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Spry Canyon - Zion National Park
by steve625 on Oct 05, 2014
East Zion, Utah, United States
Canyoneering | 4.3 miles
Peaks 11420, 11673 and Copper Belt
by steve625 on Aug 29, 2014
Hiking | 6.8 miles
I've mentioned it before but it bears repeating again, the Tushar's are a wonderful place to be in August.  Making our trip up the dirt road once again, this will be our third trip of the season, Linda and I spotted a pair of mule deer bucks crossing the road.  The first, a 4 point, and the second a 2 point, both beautiful deer with their antlers still in velvet, they ran...
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Peak 11460 - Mount Belknap quad
by steve625 on Sep 12, 2014
Sevier, Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.8 miles
Gold Mountain - Signal Peak - Mount Belknap quad
by steve625 on Aug 15, 2014
Sevier, Utah, United States
Hiking | 4.9 miles
Monsoon season is finally drawing to an end, and with it starts the beginning of my favorite time to be in the Tushar Mountain range.  Oh sure, you can hike the Tushar's year around, this area is stunning during winter, beautiful in spring, but the isolation makes it difficult to access unless it is dry. Take exit 109 from I-15 in Beaver Utah, and follow UT-153 east toward Eagle Point ski resort.  Before...
PICT0778.JPG Photo
PICT0790.JPG Photo
PICT0796.JPG Photo
PICT0799.JPG Photo
Piz Trovat - Alps
by steve625 on Jul 23, 2014
Diavolezza Station, Engadin, Switzerland
Rock Climbing | 1.9 miles
"The first via ferrata - or fixed rope climb - in the Engadin follows a two-hour route up to the Piz Trovat (3,146m), where, just a 20-minute walk from the Diavolezza top station, alpinists can enjoy a simple climbing experience while taking in magnificent panoramic views."  My buddy Kalon had recently returned from being stationed in Germany and was all the rave about via ferrata climbing.  We had discussed it on several...
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Piz Languard - Alps
by steve625 on Jul 24, 2014
Pontresina, Grisons, Switzerland
Hiking | 4.8 miles
My final day.  I can't believe how fast this week has gone, and I also can't believe it has taken me this long to get to the Swiss Alps!  What a place this is.  To be fair I'm not really that much into mountaineering.  For me a solid 1500' - 3000' foot summit is more than enough.  If I can't get to the top and back down again in the same day....
Inside bowl trail. Photo
Wildflowers Photo
Corvatsch Tram  Photo
Linda on small outcrop of rock Photo
Coaz Cas Hutte - Alps
by steve625 on Jul 22, 2014
Silvaplana, Grisons, Switzerland
Hiking | 10.7 miles
Finally, our first day away from the group.  With business meeting all rapped up and the half day city tour completed yesterday, Linda and I are looking forward to a day for ourselves.  Don't get me wrong, we like the people we are with, and enjoy our time together; just as long as there isn't "to much togetherness".Coaz Cas Hutte hike was recommended to us by the hotel's concierge.  He had completed...
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Mt. Holly - Delano Peak quad
by steve625 on Jul 05, 2014
Near Eagle Point Ski Resort, Utah, USA
Hiking | 5.4 miles
July's heat is in full swing and holiday throngs are crowding the desert National Parks, it's time to move to higher and more isolated peaks. Among my favorites is the backcountry of the Tushar Mountain Range.  Located east of Beaver, UT take exit 109  and follow UT-153 toward Eagle Point Ski Resort.  Before reaching the ski resort turn left and follow the signs to Big John Flat (Forest Rd 123). Drive through...
Subway trail marker cairn Photo
View south from Subway trail Photo
Das Boot  Photo
Wash to Greatheart Mesa ridge line Photo
Greatheart Mesa - The Guardian Angels quad
by steve625 on Jun 27, 2014
Kolob Terrace, UT, USA
Hiking | 10.8 miles
Warning: Cumulative elevation change of about 6,000 feet.  Dropping 1260 from Wildcat Trailhead to Left Fork, climbing 1,669 to the summit of Greatheart Mesa.  Dropping down again to Left Fork and the long hike back out to the trailhead.Warning: Greatheart Mesa plateau is dense bushwhacking. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach the summit once you broach the plateau.Warning: This is probably the most negative trip report I have ever written regarding...
The Pinnacles Trailhead Photo
Linda with Massive Pinecone Photo
Taking it easy on the trail Photo
Trail view north Photo
The Pinnacles - Lake Arrowhead quad
by steve625 on Jun 20, 2014
Near Lake Arrowhead, California, USA
Hiking | 3.6 miles
Nice little up and back ranked peak near Lake Arrowhead.  Class 1 maintained trail. Stunning views of the San Bernardino valley.  Met a couple on their way up to watch the sun set... I wish I'd have thought of that! 
The White Tip of Deertrap Mountain  Photo
Wide sandy wash of Pine Creek Photo
The Dome portion of Deertrap Mountain Photo
West Temple Photo
Deertrap Mountain Loop
by steve625 on May 30, 2014
East Zion, Utah, United States
Hiking | 9.7 miles
Caution: Steep slickrock scramble route. Exposed areas.  Class 3.I just found my new most favorite loop in Zion National Park.  For years I have loved the Parunuweap Pass loop which provides beautiful views into the Parunuweap area of Zion.  Steep slickrock slabs, route finding skills, chossy exposed scramble is required for Deertrap Mountain.  GPS or good map reading skills are required to locate the entrance into Root Canal canyon to complete the...
