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NBS_Recce_KWH_Wrattens_SF 002.JPG Photo
NBS_Recce_KWH_Wrattens_SF 002.JPG Photo
NBS_Recce_KWH_Wrattens_SF 003.JPG Photo
NBS_Recce_KWH_Wrattens_SF 003.JPG Photo
Bellthorpe SF - Kenilworth SF - Wrattens SF Explore
by robmacca on Mar 24, 2015
Caboolture, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 235 miles
The Plan of this "Mental Health Outing" was a recce for a possible future Suzuki Club run. It was going to be a BIG day as I wanted to work out what would work and what would be too much in a Day. We headed off at 6am and made our way up to Bellthorpe SF via Woodford and followed the road past the Old Bellthorpe Sawmill (which has had a bit...
Northern_NSW_Daytrip 002.JPG Photo
Northern_NSW_Daytrip 007.JPG Photo
Northern_NSW_Daytrip 010.JPG Photo
Northern_NSW_Daytrip 013.JPG Photo
Teviot Falls - Tooloom Falls & Girraween NP
by robmacca on Feb 25, 2015
Aratula, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 263 miles
Decided to go for a bit explore down across the NSW/QLD border.... Headed out to Aratula, then via Lake Moogerah; Carneys Ck and up via Teviot Falls. From there is was across the Border and called into Koreelah Creek Falls campground for a bit of a look around. Headed south from there to Mt Lindsay Rd and East to Tooloom Falls. After the recent Rains, there was plenty of water flowing over...
Coffs Harbour 2015 Trip 002.JPG Photo
Coffs Harbour 2015 Trip 003.JPG Photo
Coffs Harbour 2015 Trip 005.JPG Photo
Coffs Harbour 2015 Trip 007.JPG Photo
Coffs harbour Hinterland 2015 Trip
by robmacca on Feb 07, 2015
Halfway Creek, New South Wales, Australia
Offroading | 158 miles
Headed down to Coffs Harbour for Part-2 of our 4wd exploring the Hinterland. Ment up with the 4th car at Sealy's Lookout where we said our giddays and then got into it by heading onto the beginning of Rover trail, then turning off onto Bexs and then working our way around to the other side of Rover Trail where it all started.... The 3 Prado's lead the way up to the 1st difficult part...
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DSCN1387.jpg Photo
Linville-OldCoachRd-01.JPG Photo
Linville-OldCoachRd-04.JPG Photo
Linville-Old Coach Rd-Old Yarraman Rd Daytrip
by robmacca on Oct 26, 2014
Moore, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 102 miles
2014 Cape York Trip (Part.C)
by robmacca on Jul 09, 2014
Mission River, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 1,238 miles
This Part-C section of our Trip includes from Mapoon to the Cape York and then South back down to Mossman & Cairns..... Great Trip, would do it again but outside the silly tourist season....Photos can been seen [url=]2014 Cape York Trip [/url]javascript:nicTemp();
2014 Cape York Trip (Part.B)
by robmacca on Jun 27, 2014
Gordonvale, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 1,280 miles
This Part-B section of our Trip includes from Cairns all the way up to Mapoon nth of Weipa..... Great Trip, would do it again but outside the silly tourist season....Photos can been seen here:;
Bellthorpe Run(17-10-2014)  01.jpg Photo
Bellthorpe Run(17-10-2014)  03.jpg Photo
Bellthorpe Run(17-10-2014)  04.jpg Photo
Bellthorpe Run(17-10-2014)  07.jpg Photo
Bellthorpe Run 17-10-2014
by robmacca on Oct 16, 2014
Woodford, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 37 miles
Bellthorpe Daytrip Run....Headed off again for a bit of a explore up through Bellthorpe SF again to see what has changed up that way. Took the zook instead of the Disco as I'm more confident of what the little zook can do where as with the Disco, I'm still a bit nervous as to its ability and getting stuck up at Bellthorpe by myself in the Disco is not a good thing........
2014 Cape York Trip (TZ30) 003.JPG Photo
2014 Cape York Trip (TZ30) 009.JPG Photo
2014 Cape York Trip (TZ30) 013.JPG Photo
2014 Cape York Trip (TZ30) 016.JPG Photo
2014 Cape York Trip (Part-A)
by robmacca on Jun 23, 2014
Select Suburb, Qld, Australia
Offroading | 2,234 miles
This Trip is done in 3 parts as I can't seem to upload the whole tracklog. So I split it into 3 parts. Part-A being the Trip up to cairns and the way we went up and the then also the trip down from cairns to home.Places visited on the way up:Roma - Emerald - Undava Lava tubes then onto CairnsPlaces visited on the down to home:Followed the coastal road mainly but...
