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Yosemite April 2014
by bonniesf on Apr 16, 2014
Yosemite, CA, USA
Backpacking | 16.3 miles
Six backpackers will head out Friday and back Sunday.
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Beth Fords Creek Photo
Pescadero Creek County Park
by bonniesf on Apr 05, 2014
Loma Mar, California, United States
Hiking | 8.7 miles
This was Beth and my second practice hike for the Grand Canyon. We intended to go 7 miles but in fact we went 9! The stats say it took us eight hours but in fact it took us 4 1/2 hours, around 2 mph. We both did well. My foot was a little sore the next day but not too bad. So far so good.
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Hawk Camp Overnighter
by bonniesf on Mar 22, 2014
Marin, CA, United States
Backpacking | 5.5 miles
This is a test backpack to see if my foot could hack it. It was 4 miles up to the Hawk camp, and it was easy! Could see the Golden gate Bridge and San Francisco buildings from the campsite. The track mysteriously stopped recording when I passed the "air-traffic control" installation. Yeah right. Looked very missile-like.
San Pedro Park to Shamrock Ranch
by bonniesf on Mar 15, 2014
Pacifica, CA, USA
Hiking | 6.0 miles
Beth and I drove to San Pedro Cty Park, parked the car, and hiked up the Montara Mtn Trail. We turned right when we hit the road after about 2.5 miles of wide, switch backed, clear, groomed trail. Pretty soon we found a trail going right, which would cut off a chunk of road travel. It was a bit treacherous, and we were always thinking about bikes crashing into us, but we. Passed...
Cactus seen near pine trees Photo
Bonnie on a bridge over the South Fork of the Kern River Photo
DJ and Bonnie in a burned forest Photo
Fresh bough lean-to Photo
PCT Section G; Kennedy Meadows to Horseshoe Meadows
by bonniesf on Jul 27, 2013
Lone Pine, CA, California, United States
Backpacking | 51 miles
Hiked 50 miles of the PCT from Kennedy Meadows north to Horseshoe Meadows; what a rush! We experienced rain, hail, cows and 11K. Had a blast.Hiked 16 miles the first day and camped at Cow Canyon, where we found water in a creek. Second day hiked 12 miles; got water at South Fork of the Kern River where there is a sturdy foot bridge and a nice grassy bank; camped at Death Canyon...
Stream crossing Photo
Carter Notch Trailhead Photo
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Top of Tuckerman Photo
White Mtns: Tuckerman Ravine, Mt Washington, Carter Notch
by bonniesf on Jul 10, 2013
Glen House, New Hampshire, United States
Backpacking | 25 miles
Karen and I had quite an adventure! Our plan was to hike Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Lakes of the Clouds hut, then the next day hike to Mt Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, and stay at Madison Spring Hut. The next day return to Pinkham Notch. But the weather had other plans for us. We got to Mt Washington, but in a driving rain, with dense fog, and miles of slippery rocks...
The view! Photo
Cairn at Adam's Lookout Photo
Lori and her Big Tent Photo
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Camden Hills State Park, 7/4/2013
by bonniesf on Jul 04, 2013
Camden, Maine, United States
Hiking | 3.3 miles
Lori and i camped at the local campground and then hiked up to the top of Mt Megunticook, where we were treated to fantastic views overlooking the coast from Rockland to Islesboro. We heard the calls of fledgling peregrine falcons and got a few glimpses of them as well! 
My Photo - 6/22/13, 11:50:35AM Photo
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Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve; Redwood Camp
by bonniesf on Jun 22, 2013
Big Sur, California, United States
Backpacking | 6.6 miles
This was a Monterey Bay Area Hiking Group meetup backpacking trip. 11 of us, superbly led by Maria, headed 50 miles south of Carmel to hike and camp and this little-seen treasure: the Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve. This is a private research forest and we were very lucky to be able to visit. We hiked into to Redwood Camp, dropped our packs, and hiked a loop that started in a redwood valley and...
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Ten Lakes to Polly Dome to Tenaya Lake
by bonniesf on Jun 14, 2013
California, United States
Backpacking | 21 miles
Ryan led Samantha, Desiree, Kevin and I on terrific hike in Yosemite. Three days/two nights on the trail. Started from the Ten Lakes trailhead and gained a huge amount of elevation the first day. So gorgeous! The next day continued on toward Polly Dome, trekking through wild scenery and expansive vistas. Short third day out to Tenaya Lake trailhead, where we left a car. Mid June this year was the perfect time for...
Our camp night #3 Photo
Buena Vista Falls Photo
Yosemite Ostrander Lake, Buena Vista Lake, and more
by bonniesf on May 24, 2013
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, California, United States
Backpacking | 31 miles
5 intrepid backpackers headed to Yosemite over Memorial Day Weekend 2013.Headed to Ostrander Lake for night #1; then bushwhacked to Hart Lake (gorgeous), then to Edson Lake (not so much), and camped there for night #2.Day three we hiked to Buena Vista Lake (gorgeous! high elevation, snowy), then hiked all the way to night #3 camp site in a meadow with magnificent views of famous Yosemite peaks. Saw bear tracks in this...
