcountry Weekend at Coe, which was canceled due to bad weather the week before apparently swamping the roads; she arranged for a sub on Thursday, and once the kids and sub notes were dropped off Friday morning our day was free and clear (until we needed to pick up the kids again, anyway).Debbie isn't...
Early Morning, Coyote Creek Photo
Enlightened water Photo
Flower Photo
Booze Lake Photo
Henry Coe: Mt. Sizer & Poverty Flat
by navratil on Apr 18, 2010
Madrone Soda Springs (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 16.2 miles
(Other people have written up this hike: Calipidder, sammydee, and Vaudesir.)It all started so simply -- a tweet request for hike ideas that were 15+ miles, 4000+ feet.  Within an hour or two, the plan to attack Mt. Sizer in Henry Coe SP on Sunday was fully formed and the usual suspects rounded up.The 5:15am alarm clock (Twitter check: wow, I'm the last one up) sure seemed to come early, but by...
Pre-hike snacks Photo
Ranger Esperanza shows the way Photo
Harlequin flower talk Photo
Wild onion Photo
Ridge to Bridge 2010 Family Hike
by navratil on Apr 10, 2010
Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, California, United States
Hiking | 4.5 miles
The Bay Area Ridge Trail organization runs two major organized fundraiser hikes every year: Ridge to Bridge in the spring in Marin, and the Ridge Trail Cruz in the fall in the south bay.  Each event has a series of hikes, bike rides, and equestrian rides; in the fall, there's been a "family hike" for the past couple years that my family has participated in.  This year, the Ridge Trail council decided...
Yellow blazes Photo
Moss and snow Photo
Typical exposure Photo
Noisy ridgeline Photo
Yosemite Snowshoe: Dewey Point
by navratil on Apr 03, 2010
Yosemite West, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 7.7 miles
This year, the family decided to spend the Easter weekend in Yosemite.  While looking for a good hike (trail not closed or covered in feet of snow, either a dozen+ miles or 1500+ feet or so, not something I've already done a bunch of times), I realized we'd be heading out the last weekend that Badger Pass was open -- giving me a great chance to finally go snowshoeing.  I asked around...
Blue dicks Photo
Our erstwhile leader Photo
California poppies Photo
Local fauna Photo
Coyote Ridge: Docents and Checkerspots
by navratil on Mar 27, 2010
Perry, California, United States
Hiking | 3.8 miles
A docent-led hike to Coyote Ridge, ostensibly in search of the threatened Bay Checkerspot butterfly, but primarily as an excuse to see lots of wildflowers.Laurent (here) and Dave (here) did a great job of recapping the hike; I'll let their descriptions stand.  Go vote on their hikes instead of on this one :-)
Wild turkey's got game Photo
Carpets of flowers Photo
On a clear day you can see forever Photo
Coe HQ, 11.3mi Photo
Henry Coe: Pacheco falls from Hunting Hollow
by navratil on Mar 19, 2010
Old Gilroy, California, United States
Backpacking | 23 miles
After hearing about their beauty on Twitter, I planned an overnight trip to Pacheco Falls in Henry Coe State Park.   The falls are located about ten ("rolling") miles from the nearest trailhead and dry up in late spring, which makes them less-than-attractive to dayhikers -- which is a shame, because I can now say that when they're running, they're spectacular.The plan, such as it was, was to park at the Hunting Hollow...
The flower hunt begins Photo
Flower hunter Photo
Junior cartographer Photo
Headed to the beach Photo
Tennessee Beach family hike
by navratil on Mar 14, 2010
Hiking | 3.6 miles
I managed to convince the entire family to go hiking with me, on a roughly three-and-a-half mile track that will serve as the "family hike" for this years Bay Area Ridge Trail "Ridge to Bridge" event.  The Tennessee Beach trail heads from the end of Tennessee Valley road in Mill Valley down to the coast, is fairly level, and has plenty to look at along the way.This is obviously a popular area...
Oak Photo
Windmill Photo
Spring's almost here Photo
Silver lupine Photo
Toro County Park: Ollason Peak Loop
by navratil on Mar 13, 2010
Serra Village, California, United States
Hiking | 7.4 miles
Toro County Park (near Salinas) seems like an interesting place.  It feels to me much like a less-popular Alum Rock; there are playgrounds and "fitness trails" near the parking areas, which are all clustered near the park entrance, but beyond that there are about twenty miles of apparently rarely-used hiking trails that head uphill quickly.Heading into last Saturday, I knew I was going to have a chance to hike but had no...
Fungus Photo
Unknown flower Photo
Berry Creek Falls Photo
Berry Creek Falls Photo
Big Basin: Falls, McAbee, and Redwoods
by navratil on Feb 20, 2010
Riverside Grove, California, United States
Hiking | 11.0 miles
Joel and I decided to go check out the Big Basin waterfalls before the end of the wet season; our (well, my) original plan was to head up the Howard King Trail to Mt. McAbee, then over and down to the Berry Creek Falls trail and out via the Sunset Trail.  I'd heard (from all these folks' hikes) that the Howard King trail from Skyline-to-the-Sea to Mt. McAbee was a pretty tough...
