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Federal Building Sculpture Photo
Bromo Tower Photo
City Hall Photo
IMET Photo
Baltimore Downtown Evening Walk - Federal Building, Bromo-Selzer Tower, Arena, Battle Monument, City Hall, Water Front
by kozik on Apr 29, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Walking | 2.4 miles
After dinner on my last day of meeting in Baltimore, I went for an evening walk through the downtown area.I started at my hotel on the Inner Harbor (Pratt Street) and walked North and West on Lombard St.  I walked up to the iconic Bromo-Seltzer Tower, then I headed North and walked East on Baltimore Street, turned left on to Calvert Street to the nicely lit-up Battle Monument.  From there, I zig-zagged...
Holocaust Statue Photo
City Hall Photo
War Memorial Photo
Fish Sculpture Photo
Walk Downtown Baltimore - Inner Harbor, Holocaust Memorial, CIty Hall, Red Light, and World Trade Center
by kozik on Apr 28, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Walking | 1.9 miles
After my first full day of meetings in Baltimore, I went for a pre-dinner walk.  My hotel is on the Inner Harbor front.  I started there, walked North along Gay Street upto City Hall. Then I turned left and looped back South along Commerce Street back to the Inner Harbor / Pratt Street.Along the way, I saw: the Holocaust Memorial, United State Appraisers' Stores, United States Custom House, Charles L. Benton Jr....
Northumberland Road Photo
Eire WWI Monument Photo
Grand Canal Photo
Grafton Street Photo
Late on the last afternoon of business meetings in Dublin, I went for a long walk through Dublin.  Our meetings were in the Ballsbridge area, near the Aviva Stadium.  I wanted to walk to the historic city centre.  We came here as a family 2 years ago, and I wanted to retrace some of the steps we followed on our vacation.I started by walking North / North West along Northumberland Road. I...
Mark Hopkins Photo
California Street Photo
555 California Street building Photo
Sing Fat Building Photo
I was in San Francisco for business meetings. Early in the morning on the second day of my visit I decided to go for a walk from my hotel on Nob Hill heading East down California Street.  My walk ended at Market Street; from there, I caught the California Line Cable Car to take me back.For this nice little walk, I walked past buildings mostly in the Financial District:  Transamerica Pyramid, 650...
Chinatown Gate Photo
Steam Clock Photo
Burrard  Inlet Harbour Photo
Birks Place Photo
Vancouver Downtown Walk - Chinatown, Gastown, Waterfront, and Granville
by kozik on Oct 16, 2013
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Walking | 3.8 miles
For my last evening in Vancouver, I wanted to go exploring.  I had seen the Jimi Hendrix Redhouse in Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco two weeks earlier so I thought it would be cool to look for the Jim Hendrix Shrine on the edge of Chinatown here in Vancouver.So pressed for time (I wanted the lighting from sunset), I took a taxi to Chinatown.  I saw the Jimi Hendrix Shrine, and I...
Happy Thanksgiving Photo
Vogue Photo
Vancouver Block Photo
Granville Photo
Vancouver Downtown Evening Walk -- Granville and Robson Streets
by kozik on Oct 15, 2013
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Walking | 2.6 miles
I was in Vancouver for meetings.  After my first full day, I went for an evening walk through the downtown area.I started by walking from my hotel to the illustrious Granville Street, I walked north east through the Granville Mall area, turned left and walked the length of the Robson Street shopping district.  I stopped to have a meal, then I turned around and walked back.Note worthy on Granville, I saw: Vogue...
Beach Art Photo
Sunset on Gordon Beach Photo
Walking north along the Tel Aviv Promenade Photo
Tel Aviv Port sea wall Photo
Tel Aviv Promenade Walk -- Gordon Beach North to Yarkon river
by kozik on Aug 27, 2013
Tel Aviv, Israel
Walking | 4.2 miles
We were in Tel Aviv on business and for our first night we decided to walk north along the Tel Aviv Promenade along the Mediterranean Sea to find a restaurant somewhere in the Tel Aviv Port area.We started at Gordon Beach, this is the recreational area behind the Crowne Plaza hotel.  We walked north passing by the Tel Aviv Marina, Atzmout Beach, Hof Hadatiyim beach, and the Metsitsim (Sheraton) Beach to the Tel...
