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The trailhead in the foreground and the radio tower in the background Photo
Bridge on the Concord Park to River Park segment Photo
River Park Photo
Bridge over the Little Harpeth River Photo
Brenthaven Bikeway Connector
by CarlNelson on Mar 09, 2012
Brentwood, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 6.1 miles
I started at Concord Park and followed the path to the library and then across Knox Valley Drive to River Park.  The River Park Bikeway crosses the Little Harpeth River via footbridge and parallels it most of the way to Crockett Park.  The YMCA fields are on the left side of the first part of the trail.  After a short decline, the trail remains mostly level.  It deviates from the river just...
The Natchez Trace trailhead Photo
Footbridge over Vaughns Creek Photo
Leaving the creek level Photo
Steep trail upwards Photo
Harpeth Woods and Owl Hollow Trails - Edwin Warner Park
by CarlNelson on Mar 07, 2012
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 3.0 miles
The start from the Natchez Trace trailhead is level and follows Vaughns Creek before turning left for an uphill climb.  The trail circles an old stone quarry and then skirts the base of a knob.  It crosses a park road and intersects Owl Hollow Trail.The Owl Hollow Trail circles a steep wooded hollow before rejoining Harpeth Woods.  The trail climbs through a series of switchbacks to cross the park road in a...
The Percy Priest trailhead, with the dam visible int he background Photo
Percy Priest Dam Photo
Crossing under I-40 Photo
Trail above the Stones River Photo
Percy Priest to Lebanon Pike - Nashville Stones River Greenway
by CarlNelson on Mar 02, 2012
Gertrude, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 5.8 miles
This greenway, on paper, doesn't have a lot going for it.  It starts right next to a busy interstate, is directly under the flight path for the airport, passes numerous industries including a landfill, and has a trailhead in the parking lot for a strip mall.  Somehow, it all works to make a great path, though--this is how an urban greenway should be done!I started at Percy Priest Dam with impending storms...
Following the North Plateau trail from the trailhead Photo
The closed park road past the overlook Photo
This sign marks the beginning of the Sinks Trail from the park road Photo
Junction of the Sinks and Mountain Mist Trails Photo
Stone Cuts Trail - Monte Sano State Park
by CarlNelson on Feb 25, 2012
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 4.4 miles
Start at the main Monte Sano trailhead following the blue-blazed North Plateau Trail, cross the entry road, pass by the park office on your right, and then keep the picnic pavilion on your left until reaching the overlook.  At the north end of the overlook, do not follow the North Plateau Trail, but go through the vehicle barrier across the road.  (From this point on, trail signage is clear and easy to...
The main Monte Sano trailhead Photo
Crossing the entry road Photo
The trail going behind the pavilion Photo
Overlook Photo
North Plateau Loop - Monte Sano State Park
by CarlNelson on Feb 25, 2012
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 2.1 miles
From the main trailhead, I crossed the entry road to the gravelled and bordered pathway going by the park office.  The trail passes by a picnic pavilion reaches an overlook before circling behind the Von Braun observatory.  Two large cabins are along the trail on the north side.  The path crosses the Fire Tower Trail and the park entrance, and then reaches an overlook at the McKay Hollow trailhead.  I wound around...
The Gateway Island area Photo
Gateway Island Photo
Along the north leg of the Outer Loop Photo
Along the north leg of the Outer Loop Photo
Outer Loop/South Connector - Murfreesboro Gateway Trail
by CarlNelson on Feb 23, 2012
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 1.8 miles
I started at the Gateway Island gravel parking area and went clockwise around the Outer Loop.  There were several walkers on the Pond Loop.  After the Outer Loop turns away from the North Connector, there is a slight uphill.  I followed the South Connector along the treeline to Tune Plaza, where there is a bikeway connection (i.e., over surface streets rather than non-vehicular greenway) to the Manson Pike trailhead.  The South Connector...
Mileage sign at the General Bragg trailhead Photo
The College Street trailhead Photo
Along the Battlefield Spur Photo
Crossing under Thompson Lane Photo
Battlefield Spur/North Connector/Pond Loop - Murfreesboro Gateway Trail
by CarlNelson on Feb 22, 2012
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 3.0 miles
I started at the General Bragg trailhead on the Stones River Greenway.  The path quickly crosses the train tracks to the College Street trailhead and went north along College Street past treelines and some small industry.  The greenway passes under Thompson Lane and crosses College Street onto the Stones River National Battlefield.  A commemorative plaque for the Trail of Tears is just inside the National Park Service boundary.  The paved trail continues...
