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Cabreuva via Estrada dos Romeiros
by SjWon on Dec 14, 2013
Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo, Brazil
Road biking | 49 miles
Century New York 2013
by SjWon on Sep 08, 2013
Le Petit Senegal, New York, United States
Road biking | 95 miles
by SjWon on May 12, 2013
Yŏŭido-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Road biking | 52 miles
KwangMyeong to 4.19 Monument
by SjWon on May 11, 2013
Toksani-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Road biking | 62 miles
Beijing citytour
by SjWon on Apr 23, 2013
Beijing, Beijing, China
Sightseeing | 36 miles
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Mendoza bike + wine
by SjWon on Apr 06, 2013
Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, Argentina
Mountain biking | 11.3 miles
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Crossing Andes Day 8 - Angostura to San Martin de los andes
by SjWon on Feb 23, 2013
Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, Argentina
Mountain biking | 38 miles
We started pedaling from Villa la Angostura to direction San Martin de los Andes, despite the rain.In the first 6 km had mechanical problems on the bike.The rain had no truce. Occasionally sun appeared but the rain has not stopped.After 60 km ride, we finally reached the asphalt.But with clothes completely wet, we decided to stop pedaling.
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Crossing Andes Day 7 Peninsula Quetrihue
by SjWon on Feb 22, 2013
Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, Argentina
Mountain biking | 17.3 miles
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Crossing Andes Day 6 Puyehue to Angostura
by SjWon on Feb 20, 2013
Mantilhue, Los Ríos, Chile
Mountain biking | 52 miles
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Crossing Andes day 5 Las Cascadas to Puyehue
by SjWon on Feb 19, 2013
Los Lagos Region, Chile
Mountain biking | 44 miles
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Crossing Andes Day 4 Ensenada to Mt. Osorno
by SjWon on Feb 18, 2013
Los Lagos Region, Chile
Mountain biking | 29 miles
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Crossing Andes Day 3 Ensenada to Las Cascadas
by SjWon on Feb 17, 2013
La Ensenada, Los Lagos, Chile
Mountain biking | 32 miles
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Crossing Andes Day 2 Bariloche to Ensenada
by SjWon on Feb 14, 2013
Puerto Pañuelo, Argentina
Mountain biking | 77 miles
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Crossing Andes Day 1 Circuito Chico
by SjWon on Feb 12, 2013
Perito Moreno, Río Negro, Argentina
Mountain biking | 33 miles
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ITU turistico
by SjWon on Jun 30, 2012
Itu, São Paulo, Brazil
Mountain biking | 35 miles
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Montalcino - Montepulciano
by SjWon on May 03, 2012
Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy
Road biking | 23 miles
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Via Claudia Augusta Day 08
by SjWon on Apr 29, 2012
Tscherms, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italy
Mountain biking | 19.7 miles
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Via Claudia Augusta Day 07
by SjWon on Apr 28, 2012
Nauders, Tyrol, Austria
Mountain biking | 56 miles
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Via Claudia Augusta Day 06
by SjWon on Apr 27, 2012
Untergufer, Tyrol, Austria
Mountain biking | 25 miles
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Via Claudia Augusta Dat 05
by SjWon on Apr 26, 2012
Brennbichl, Tyrol, Austria
Mountain biking | 22 miles

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