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Hiking - Buco di Viso
by ant1606 on Aug 14, 2016
Pian del Re, Piemonte, Italy
Hiking | 6.6 miles
Hiking - "Buco di Viso", completed in AD 1480, is the oldest alpine tunnel. Primarily dug for commercial scopes, it also served military purposes. It is located at 2,950 m (9,678 ft) above sea level.After the passage through the 75 m (250 ft) dark tunnel, hence requiring a flashlight, this track proceeds on French soil to the Colle delle Traversette on the way back. Majestic peaks seen from several angles.Total elevation gain...
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Cycling - Wolfgangsee
by ant1606 on Aug 04, 2016
Strobl, Salzburg, Austria
Mountain biking | 25 miles
Cycling - MTB loop around Wolfgangsee.
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Walking - Gosausee
by ant1606 on Aug 01, 2016
Gosau, Oberösterreich, Austria
Walking | 5.0 miles
Walking - Relaxing walk around Lake Gosau which is surrounded by glorious mountains and jagged peaks. Spectacular view on Gosau Glacier.
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Cycling - Hochmuth
by ant1606 on Aug 02, 2016
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee, Oberösterreich, Austria
Mountain biking | 19.9 miles
Cycling - MTB loop to Hochmuth. This is the "G" level track of the Salzkammergut Trophy mountain bike yearly competition.
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Cycling - Altausser See
by ant1606 on Jul 31, 2016
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee, Oberösterreich, Austria
Mountain biking | 28 miles
Cycling - MTB loop to Lake Altausser and return along Lake Halstatt
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Cycling - Ewige Wand (Eternal Wall)
by ant1606 on Jul 30, 2016
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee, Oberösterreich, Austria
Mountain biking | 29 miles
Cycling - MTB loop to Ewige Wand (Eternal Wall), a sheer cliff where a trail was carved. Protection is provided by rails and cables. Like riding on a balcony. This passage is the unmistakable signature of the Salzkammergut Trophy, a yearly mountain bike competition, alst edition of which was participated by over 5,000 riders.This area is a UNESCO site and the ride went on around Lake Halstatt and through the homonym cozy...
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Cycling - Pyropes in the Po Valley
by ant1606 on Jun 24, 2016
Martiniana Po, Piemonte, Italy
Mountain biking | 12.4 miles
Cycling  -  Short ride to the site hosting the rare Pyrope gemstone, which is only present in a handful of sites on our planet.The site is obviously protected and nothing can be seen, it was just an idea for a partially shaded short ride on a very hot day. A visit to the specific museum (only on Sundays, free admission) in Martiniana Po is quite informative.
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Walking - Atlantic City Boardwalk
by ant1606 on Jan 31, 2016
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
Walking | 5.3 miles
Walking  -  Boardwalk from Ventnor. Built behind the line of dunes, there is no view of the ocean from it but the free beach can be accessed through a good number of walkways. The boardwalk is lined up with businesses and casinos, not much lively in winter though.
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Cycling - Canal de Gairaut, Nice
by ant1606 on Jan 03, 2016
Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Road biking | 11.2 miles
Cycling  -  The Canal de Gairaut is the final stretch of a man-made waterway built in late 1800 to bring the waters of the Vesubie river into town.About 250 m (820 ft) total elevation climb at reasonable grades.The trip is also a good occasion to enjoy the quiet gardens in Cimiez (Jardins des Arenes de Cimiez), with its monastery, Roman ruins and the Matisse museum.
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Driving - Monument Valley, Navajo Nation (AZ), USA
by ant1606 on Aug 09, 2015
Williams, Arizona, United States
Driving | 139 miles
Driving - Spectacular Monument Valley.
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Hiking - Lower Antelope Canyon, Navajo Nation (AZ), USA
by ant1606 on Aug 09, 2015
Williams, Arizona, United States
Hiking | 1.7 miles
Hiking - Lower Antelope Canyon.Slot canyons were, and still are, carved by water streams into the sandstone. These abound in the US Southwest although most can't be visited.Near Page, AZ, within the Navajo Nation, the Antelope Canyon is open to guided group visits. Advance booking is suggested but tickets can also be bought directly on-site although not recommended as the first available tour might require hours of waiting.This site offers two possible...
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Driving - Gran Canyon NP (North Rim), AZ, USA
by ant1606 on Aug 08, 2015
Fredonia, Arizona, United States
Driving | 142 miles
Driving - Gran Canyon's North Rim.
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Hiking - Bryce NP, UT, USA
by ant1606 on Aug 05, 2015
Hiking | 64 miles
Hiking - Spectacular Bryce Canyon from all angles. The moderate hike through the hoodoos is highly recommended.
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Hiking - The Narrows, Zion NP, UT, USA
by ant1606 on Aug 04, 2015
Springdale, Utah, United States
Hiking | 4.5 miles
Hiking - The Narrows is a canyon, or rather a gorge, carved by the Virgin river still at work. Be prepared to wade in knee-deep water on rocky bottom through most of this hike. Good to cool you down but avoid being barefoot for it's slippery.
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Hiking - Angel's Landing, Zion NP, UT, USA
by ant1606 on Aug 03, 2015
Springdale, Utah, United States
Hiking | 3.6 miles
Hiking - Angel's Landing is probably the most popular hike in Zion NP. It is highly suggested to start early in the morning to enjoy the comfort of the shade in the first section of the trail. Last section may not be suitable to all, especially those afraid of heights, and is equipped with permanent chains which provide some grab. Although not particularly challenging, this section's dangers increase with the crowds and...
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Cycling - Royalview MTB Trail
by ant1606 on Aug 29, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Mountain biking | 24 miles
Cycling - Part of the Cleveland Metroparks system, the Mill Stream Run Reservation hosts two mountain bike trails: the Yellow and the Red. Both one-way single-tracks thrrugh the woods and my GPS track combines both of them. The actual off-road section is just over 13 Km (8 mi).Plenty of exposed roots but the run doesn't require particular riding skills. I haven't found much technical difference between the Yellow and the Red sections....
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Cycling - Downtown Cleveland
by ant1606 on Aug 22, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Road biking | 23 miles
Cycling - Sightseeing in Cleveland
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Hiking - La Luz Trail, Albuquerque, NM, USA
by ant1606 on Aug 13, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Hiking | 12.0 miles
Hiking - La Luz Trail goes up the Sandia Mountain. Start from the parking lot (US$ 3.00 self-pay admission) and descent via the tram car (US$ 12.00 one-way per person). Especially in summer, an early start is recommended as most of the way up is in the shade. We had the luxury of having a friend driving us back to the parking lot. A walk under the scorching sun would have been...
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Hiking - Canyon De Chelly, AZ, USA
by ant1606 on Aug 10, 2015
Chinle, Arizona, United States
Hiking | 2.9 miles
Hiking - Anasazi cliff dwelling ruins in Canyon De Chelly National Monument.This hike is not too demanding and takes from the parking lot to the bottom of the canyon and back. It is the only self-guided opportunity within the park. Others are possible, and probably very interesting, but do require a guide. Ask for details at the visitor center.Track may be a bit inaccurate due to satellites fix bouncing off sheer walls.Erosion...
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Cycling - Cleveland "Flats"
by ant1606 on Jul 18, 2015
Lakewood, Ohio, United States
Road biking | 18.2 miles
Cycling - Short ride on a hot summer day.

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