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by TheSquare on Jun 22, 2015
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
Cadence & Continuo in Normandy: Paris en route.
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by TheSquare on Jun 20, 2015
La Rivière-Saint-Sauveur, Basse-Normandie, France
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
Cadence & Continuo in Normandy: Honfleur.
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by TheSquare on Jun 19, 2015
Fécamp, Haute-Normandie, France
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
Cadence & Continuo in Normandy: Fecamp and Benedictine Abbey.
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by TheSquare on Jun 18, 2015
Rouen, Haute-Normandie, France
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
Cadence & Continuo in Normandy - Rouen.
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Polesden Lacey
by TheSquare on Sep 17, 2014
Craig, Alaska, United States
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
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Dover Castle
by TheSquare on Sep 16, 2014
Dover, Kent, United Kingdom
Sightseeing | 42 miles
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Leeds Castle
by TheSquare on Sep 15, 2014
Leeds Castle, Kent, United Kingdom
Sightseeing | 55 miles
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by TheSquare on Sep 14, 2014
Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
Sightseeing | 1.7 miles
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by TheSquare on Sep 13, 2014
Rye, United Kingdom
Sightseeing | 4.6 miles
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by TheSquare on Sep 10, 2014
Chartwell, Kent, United Kingdom
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
A walk around Chartwell.
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Bodiam Castle and Battle
by TheSquare on Sep 11, 2014
Hastings, Sussex, England
Sightseeing | 31 miles
A trip to Bodiam Castle and Battle from Hastings.
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A coach journey from Donegal to Belfast
by TheSquare on Sep 03, 2013
Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
Sightseeing | 176 miles
A coach journey from Donegal to Belfast via the Giants Causeway and the Titanic museum.  We called in at the Falls Road to see the progress being made towards peace.
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Tour of Fermanagh
by TheSquare on Sep 02, 2013
Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
Sightseeing | 92 miles
This is a coach tour of Fermanagh starting from Donegal, visiting Belleek Pottery and including a boat trip on Loch Erne, visitng Devenish and then visiting Enniskillen.
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A visit to Derry/Londonderry
by TheSquare on Sep 01, 2013
Speenoge, Ulster, Ireland
Sightseeing | 20 miles
A tour around Derry/Londonderry preceeded by a look at the Grianan of Aileach.
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Trip from Donegal to Glenveagh
by TheSquare on Aug 31, 2013
Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
Sightseeing | 78 miles
A coach trip from Donegal to Glenveagh and back.
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A trip to Northumberland
by TheSquare on Jul 15, 2012
Alnwick, England, United Kingdom
Sightseeing | 298 miles
This is a 6 day tour of Northumberland, based in Alnwick.  The track here starts in Carlisle and we visited Hadrian's Wall at Housesteads before arriving in Alnwick.  There are then visits to Alnwick Castle, Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands, Bamburgh Castle, Brinkburn Priory and Cragside before returning home via the Angel of the North at Gateshead and Durham Cathedral. 
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by TheSquare on Feb 28, 2012
Hanoi, Vietnam
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
A collection of photos taken around Hanoi before going to Sapa and Halong Bay.
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Views of Lisbon
by TheSquare on Oct 10, 2011
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Sightseeing | 29 miles
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A tour of Obidos, Batalha and Fatima
by TheSquare on Oct 14, 2011
Óbidos, Leiria, Portugal
Sightseeing | 99 miles
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A tour of Sintra, Cabo da Roca and Cascais
by TheSquare on Oct 13, 2011
Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal
Sightseeing | 18.4 miles

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