Near Cason Trailhead Photo
The Stones River Photo
Weir just past New Salem Highway Photo
Neighborhood of large houses on the east bank Photo
Cason to Barfield Road - Murfreesboro Stones River Greenway
by CarlNelson on Feb 07, 2012
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 2.9 miles
I hiked this as a there-and-back, starting at the Cason trailhead.  This part of the greenway stays on the west bank of the west fork of the Stones River and passes the confluence of the west fork and the middle fork.  Just past the New Salem Road overpass, a weir forms Sterling Farmer Lake.  The trail stays mostly level, with a neighborhood of large houses visible on the east bank.  Upstream from...
The trailhead at Fortress Rosecrans Photo
Interpretive trail at Fortress Rosecrans Photo
Union earthworks at Fortress Rosecrans Photo
Boardwalk over the earthworks at Fortress Rosecrans Photo
Fortress Rosecrans to Cason - Murfreesboro Stones River Greenway
by CarlNelson on Feb 03, 2012
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 3.6 miles
I started at the Fortress Rosecrans trailhead (accessible via 96 at Old Fort Park).  The trail winds through the earthworks of Fortress Rosecrans, from the Civil War-era Battle of Stones River.  Multiple side paths allow closer inspection of the earthen battlements, and cannon keep watch.  The greenway crosses Overall Street just down from the Lytle Creek Greenway's Overall Street trailhead and passes the playground of Old Fort Park before curving west by...
Water tower near the trailhead Photo
The trees around the path Photo
Interesting root formations above the trail Photo
The gully that drops down and then ascends Photo
Thacker Mountain Rail-Trail
by CarlNelson on Nov 24, 2011
Oxford, Mississippi, United States
Hiking | 4.0 miles
This rail-to-trail path near Ole Miss begins just off Coliseum Drive at the gates of the old Whirlpool facility.  Typical of rail-to-trails paths, it is wide with minimal turning and elevation gain.  Numerous side trails for mountain biking can be found.  One gully drops down and ascends.  The sides of the trail steepen as it trends southwest.  There are lots of interesting roots on display at eye level and higher at the...
Map at the trailhead Photo
The junction of the Mossy Ridge & Warner Woods trails Photo
The loop junction of the Warner Woods trail Photo
Oddly-shaped vine Photo
Warner Woods Trail - Percy Warner Park
by CarlNelson on Nov 19, 2011
Vaughns Gap, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 2.9 miles
Start at the Deep Well trailhead at Percy Warner Park.  A short connector leads to a junction with a sign marking the Warner Woods Trail and the Mossy Ridge Trail; follow the left path for Warner Woods.  The trail quickly splits into the two halves of the loop.  I went right (counter-clockwise), as that seems to be a more gradual ascent.The trail has quite a bit of up and down, but trends...
The trailhead at the ranger station Photo
The paved first part of the trail Photo
View from the first overlook Photo
Just above the Great Stone Door Photo
Savage Gulf - South Cumberland State Natural Area
by CarlNelson on Nov 10, 2011
Beersheba Springs, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 14.1 miles
via Stone Door (SD), Big Creek Gulf (BCG), Ranger Falls (RF), Greeter Falls (GF), and Big Creek Rim (BCR) trailsA coworker (who is a very accomplished hiker) from an out-of-town office was visiting for the week, and we decided to take a day off for some hiking.  We selected the Savage Gulf, as it is one of the most beautiful and rugged parts of Middle Tennessee.  We arrived not too long after...
Deep Well trailhead Photo
At the split of the Mossy Ridge and Warner Woods trails Photo
The loop junction of the Mossy Ridge trail Photo
The spur to Quiet Point Photo
Mossy Ridge Trail - Percy Warner Park
by CarlNelson on Nov 06, 2011
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 5.1 miles
Mossy Ridge (the "red trail" to frequent Warner Parks hikers) is the most challenging in the park, and is extremely popular especially on a day that proved to be the last really good day of fall colors and nice weather of the year.  The Deep Well trailhead is frequently quite crowded on the weekends, and maneuvering to a parking space can take a stroke of luck.  The trailhead is shared with the...
