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San Francisco trip
by tisonbro on Jan 01, 1990
Fort Winfield Scott, California, United States
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Tom, Adam, Gibson and me went to San Francisco for a enormous or fabulous trip. Our group just came out from the collage after pass out. After graduation this was first trip to us, when we was running in second year then made to be planned for visit to san Francisco. Adam was a great knowledge of Internet therefore no problem created at all reservation, all of them no earn any more money, after collage time all...
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San Diego Journey
by tisonbro on Jan 01, 1990
Five Points, California, United States
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San Diego city Tour---it was time to may 12,2208 when my family and me went to San Diego, wanted to visit San Diego in Christmas But in during season every place is too crowd that’s reason we went in summer time, secondly-a long time I was not going to any beaches place, so San Diego is hot destination for my family and me, children play station always there along with more adventure, I daughter was only 3...
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Eiffel Tower in Paris- Adventure Journey
by tisonbro on Jan 01, 1990
Paris 04 Hôtel-de-Ville, Île-de-France, France
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In the world have some amazing place located, One of them is Paris because here to be found amazing things, which called Eiffel tower, not to spot at only this things some other tremendous things located also, Paris is amazing and paradise place worldwide, I appreciate that word, as well as located in France country as well capital of that country.. I tell you every thing to my great experiences at that place in before month tour...
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New York City Exploration
by tisonbro on Jan 01, 1990
Hell's Kitchen, New York, United States
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New York city tour-I wanted to watch Manhattan city and his adventure, as well New York City WTC place. With This reason I reserved hotels in New York City, which is too expensive city. So if you found any cheap hotels in new York city the you lucky, I was too lucky with help of Online search results, got a cheapest hotel room at lowest rates only $99. Its too cheap because other hotels rates starting...


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