My Photo - 5/19/13, 2:21:00PM Photo
My Photo - 5/19/13, 3:59:55PM Photo
Sam McDonald Park; Brook Trail Loop(5/19/13)
by bonniesf on May 19, 2013
La Honda, California, United States
Hiking | 8.8 miles
Hiked the trails that I've done on horse camping trips many times since 1999. Horse is retired, so now it's on foot. Lydia and I had a great hike. 
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Henry Coe Day 2 Bear Mtn to HQ
by bonniesf on May 05, 2013
Henry Coe State Park, California, United States
Backpacking | 12.5 miles
Took the Lightweight Backing Class offered by the Loma Prieta Section of the Sierra Club. Two days in the classroom, followed by an overnight backpack trip in Henry Coe State Park. Learned a lot! My packweight at the trailhead was 19 lbs, including food and water. This is 9 lbs less than last week at Hetch Hetchy!The track is messed up; we started at Bear Mountain, which is at the upper right...
IMG_0492.JPG Photo
Hetch Hetchy Group Shot.jpeg Photo
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Hetch Hetchy, Rancheria Falls
by bonniesf on Apr 27, 2013
Yosemite National Park, California, United States
Backpacking | 6.9 miles
Met the group at Hodgdon Meadows Campground Friday night. Saturday morning drove to Hetch Hetchy, and hiked along the north side of the reservoir to the Rancheria Falls; camped overnight and returned via the same route. Glorious weather, great hiking pals, excellent time. See more info and photos on the Meetup Group:
My Photo - 4/6/13, 2:17:15PM Photo
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Pedro Point Hike with Beth: 4/6/13
by bonniesf on Apr 06, 2013
Pedro Valley, California, United States
4.5 miles
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Bottchers Gap to Mt Carmel
by bonniesf on Mar 10, 2013
Carmel, California, United States
Hiking | 8.9 miles
Had a nice visit with Ron & Deborah in Big Sur, then the next morning headed out to Bottchers Gap trailhead and started up the Skinner Ridge Trail, headed for Devil's Peak. Getting out of the car at Bottchers, a super loud hum/buzz filled the air. Could almost feel it. Turned out to be a zillion bees in a tree that was in full bloom with small white blossoms. Watched for a...
Whistler BC 2013, Day 5
by bonniesf on Feb 21, 2013
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Alpine skiing | 30 miles
5th and last day of skiing at Whistler. This was my mid-Level 4 lesson. It was the longest day in terms of hours, miles and mph. Had a blast.
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Berry Creek Falls Loop; Big Basin Redwoods Park
by bonniesf on Jan 05, 2013
Riverside Grove, California, United States
Hiking | 9.8 miles
I travelled counter clockwise, which means I came upon the top sides of the waterfalls. Except for the exciting thrill of fear as the trail next to the waterfall seemed to drop over a cliff. Scary for a moment! But going the other way, you'd get a better view of all the waterfalls
IMAGE_43533DBA-9E0E-4884-A9ED-4BC0CC0B6C3E.PNG Photo
IMAGE_3B31C0E9-1CE0-4027-886D-CD0509924327.PNG Photo
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Snowshoeing from Clair Tappaan Lodge
by bonniesf on Jan 01, 2013
Soda Springs, California, United States
Snowshoeing | 3.2 miles
Went skiing at Sugar Bowl and stayed at Clair Tappaan Lodge, a Sierra Club "hut". Had a blast! (except for truck breakdown that required a new starter. oh well). Met lots of lovely folks, including Valerie, who invited me to go snowshoeing. We went right from the lodge on groomed trails, and up onto the Donner Ski Ranch runs. Beautiful, sunny day, with snow still clinging to the evergreens. Gorgeous!  Terrific way to start...
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Roosevelt Park, Stratford CT
by bonniesf on Nov 20, 2012
Stratford, Connecticut, United States
Hiking | 5.1 miles
Hiked out from Karen's house to Roosevelt Park. Very nice walk through the woods among the fallen leaves. The trail names are colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. There is a pond with picnic areas as well as a covered pavilion with a stone fireplace. There are numbered sites with nice fireplaces. 
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Hazelnut Trail, San Pedro Park
by bonniesf on Oct 07, 2012
Pacifica, CA, United States
Hiking | 4.6 miles
Haven't been on a hike or backpack trip since Dash started wearing the cone head three weeks ago. Went today to San Pedro Park and hiked the Hazelnut Trail. It was a steady ascent on switchbacks, which leveled off at the top as the trail went through a small eucalyptus grove, then it started descending. Beautiful day and pleasant trail. 

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