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Spring Creek Canyon
by burnsdye on Sep 17, 2014
Hiking | 5.7 miles
See for the full trip report.
Bike Ride To Monrovian Park
by burnsdye on Aug 05, 2014
Central Valley, Utah, United States
Road biking | 10.9 miles
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Mammoth Lava Tubes August 2013
by burnsdye on Aug 09, 2013
Hiking | 0.3 miles
We took the 11-year-old Scouts to Mammoth Cave as part of our August camp out. On the trip were Jeremy Dye, Jake Bearnson, Elijah Wagner, Dylan Prince, and Reese Barnes.Here is a quick video of the trip.We let the boys decide which lava tube to explore first. They chose Tube #2.Dylan, Elijah, and Reese in the upper entrance.Inside Lava Tube #2.Before long, the lava tube gor pretty small, and soon we were...
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Tabernacle Hill Lava Tubes
by burnsdye on Jul 20, 2013
Fillmore, Utah, United States
Hiking | 1.6 miles
I took my 11-year-old Scouts to the Tabernacle HIll Lava Tubes on Saturday, July 20, 2013. It was pretty hot outside, probably in the mid 90s, so the boys had a hard time with it.
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Bowknot Bend Overlook
by burnsdye on Jul 05, 2013
Floy, Utah, United States
Hiking | 0.3 miles
Bowknot Bend is a 6.8-mile meander of the river that doubles back on itself so close that the two sections of river are just 0.2 miles apart. The cliffs between the two sections of river are much lower at this point, so the hike is actually quite doable.Anthony and I hiked up to the Bowknot Bend Overlook where we could see the river on both sides of the cliff. The rest of...
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Hey Joe Canyon
by burnsdye on Jul 04, 2013
Floy, Utah, United States
Hiking | 1.1 miles
Hey Joe Canyon is a side canyon to Labyrinth Canyon. It is a popular jeeping trail and also a fun place to hike. We explored Hey Joe Canyon on foot as part of our canoe trip down Labyrinth Canyon.Hey Joe Canyon was once home to a uranium mine appropriately named Hey Joe Mine. The mine was blasted closed some time after July 2009 and before July 2013.Historical photo from showing the entrance to Hey...
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Labyrinth Canyon
by burnsdye on Jul 17, 2013
Green River, Utah, United States
Kayaking / Canoeing | 45 miles
Overview of TripTrip Length: 45 miles from Ruby Ranch to Mineral BottomDay 1: 7.3 miles in 2 hours 45 minutesDay 2: 15.8 miles in 10 hours (included a 30-minute stop for lunch, a 30-minute stop to play on a sandbar, a 45-minute stop at the River Registry, and a 2-hour stop at Hey Joe Canyon)Day 3: 22.2 miles in 8.5 hours (included a 30-minute stop at Bowknot Bend and a 20-minutes stop...
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Kanarra Canyon
by burnsdye on May 11, 2013
Cedar City, Utah, United States
Hiking | 6.5 miles
We took the 11-year-old Scouts from our ward (Troop 601) hiking up Kanarra Canyon for our May activity. On the trip were Jeremy Dye, Clancy Black, Domonic Arochi, and Dylan Prince.For more information on this hike, see
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Richfield Rock Art
by burnsdye on Mar 20, 2013
Richfield, Utah, United States
Hiking | 1.0 miles
We took the 11-year-old Scouts on this hike to see the petroglyphs above Richfield, UT.
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Cohab Canyon To TOTGA
by burnsdye on Mar 16, 2013
Torrey, Utah, United States
Hiking | 3.2 miles
We tried to take the Scouts through a non-technical slot canyon called TOTGA (The One That Got Away). However, when we got to the canyon top, we realized that the canyon was too difficult for our group. So we returned the way we came and instead explored Betrothed Canyon and several of the Cohab Canyon side canyons from the bottom. 
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Cassidy Arch Canyon
by burnsdye on Feb 23, 2013
Torrey, Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.3 miles
We decided to do Cassidy Arch Canyon to see if it was appropriate to take the boy scouts on. Turns out it isn't a good canyon for scouts, but it is an awesome canyon and a whole lot of fun.On the trip were Jeremy Dye, Ray Schofield, Tracy Nielson, and Zac Nielson.We got to the trailhead at around 10:00 and finished at 2:45 for a total trip time of 4 hours 45...
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Conglomerate Canyons
by burnsdye on Feb 16, 2013
Richfield, Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.1 miles
These two canyons are named after a large conglomerate cliff in the second right-hand tributary to Cottonwood Creek and a large conglomerate boulder field in the third right-hand tributary to Cottonwood Creek. A coworker recommended these canyons to us.We drove as far as we dared (2WD on a muddy road) then pulled over and parked on the side of the road.We soon came across three lime kilns. These lime kilns were made...
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Richfield Pioneer Kilns
by burnsdye on Feb 16, 2013
Richfield, Utah, United States
Hiking | 0.4 miles
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Fifth Water Hot Springs - Aug 2004
by burnsdye on Aug 13, 2004
Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.3 miles
For more information, see
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Fifth Water Hot Springs - Jul 2004
by burnsdye on Jul 12, 2004
Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.3 miles
For more information, see
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Big Water Slot Canyon
by burnsdye on Oct 12, 2012
Kanab, Utah, United States
Hiking | 1.2 miles
Big Water Slot Canyon is located between Big Water, Utah and Page, Arizona. It is just north of Blue Pools Canyon. Big Water Slot Canyon is a small canyon that starts right underneath Highway 89 and goes to the east.At the start of the canyon (and in several other places), there are lots of plants you'll have to push through.This is the first drop from above. I climbed down on RDC.This is...
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Diana's Throne Canyon
by burnsdye on Oct 10, 2012
Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.5 miles
We decided to explore Dianas Throne Canyon on our way to Lake Powell. I found the canyon on Average Joe Road Trips, but I didn't want to purchase the guide, so we did the canyon with basically no beta. I had read that the canyon was pretty easy but that it may have some rappels near the top. So we decided to explore the canyon from the bottom.On the trip were Jeremy, Tara,...
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Richfield Rock Art Hike
by burnsdye on Oct 03, 2012
Richfield, Utah, United States
Hiking | 1.0 miles
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Jenny Lake Trailhead to String Lake Trailhead via Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point
by burnsdye on Jul 24, 2012
Moose, Wyoming, United States
Hiking | 8.1 miles
As one of our activities at the 2012 Burnett family reunion, we hiked to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Most of the people took the shuttle across Jenny Lake, but several of us chose to walk around the lake instead.We started at the Jenny Lake Trailhead, which is where people get on the boats.The signs point to Hidden Falls and Cascade Canyon.A boat launch.No pets. No bicycles.At 43°44'54.39"N, 110°44'20.75"W, the trail to Moose...
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Hidden Canyon (technical route)
by burnsdye on Jun 23, 2012
Zion National Park, UT, United States
Hiking | 11.7 miles
We did Hidden Canyon on June 23, 2012. We didn't feel like shuttling cars, so we started from the Weeping Rock shuttle stop/trailhead (37°16'15.12"N, 112°56'18.67"W).At 37°16'13.55"N, 112°56'18.17"W, the trail forks. The left fork goes to weeping rock. Take the right fork.Near the top of the switchbacks (37°16'7.87"N, 112°56'12.21"W), the trail forks again. Take the left fork toward the East Rim Trail.The trail rounds the corner and parallels Lower Echo Canyon for a...

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