First view of the coast Photo
Unknown flower Photo
Wild Douglas iris Photo
Indian Paintbrush Photo
Pt. Reyes Backpacking
by navratil on Feb 14, 2010
Woodville, California, United States
Backpacking | 38 miles
With my wife's and 1st-grader daughter's "ski week" both coinciding with Presidents Day, Debbie decided to take the kids to Cleveland for the week so they could hang out with their grandparents and cousins.  I couldn't afford the entire week off work, but I could take one day off -- and so plans were born for a three-day (Sunday to Tuesday) backpacking trip somewhere.  My first thought was the Skyline-to-the-Sea trail, but...
Low clouds Photo
Waterfalls everywhere Photo
Ancient Manzanita Photo
Nature always wins Photo
Henry Coe: HQ to China Hole and back
by navratil on Feb 06, 2010
Madrone Soda Springs (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 9.4 miles
A medium-length hike from the Coe Park headquarters to China Hole on Coyote Creek.  The weather was pretty variable -- a pretty steady drizzle for the first half, followed by sunshine (enough to fool me into doffing my rain gear) at the turn-around point, shortly followed by brief heavy rain and graupel.  Fortunately, I had a new hard shell (a Marmot Transit jacket, bought on SteepAndCheap less than a week ago) and...
Williams Gulch fall Photo
Schlieper Rock Photo
Snow! Photo
Murietta Falls Photo
Murietta Falls
by navratil on Jan 24, 2010
Mendenhall Springs, California, United States
Hiking | 14.9 miles
A couple of weeks ago, I was poking around EveryTrail looking for a fun hike.  I stumbled across Vaudesir's "Lake Del Valle to Murrieta Fall (Ohlone trail)", and immediately favorited it. A little more digging turned up tommangan's Ohlone Wilderness Trail Guide, who mentions that Murietta Falls only run after "several days of rain".  With the Bay Area getting nigh-endless rain for the last week, it seemed like an ideal time to...
Wet Castle Rock Photo
Castle Rock Falls Photo
Foggy Goat Rock Photo
Damp Interpretive Shelter Photo
Castle Rock Tour
by navratil on Jan 17, 2010
San Lorenzo Park, California, United States
Hiking | 6.9 miles
Joel and I had been planning for the Berry Creek Falls loop at Big Basin, but the forecast ("Rain: 100%") and view of the fogged-in coastal range was enough to convince me that a trip to the temperate rainforest that is the coastal redwoods would be a bit too chilly.  So instead we headed up to Castle Rock, with the theory being that it was just a bit further inland and high...
Departure Photo
Tree and sky Photo
Pig Pond Photo
Windmill farm Photo
Pacheco State Park: Fog Descends
by navratil on Jan 10, 2010
Santa Nella Village, California, United States
Hiking | 5.8 miles
The day started with being tasked to get my two-and-a-half year old son out of the house for most of the day.  There was a dinner party in the works, and Pete is a bit too inquisitive to be able to handle raw lamb and half-rolled grape leaves sitting on the counter while preparations were underway.I decided to head to Pacheco State Park, primarily because I'd never been there before and it...
Mitsu-tōge Station (三ツ峠駅) Photo
Regional map on the roadside Photo
Nick, Map, Mitsu-tōge Photo
Mitsu-tōge in the distance Photo
Mitsu-tōge yama (三ツ峠山)
by navratil on Dec 06, 2008
Onuma, Yamanashi, Japan
Hiking | 8.9 miles
Occasionally, work takes me to Tokyo.  Ever since my first trip there, I've been attempting to find the time to hike Mt. Fuji, which (as it turns out) is something of a traditional pilgrimage.  Still haven't made it, although I've had the chance to do several other fun hikes over there.A year or so ago, my boss suggested that I take a couple extra days so that the two of us could...
Racing up the hill Photo
How far are we now? Photo
How about *this* bush? Photo
Some interesting fungus Photo
Almaden Quicksilver: First Geocaching Adventure
by navratil on Jan 09, 2010
English Town, California, United States
Geocaching | 2.5 miles
A couple weeks back, a friend (Chris) suggested that my daughter and I join he and his daughter the next time they went geocaching.  We finally managed to pick a date that worked for both of us, and off we went on a remarkably temperate, foggy January Saturday morning.Almaden Quicksilver is the closest park to my house for a decent hike, so I know the park and its trails quite well.  I've...
Moon above Grant Lake Photo
Scrub oak  Photo
Fence and... Fremont? Photo
Scenic view Photo
Joseph D. Grant southeast quadrant
by navratil on Jan 04, 2010
Evergreen, California, United States
Hiking | 10.3 miles
I've decided I'm going to hike at least 365 miles in 2010.  I tried to do this last year, but didn't decide to go for it until April or May (after spending most of February and March on the couch) and got sidetracked by football in the fall (an aside: neither the Michigan Wolverines nor the Cleveland Browns were worth getting sidetracked by, last year).  This year, I've decided that if I...

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