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Two Moors Way leg 8
by TheSquare on Aug 19, 2016
England, United Kingdom
Walking | 7.5 miles
Two Moors way from Widecombe to Scorriton.
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Three Choirs Way leg 6
by TheSquare on Jul 27, 2016
England, United Kingdom
Walking | 9.6 miles
Leg 6 of Three Choirs Way from Staunton to Gloucester.
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Wallowbarrow Crag
by TheSquare on Jul 07, 2016
Seathwaite, England, United Kingdom
Walking | 4.1 miles
A circuit of Wallowbarrow Crag taking in Crossguards and a walk along the river Duddon.
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Bell Crags
by TheSquare on Jul 06, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 5.3 miles
A walk up Bell Crags from Thirlmere taking in 5 tarns.
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by TheSquare on Jul 05, 2016
Lamplugh, United Kingdom
Walking | 3.8 miles
A walk up Knockmurton via Cogra Moss.
Beacon Tarn & Beacon Fell 4/7/16
by TheSquare on Jul 04, 2016
Water Yeat, United Kingdom
Walking | 3.3 miles
Another check on the treasure box.
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Beacon Tarn & Beacon Fell 1/7/16
by TheSquare on Jul 01, 2016
Water Yeat, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Walking | 3.1 miles
Walk up Beacon Fell via Beacon Tarn.
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Two Moors Way leg 7
by TheSquare on May 27, 2016
Chagford, United Kingdom
Walking | 10.9 miles
Our 7th leg of the Two Moors Way from Chagford Bridge to Widecombe.
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Two Moors Way leg 6
by TheSquare on May 27, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 11.7 miles
This was the 6th leg of the Two Moors Way from Prestons near Colebrooke to Chagford Bridge.
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Hugill Fell
by TheSquare on Apr 23, 2016
Staveley, United Kingdom
Walking | 2.2 miles
A closer inspection of Hugill Fell.
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My last 3 Outlying Wainwright walks
by TheSquare on Apr 20, 2016
Wellington, United Kingdom
Walking | 22 miles
The three walks are: Ponsonby Fell, Cold Fell, Dent & Flat Fell
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Kentmere walks
by TheSquare on Apr 19, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 12.0 miles
These are two walks in the Kentmere valley.  The first one is around Green Quarter and the second one is up 3 Outliers above Staveley - High Knott (Williamson's Monument), Hugill Fell and Reston Scar.
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Two walks near Shap
by TheSquare on Apr 18, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 13.9 miles
A walk up and around Knipescar Common and a walk up Swindale, Nabs Crag and Howes.
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Two walks near Cockermouth
by TheSquare on Apr 17, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 10.1 miles
Walk 1: Clints Crags; walk 2: Watch Hill & Setmurthy Common.
by TheSquare on Apr 15, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 6.1 miles
Testing camera GPS track.
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by TheSquare on Apr 15, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 5.9 miles
A walk up Grey Crag (Sleddale Fell), Harrop Pike and Tarn Crag from Sadgill.
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Pooley Bridge and Caldbeck
by TheSquare on Apr 14, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 20 miles
This is a 2 part walk taking in Dunmallet and Heughscar Hill starting and finishing in Pooley Bridge. I was interested to see the temporary bridge recently opened after the floods. There was then time to drive to Caldbeck and walk up Faulds Brow, so completing 3 Wainwright Outliers in the day.
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Wainwright Challenge 2016 Codale Tarn
by TheSquare on Apr 13, 2016
Grasmere, United Kingdom
Walking | 7.2 miles
This is my contribution to the Wainwright Challenge 2016 (Central Fells).  I nominated Codale Tarn and walked up Belles Knot on the way and Tarn Crag on the way back.
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Beacon Tarn & Beacon Fell 12 April 2016
by TheSquare on Apr 12, 2016
Water Yeat, United Kingdom
Walking | 3.2 miles
The usual walk up Beacon Fell via Beacon Tarn.
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Three Choirs Way leg 5 Wyche Cutting to Staunton
by TheSquare on Apr 09, 2016
United Kingdom
Walking | 11.9 miles
Our 5th leg of the Three Choirs Way from Wyche Cutting to Staunton taking in the Herefordshire Beacon.

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