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PICT0575.JPG Photo
Peek-a-boo (Red) Canyon - White Tower quad
by steve625 on May 23, 2014
Near Kanab, UT, USA
Driving | 4.9 miles
Angels Landing in the early morning light  Photo
The big canyon summits Photo
Flag Pole and Mystery Mountains Photo
Cathedral Mountain Photo
Mount Majestic - Temple of Sinawava quad
by steve625 on May 16, 2014
Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Canyoneering | 9.9 miles
Caution: 10 - 12 hour day minimum. Full Sun. No Water.Note: Hook Canyon makes a nice exit strategy for Mount Majestic and Cathedral Mountain, but do not hike this route simply for the canyon experience.Disclaimers completed.  To be truthful, I have wanted to do this route for two years.  It just looks incredible, rugged summit ascents with thousands of vertical feet, what's not to love.  In 2012 when first reviewing the route, I...
Squirrel Creek Photo
Squirrel Creek Photo
The Beehive south and west face Photo
Cottonwood Junction to Squirrel Canyon Photo
The Beehive - Hildale quad
by steve625 on May 09, 2014
Near Hildale, Utah, USA
Hiking | 9.2 miles
Looking for a change of pace, and desperately wanting to get back on slickrock I decided to take a break from my adventures in the Virgin River Gorge and scout a few new areas.  The Canaan Mountain area offers some of the best slickrock outside of Zion National Park, deep and rugged it quickly reminded me of the Kolob section of Zion National Park.  You have to want to hike and scramble...
Starting the .75 mile approach to Peak 4621 Photo
View of Desert Springs and Beaver Dam Photo
Start of
Looking back at connecting ridge Photo
Peak 4621 - Mountain Sheep Spring quad
by steve625 on May 02, 2014
Near Littlefield, Arizona, United States
Hiking | 5.0 miles
This is the one.  In my opinion, Peak 4621 (AKA: Shadow Mountain) is the most impressive peak in the Virgin River gorge.  Southbound on I-15, the peaks massive northeast shear cliff face sits square in the windshield right before the big horseshoe turn.  I've been mesmerized by it's rugged facade for as long as I can remember.  I tried to scout a route several months ago, but got hung up in the...
Looking back at wash behind foothill Photo
Beginning of ridge line to cliff bands  Photo
Cedar Pockets camp ground Photo
Cliff band beehive Photo
Peak 3958 - Mountain Sheep Spring quad
by steve625 on Apr 18, 2014
Cedar Pockets, Arizona, USA
Hiking | 4.2 miles
Good Friday and Easter weekend.  This always causes quite an internal debate about where to go hiking.  Zion National Park is stunning this time of year, but so are the crowds. The Virgin River gorge is getting warm and with all the road construction I was positive that I-15 would be backed up for miles.  I eventually decided to go to the gorge, but to split the difference in half and stop...
PICT0572.JPG Photo
PICT0573.JPG Photo
PICT0574.JPG Photo
PICT0575.JPG Photo
Peak 2947 & 3085 - Frenchman Mountain quad
by steve625 on Mar 22, 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Hiking | 3.4 miles
Trailhead Photo
Trail hiking  Photo
Trail hiking  Photo
Looking back at Rappel #1 Photo
Johnson Arch - Slot Canyon
by steve625 on Mar 11, 2014
Snow Canyon, Utah, United States
Canyoneering | 3.2 miles
My first reaction... "Are we seriously, knowingly entering a canyon with water; in March, with no wetsuits?"   Our plans had changed.  After recent rains, the Virgin River's flow rate had increased to the point we were concerned about the approach crossing on our way to Portal Canyon.   Our team leader is the only one of the group who had done Johnson Arch Canyon and he assured us that we'd be...
Taylor Creek Trail information sign Photo
Beautiful class 1 Taylor Creek Trail Photo
Taylor Creek crossing Photo
Boulder waterfalls of Taylor Creek Photo
Peak 6728 - Kolob Arch quad
by steve625 on Feb 22, 2014
Kolob Canyons, Utah, USA
Hiking | 6.3 miles
Un-der-es-ti-mate: verb; estimate (something) to be smaller or less important than it actually is... underrate, underappreciate, be wrong about...There's not a picture of Kolob Canyons in the dictionary about underestimate; but there should be.  I have hiked Kolob Canyons for years and I have yet - to get - any kind of estimate, that is correct, as to time and distance.  Today was no exception.  I was going to meet my wife,...
PICT0572.JPG Photo
PICT0573.JPG Photo
PICT0574.JPG Photo
PICT0576.JPG Photo
Peak 3528 - Castle Cliff quad
by steve625 on Feb 17, 2014
Near Beaver Dam, AZ, Utah, USA
Hiking | 2.3 miles
Just a short up and down hike to a ranked peak in the Castle Cliff quad. The approach is the longest section of this class 2 moderate hike. Sitting on the southwest side of Tabeau peak, the summit offers impressive views of the shear cliff face of Tabeau peak.

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