LOVE Park Photo
Aero Memorial Photo
Liberty Bell Photo
Independence Hall Photo
Philadelphia City Center Walk - Museum of Art to Penn's Landing
by kozik on Jun 21, 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Walking | 6.3 miles
I was scheduled for an afternoon of meetings in one of the beautiful skyscrapers in Philadelphia's city center.  I arrived a few hours early and went for a walk through the west side of the city center, called the Parkway District.  Then after my meetings and post meetings were done, I went for another walk through the east side of the city center, call the Old City District.  This posting puts these two walks...
Streetcar, Canal Street Photo
Guitar Player Photo
Saint Louis Cathedral Photo
Decatur Street Photo
French Quarter / Vieux Carré walk -- Canal, Riverwalk, Decatur, St Peters, Royal
by kozik on May 14, 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Walking | 5.0 miles
After my second day of meetings, I went out for a late evening walk through the French Quarter / Vieux Carré.I started at Bourbon and Canal Street.  I walked Southeast along Canal Street to the Riverwalk Marketplace.  I circled back up Canal and branched onto N Peters Street, which merged into Decatur St.  I stopped at Jackson Square, then worked my way up St Peters Street, turned left onto Royal Street.  I passed...
Purdue Memorial Union Photo
University Hall Photo
Spirit Arch Photo
Purdue Bell Tower Photo
Purdue Campus Walk - Union, University Hall, Bell Tower, Engineering Mall
by kozik on Apr 05, 2013
West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Walking | 1.9 miles
I took the day off of work and drove down to West Lafayette to attend the celebration of the Purdue's Computer Science Department's 50th anniversary. This was a good chance for me to meet former professors, fellow alumni, students, and listen to day of distinguished speakers. Before this day of activities, I went for an early morning walk through the center of campus.  My meetings started at 10am, and I timed my walk...
The Pier Photo
St. Petersburg Skyline Photo
The Pier Photo
Vinoy Photo
St. Petersburg Waterfront Walk
by kozik on Jan 21, 2013
St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Walking | 2.0 miles
I had business meetings in St. Petersburg Florida, staying at the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel.  After my first full day of meetings, I went for a walk along waterfront.I started walking South on Bay Shore Dr, then I turned left onto 2nd Ave and followed the street out onto the St. Petersburg Pier.  I had a light dinner on the 5th floor of the landmark inverted pyramid-shaped building.  I took some nice twilight...
Mississippi Capitol Photo
Vetrans Monument Photo
Golden Eagle Photo
Governor's Mansion Photo
Walk Jackson downtown - State House, Governor's Mansion, War Memorial
by kozik on Nov 27, 2012
Walking | 2.4 miles
I was in Jackson on business.  This was my first visit to the state of Mississippi, and I was looking forward to walk Jackson Capitol area.I parked at the State Capitol, I walked around the grounds, I then made my way over to the Old  State Capitol, now a museum, then walked a little further to the Governor's Mansion, then headed back.  The Jackson Capitol Area is a nice compact area in...
Empire State Photo
Flatiron Building Photo
Under Construction Photo
Horace Greeley Photo
Manhattan Walk - Flatiron, Garment Districts
by kozik on Oct 01, 2012
Manhattan, New York, United States
Walking | 4.5 miles
I was in Manhattan for a day of meetings.  My hotel, the location of the meetings, was on 26th Street right near 7th Ave.  The late afternoon of my arrival I decided to go for a walk.I started walking East on 26th; I passed by Broadway, and turned South onto 5th Ave.  I walked down to the Flatiron Building.  I looped back around, heading North on 5th to the Empire State Building....
