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Our B747 at Manchester Photo
VA74: Orlando International to Manchester
by The Bolas Heathens on Oct 01, 2013
Orlando, Florida, United States
Flying | 4,424 miles
Our A330 just after arrival in Orlando. Photo
VS75: Manchester to Orlando International
by The Bolas Heathens on Sep 25, 2013
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Flying | 4,348 miles
UA28: Newark to London Heathrow
by The Bolas Heathens on Sep 02, 2013
Oak Island Junction, New Jersey, United States
Flying | 3,571 miles
UA1114: San Diego to Newark
by The Bolas Heathens on Aug 30, 2013
Loma Portal, California, United States
Flying | 2,560 miles
UA931: London Heathrow to San Francisco
by The Bolas Heathens on Aug 20, 2013
Poyle, England, United Kingdom
Flying | 5,501 miles
Our B767 waiting at Chicago for the flight Photo
UA938: Chicago to London Heathrow
by The Bolas Heathens on Sep 02, 2012
Flying | 4,151 miles
Flat plains of Kansas Photo
Our B737 just after it arrived in Chicago Photo
UA1181: Phoenix to Chicaco O'Hare
by The Bolas Heathens on Sep 02, 2012
A-1 Trailer Park, Arizona, United States
Flying | 1,468 miles
The Embraer 145 we flew on at Houston Photo
Cloudy views at 35000 ft Photo
Really narrow cabin Photo
UA4615: Houston to Nashville
by The Bolas Heathens on Aug 21, 2012
Houston, Texas, United States
Flying | 757 miles
The route of our flight from Houston to Nashville on 21 August 2012.
The B777 we flew on Photo
Mountains on the southern tip of Greenland Photo
Lake Erie Photo
Southern end of Lake Michigan by Chicago Photo
UA5: London Heathrow to Houston
by The Bolas Heathens on Aug 21, 2012
London, United Kingdom
Flying | 5,064 miles
The route of our flight from London Heathrow to Houston on 21 August 2012.
IMG_0806.jpg Photo
IMG_0807.jpg Photo
IMG_0808.jpg Photo
IMG_0809.jpg Photo
Washy's Winter Walk
by The Bolas Heathens on Jan 05, 2012
Brewood, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 399 miles
I'd arranged to meet up with Allun (Shropshire Seekers) and Andy (andycpuk) to walk round the new Washy's Winter Walk series near Brewood. This is based around the walk you had to do on the old markandlynn Kelly's Birthday Cache ( which used to be a 9+ stage multi but it now a more simple cache, with the final co-ords hidden in one of the new Washy's caches.I had a lot of nostalgia...
Manchester to Sanford: TOM158, 30th August 2011
by The Bolas Heathens on Aug 31, 2011
Llynclys, England, United Kingdom
Flying | 4,537 miles
Our flight on a B767-300 from Manchester to Sanford on 30th August 2011.The flight routed to the south of the normal track over Newfoundland due to Hurricane Irene. We went overhead Hamilton airport in Bermuda and then diverted to the north a bit to avoid bad weather before getting back on track.We then had a fab view of Kennedy Space Center as we reached land and saw the two shuttle launch pads,...
Nozi's 161 Trail~79 Photo
Nozi's 161 Trail~78 Photo
Nozi Goosey 161 Chase~77 Photo
Nozi Goosey 161 Chase~76 Photo
161 Trail with the WM Cachers - a great day out
by The Bolas Heathens on Jun 02, 2011
Telford, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 17.1 miles
Over the week a plan was hatched on Facebook for quite a few of us to meet up to try and complete the 161 Series around Telford. This is a set of caches along the Silkin Way on the north side of Telford.I met up with PSPCachers (Phil) in Leegomery and left the Jeep there (to ferry us back to the starting point at the end of the day). We then drove...