Thompson Lane trailhead Photo
This area used to have lots of trees before tornado damage Photo
View across the Stones River Photo
Passing under Broad Street Photo
Thompson Lane to Cannonsburgh - Murfreesboro Stones River and Lytle Creek Greenways
by CarlNelson on Nov 02, 2011
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 5.4 miles
Murfreesboro's extensive greenway system provides a great getaway in-town for exercise, nature observation, and historical interest.  The greenways provide regular trailheads to fit any timeframe, ability, or interest.The Stones River Greenway begins at the Thompson Lane trailhead, near the Artillery Monument from the Battle of Stones River.  The northernmost portion was tornado damaged a few years ago, and this changed the nature of the trail substantially from one bordered by large trees...
Sign at the trailhead Photo
The start of the trail, with Cedar Hill Road visible in the background Photo
The Harpeth River Photo
Leaves and the Harpeth Photo
Narrows of the Harpeth - Harpeth River State Park
by CarlNelson on Oct 30, 2011
Mound Bottom, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 2.0 miles
The trail starts from the parking lot on the north side of Cedar Hill Road at the canoe launch.  It leads south under Cedar Hill Road and slightly above the river level before reaching the junction of the lower trail that goes to the tunnel that powered Montgomery Bell's Pattison Forge and the upper trail that goes to the top of the bluff.  We took the lower trail first.  An interesting sigh...
The trailhead kiosk Photo
The intersection of the loop and there-and-back portions Photo
View of a side creek from the bridge Photo
Bridge over a side creek Photo
Mill Creek Greenway
by CarlNelson on Oct 26, 2011
Antioch, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 2.6 miles
This paved, wide trail overcomes its nearness to noisy and busy I-24 with good creek views and lots of trees.  The loop portion in the south circles several school and municipal buildings, and the northern there-and-back part parallels Mill Creek through fairly thick vegetation.  Multiple bridges add interest.  The northern portion ends rather abruptly, and I believe it's in the city's greenway plans to extend this to Ezell Park, which will be...
Percy Priest Lake Photo
The lakeshore Photo
Old well along the trail Photo
Distance marker at the 1 mile point Photo
Anderson Road Fitness Trail
by CarlNelson on Oct 26, 2011
Priest Lake Park, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 1.5 miles
Mostly-paved, easy fitness trail with good views of Percy Priest Lake.  The northwest corner of the trail allows following either the paved main portion or a gravel portion closer to the lakeshore.  There is an interesting old well on the northern portion of the trail.  I took a path through the woods at the southeast corner that wound up looping back to the road.  Follow the service road back to the parking...
The trailhead kiosk, with map and information Photo
Trail marker showing the beginner and intermediate bike trails Photo
The connector between the two loops Photo
The other end of the connector Photo
Lakeside Trail - Hamilton Creek Park
by CarlNelson on Oct 25, 2011
Priest Lake Park, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 4.6 miles
I did the two halves and connector trail in a figure 8 to cover everything.  Like its Hamilton Creek Park counterpart, the Pinnacle Trail, this one weaves in and around itself repeatedly.  The northern half of the loop is more level than the southern, but the lake views are on the longer southern portion.  Rocks abound on the trail.  This isn't a trail to take without hiking boots.  The trail is marked...
The trailhead kiosk Photo
The intersection with the Henry Hollow loop Photo
Along the trail Photo
The intersection with the Henry Hollow loop and the
Highland Trail - Beaman Park
by CarlNelson on Oct 23, 2011
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 4.3 miles
Beautiful ridgeline hike through the secluded woods of Beaman Park.  The trail begins at Beaman's higher trailhead, which basically starts at the ridgeline level.  The entire trail is forested.  The trail is well-signed and well-blazed.  The Highland Trail intersects and briefly joins the Henry Hollow Loop.  There is a brief split in the trail early on (do both sides).  The gullies and dropoffs are impressive, and catching the last of the fall...
The trail sign pointing to the trailhead Photo
The trailhead Photo
Beautiful fall foliage Photo
Some wild turkeys joining me Photo
Cedar Forest Trail - Cedars of Lebanon State Park
by CarlNelson on Oct 21, 2011
Major, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 1.9 miles
The trail parking is clearly-marked on the opposite side of the main park road from the trailhead.  The first part of the trail goes up a small hill before quickly branching out into the loop.  I did the northern part of the loop first, which starts out on small hills through the forest.  The very first part of the loop backs up to a subdivision and houses are visible, but these quickly...

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