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2011-08-06 - Taurus - 5 days hike
by ebrunach on Aug 06, 2011
Nigde, Turkey
Hiking | 39 miles
This is a 5-day hike in the Taurus Mountains. And it was a beautiful trek.The trek starts at Demirkazık. We got there by bus from Niğde (bus Niğde / Çamardı).We leave our excess luggage at the hostel at the bottom of Demirkazık. The staff seems odd at first and then we sympathize with them and we spend an evening drinking and playing cards. Fondly.Day One: Ascent only. Not very funny. But the finish is superb, we...
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2009-09-27 - Gansu/Qinghai - From Labrang monastery to Repkong monastery
by ebrunach on Sep 27, 2009
Gannan, Gansu, China
Hiking | 44 miles
This trek is probably the most beautiful trek we did in China. Don't hesitate, just do it; follow the trace... Attention: we just failed at finding a nice path to finish the trek, so don't follow our trace for the last descent to Repkong!!! For further detail on this trek, you can buy the following book ( That's what we did, the description is quite good and precise.
2008-11-22 - Near Wuhan - 2 days hike
by ebrunach on Nov 21, 2008
Zouguyang, Hubei, China
Hiking | 10.8 miles
IMG_1512.JPG (Tangtian, Zhejiang, China) Photo
IMG_1539.JPG (Huixi, Zhejiang, China) Photo
IMG_1543.JPG (Huixi, Zhejiang, China) Photo
IMG_1546.JPG (Huixi, Zhejiang, China) Photo
2009-06-06 - ZheJiang - Near BanXi - 2 days hike
by ebrunach on Jun 05, 2009
Huixi, Zhejiang, China
Hiking | 12.2 miles
1st day (4 hours) We let the car on the road and then start hiking. 0-2h: really great (nice terrace fields, nice villages). 2h-3h: on a road (without any car). 3h-4h: to the first night campsite on a very nice path. We first planned to go further but the path stops due to a wild forest. 2nd day: (2hours30) Because of the forest, we didn't plan the second day. 0-45min: on the path to the road 45min-2h: on the road (without...
IMG_1958.JPG (Hujia, Anhui, China) Photo
IMG_1902.JPG (Zhejitian, Zhejiang, China) Photo
9878665.jpg (Xialingqian, Anhui, China) Photo
7163769.jpg (Xiaoyao, Anhui, China) Photo
2009-08-15 - Zhejiang/Anhui - Around Huihang gudao - 2 days hike
by ebrunach on Aug 14, 2009
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Hiking | 28 miles
1st day (6h45) We let the car on the road and then start hiking. 0-3h: really great - 1st pass, nice village, 2nd pass 3h-3h45: descent from the second pass on a old path almost disapeared. Very tough and very slow, 45 min through spider nets and jungle. average speed = 0.9km/h 3h45-5h30: Descent on a large dirt road. At the end of the descent you will find a nice place to take a bath in...
CAMPSITE.JPG (Ban Ko Tha, Tak, Thailand) Photo
WATERFALLS.JPG (Ban Ko Tha, Tak, Thailand) Photo
KOTHA.JPG (Ban Ko Tha, Tak, Thailand) Photo
BRIDGE.JPG (Ban Palatha, Tak, Thailand) Photo
3 days trek to Ti Lor Su waterfalls
by ebrunach on Jan 25, 2009
Um Phang, Tak, Thailand
Hiking | 14.6 miles
three days trek with a karen guide. ti lo su waterfalls, karen village, jungle... Be careful, I didn't record the beginning of the trek.


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