Caching in Catshill and just north of Redditch
by The Bolas Heathens on May 22, 2011
England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 36 miles
On Sunday Isaac and myself headed for the area to the SW of Birmingham around Catshill and Bromsgrove. This is an area that has a never-ending supply of new caches to find!We started off with the final Bailey Rangers series which was close to the M5 junction. A nice set of caches in a different environment to their other series, which were more woodlandy (is that a word?). On the way round...
motorway mayhem junction 26 Photo
Three Little Pigs - 'Big Bad Wolf' Photo
The Tree Little Pigs - House of Straw Photo
The Three Little Pigs - House of Sticks. Photo
A Day Out Caching in West Lancashire and Chorley
by The Bolas Heathens on May 14, 2011
England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 61 miles
On Saturday Isaac could not come caching so I opted for a day caching around West Lancashire on my own. I planned to start off with the Pigsy caches to the east of Skelmersdale and then head off north towards Mawdesley and then see how much time I had left.I had a fab time caching around the Pigsy caches with some of the best presented caches we've seen. All decent sized boxes...
8 Shifnal Manor walk Photo
9 Shifnal Manor walk Photo
May 1 Photo
10 Shifnal Manor Walk Photo
Shifnal series, new Lapley Loop and an event near Eccleshall
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 30, 2011
England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 46 miles
On Saturday myself and Isaac decided to head for the By Ecc, An Event! event cache at Copmere, close to Eccleshall. We'd heard there would be 28 caches put out for the event, so just had to find some caches to do in the morning before the event.A new series just to the SW of Shifnal that had come out during the week looked perfect. Even better, just about the whole route...
The Dragons Rest Photo
Pinfold - What's a Pinfold? Photo
Going loopy around Caerwys (start). Photo
# 3 MPFC Photo
North Wales Caching
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 23, 2011
Wales, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 50 miles
On Saturday myself and Isaac decided as the weather was forecast to be great, we'd head for North Wales as some great walking in lovely countryside with the sun on our backs sounded perfect.We started off at Team Marzipan's Loopy series near Caerwys which is a circular walk with a few other caches around the loop on dead-ends. A really lovely walk with a few ups and down's (well, it is Wales...
Wild Goosey Chase 6 Photo
Goosey's Trail 6~Start at the end of the line Photo
Goosey's Trail 7~Stirchley Chimney Photo
Wild Goosey Chase 8 Photo
Goosey Trail / Wild Goosey Chase - Day 1
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 10, 2011
Malins Lee, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 23 miles
We'd heard that a big series of 78 caches was due out at 8am on Sunday morning, so arranged to meet up with Allun from the Shropshire Seekers in the center of Telford with laptops at 7:45am to get them as they were published. We did not know any more than this (which was also posted on Facebook by the cache owner) so were wondering what was in store for us!Sure enough,...
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No12  Photo
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No 1  Photo
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No2  Photo
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No3 Photo
Nantwich, Heslby, Frodsham and an event in Northwich
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 16, 2011
Hankelow, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 65 miles
On Saturday there was a North West Cachers Monthly Meet in Northwich, so we planned out day around ending up at the event.We started off with a nice circular by the Shropshire Union Canal near to lovely Nantwich. A great ride round on our bikes and no problems with the caches.Next, we headed off to Helsby to make a start on the RaverDave and Helsby Leisurely Walks series on the Helsby Marshes....
Bordesley Park Loop - 5. Cattle Grid Photo
Bordesley Park Loop - 6. Old Stumpy and Lower Rowney Green Photo
Bordesley Park Loop - 7. Horseing Around Photo
Bordesley Park Loop - 8. Big Stump Little Stump Photo
Redditch Area: Bordesley Park Loop, Rowney Green Loop and a few others
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 03, 2011
Cofton Hackett, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 35 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac decided to head for the area between Redditch and the M42 where the Bordesley Park Loop series was. Later that evening the Rowney Green Loop series was published nearby - perfect as we could add that to the plans!We started off with the Bordesley Park Loop series which was a lovely walk in a reasonably circular way around some lovely countryside. At the second cache we got a...
Cache and Play no 1 (Ketley Kapers) Photo
Cache and Play no 5 (The Rock Revellers) Photo
Cache and Play no 6 (Newdale Nonsense) Photo
Lloyds Copice Photo
A clearout of Telford caches
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 02, 2011
Telford, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 45 miles
On Saturday I dropped Isaac off at school and then set about clearing up the new Telford area caches that had come out while I was in the USA last week.I started off in Ketley, then made my way to the Rock and then onwards to near Bilsts Hill for some excellent caches in the Ironbridge area.It was then back up towards Telford Town Center and then onwards to Donnington. Last cache...

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