Neil Armstrong Photo
Neil Armstrong Photo
Fountain Photo
Bell Tower Photo
Purdue Campus Walk - Neil Armstrong Hall
by kozik on Sep 10, 2012
West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Walking | 2.0 miles
I was on the campus of Purdue University for a day of meetings. After my meetings I went for a late afternoon walk around the Engineering Mall.I started at the parking garage across the street from the MSEE building, walked along Northwestern Ave, turned left / West onto Stadium Ave, then left again onto Stadium Mall drive.  This had me walking straight into the center of the Engineering Mall area, through which...
La Tour Eiffel Photo
Rue Cler Photo
Place Joffre Photo
Le Mur pour la Paix Photo
Paris Walk - La Tour Eiffel, Rue Cler, École Militaire, Le Mur pour la Paix
by kozik on Jun 27, 2012
Paris, Île-de-France, France
Walking | 2.3 miles
I was done with my last day of meetings in Paris, and from my hotel I went for a walk before dinner.  I was staying two blocks from the La Tour Effel; I started from here, walked through the Champ de Mars (park land area by the Tour Effel), then North East up Rue Saint-Dominque, turning right onto Rue Cler.  At the Southern point of the street, I made my way over...
Lion's Fountain Photo
City Hall Photo
Road side flowers Photo
Motor Gate Photo
Culver City Downtown Walk - Culver Hotel, Sony Studios, City Hall, Kirk Douglas Theatre
by kozik on Jun 01, 2012
Culver City, California, United States
Walking | 3.0 miles
I was in Los Angeles for the weekend, taking a class.  We were scheduled to meet all over the LA area and my host recommended that I stay at the Culver Hotel, Culver City.  I checked-in a few hours before my first meeting, and I decided to go for a walk through the historic downtown district of Culver City.  I started by walking SouthWest along Culver Blvd, along side the historic Sony...
Guitar Player Photo
Seattle Cityscape Photo
Chief Seattle Photo
Green City Hall Photo
Walk Downtown Seattle - Pike Place Market, Pioneer Park, and Smith Tower
by kozik on Jun 06, 2012
Seattle, Washington, United States
Walking | 4.4 miles
I was in Seattle on business and the afternoon before my meetings, I went for a walk through the downtown area.I parked by the famous Pike Place Market, walked through it, enjoying the many street artists and a cup of coffee at the original Starbucks.  I got a really nice view of the water front at the Steinbrueck Park.  I walked South along 1st Ave, past the Seattle Art Museum down to...
St Mary's Photo
H&R Block Photo
New York Life Photo
City Hall Photo
Kansas City Downtown Loop walk - City Hall, Power & Light District, Library
by kozik on Apr 30, 2012
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Walking | 2.9 miles
I was in Kansas City on business and was driving through the downtown area on my way to dinner meetings and I stopped to have a walk through the downtown area.I parked across the street from the City Hall / Jackson County Courthouse building and started walking East along 12th Street, turned right just past the Federal Building, headed right again onto 13th street, just past St Mary's Church, then winded my...
One World Trade Center Photo
9-11 Memorial Wall Photo
Zuccotti Park Photo
Brooklyn Bridge Photo
Lower Manhattan Walk - World Trade Center, Civic Center, Brooklyn Bridge
by kozik on Apr 18, 2012
New York, New York, United States
Walking | 5.8 miles
I was driving from LaGuardia Airport to New Jersey for business meetings.  My route was heading West along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, across the Williamsburg Bridge onto Delancy Street in Lower Manhattan.  I took a detour heading South through China Town and parked my car in the Financial District on Water and Maiden Lane.  I wanted to go for a late afternoon walk!I walked along Maiden Lane to the World Trade Center complex....
St. James Photo
Flatiron Building Photo
Spring Flowers Photo
Toronto Downtown/Old Town Walk
by kozik on Apr 10, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Walking | 3.3 miles
I was visiting Toronto on business.  The evening before my meetings, I went for a walk thruough the Old Town section of downtown Toronto.I parked on King Street, near Church Street.  I started on King, walked along Church, to Front Street.  I stopped for dinner, then followed Front over to University Ave, then looped back onto King and to my starting point.  This nice little loop let me see the following buildings, of...

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