Rob1.jpg Photo
Coffs Harbour - Track MAP.jpg Photo
Coffs Harbour Trip 2014 (Phone) 02.jpg Photo
Coffs Harbour Trip 2014 023.JPG Photo
Coffs Harbour Recce Weekend Trip
by robmacca on May 03, 2014
Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
Offroading | 43 miles
Long Drive down to Coffs from Brisbane, but well worth it..... Longer weekend would have been better.... 4.5hr drive down, arrived around lunch time... stopping for lunch at the Sky Pier Lookout.... From here it was back down and onto Rover Trail where the fun started about 300>400mtrs from the end. After some careful track building all 3 cars got through w/o any damage. From here it was onto a few other...
Kilcoy-WrattensSF-KWH daytrip 034.JPG Photo
Kilcoy-WrattensSF-KWH daytrip 035.JPG Photo
Kilcoy-WrattensSF-KWH daytrip 036.JPG Photo
Kilcoy-WrattensSF-KWH daytrip 037.JPG Photo
Kilcoy-WrattensSF-Kenilworth SF Daytrip
by robmacca on Mar 18, 2014
Kenilworth, Qld, Australia
Offroading | 180 miles
Another Days exploring starting out at Kilcoy and heading nth past the T/O to LCMP. Turned right onto Kandanga Rd then R onto Harts rd and eventually popping out not far from the Kandanga Township. Turned off b4 the town and headed sth coming out near Borumba dam. From here it was to Charlie Morelands via Kenilworth SF roads..... Great days drive with plenty of side tracks to explore in the near...
Glen Rock NP 003.JPG Photo
Glen Rock NP 005.JPG Photo
Glen Rock NP 007.JPG Photo
Glen Rock NP 008.JPG Photo
Glen Rock NP & Wallers Rd Outing.
by robmacca on Feb 04, 2014
Blacksoil, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 178 miles
Got inchy feet again and decided to go for another drive after I finished my night shift. I've had in the back of my mind for a years now to visit a place called GlenRock NP.... I also thought while I was out that way that I might give the D22 Nav it's 1st taste of 4wdriving by driving Wallers Road again on my way to Murphy's Creek. So, come knock off...
Sundown NP PP Weekend Trip-31.JPG Photo
Sundown NP PP Weekend Trip-1.JPG Photo
Sundown NP PP Weekend Trip-32.JPG Photo
Sundown NP PP Weekend Trip-36.JPG Photo
Sundown NP Trip Jan-2014
by robmacca on Jan 18, 2014
Ballandean, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 28 miles
Had a great weekend away with some great like-minded 4wd'ers (fellow Prado owners ;) ), exploring Sundown NP. The weekend was very hot but there was the occassional breeze which made it bearable....Once through the gate of the Park, we aired down and I lead the way through a unmaintained track. Great way to start off with a few little washouts and rocky sections. One little washout gullies provided some playtime, but unfortunately for...
BaldRock&BoonooBoonooNP Daytrip 004.JPG Photo
BaldRock&BoonooBoonooNP Daytrip 005.JPG Photo
BaldRock&BoonooBoonooNP Daytrip 006.JPG Photo
BaldRock&BoonooBoonooNP Daytrip 008.JPG Photo
BaldRock & Boonoo Boonoo Daytrip
by robmacca on Nov 12, 2013
Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
Driving | 349 miles
Well, the opportunity presented itself for me to go for a bit of a drive after finishing my night shift. I had been planning a run down to BaldRock NP and Boonoo Boonoo NP for a bit of a look around and do some of the local walks but with recent health and work getting in the way, I decided to head off after my night shift.....The route took me south via...
The_Springs_4x4_Park_Daytrip 001.JPG Photo
The_Springs_4x4_Park_Daytrip 003.JPG Photo
The_Springs_4x4_Park_Daytrip 004.JPG Photo
The_Springs_4x4_Park_Daytrip 005.JPG Photo
The Springs 4x4 Park Daytrip
by robmacca on Sep 21, 2013
Braeside, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 9.5 miles
Took the Vitara to a NEW 4WD Park that I hadn't been to b4 with some fellow Prado 4WDrivers.... Great day, but really needed to be a weekend instead of just a daytrip, but still, a great day in getting a taste of what the par has to offer...... Will definitely want to return for more of a play......
Moore-Linville-Kilkivan (Chimney) 001.JPG Photo
Moore-Linville-Kilkivan (Chimney) 002.JPG Photo
Moore-Linville-Kilkivan (Chimney) 003.JPG Photo
Moore-Linville-Kilkivan (Chimney) 004.JPG Photo
Moore-Linville-Kilkivan (Chimney) Day-trip
by robmacca on Aug 28, 2013
Moore - Kilkivan, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 243 miles
Thought it was time to take my D22 Ute for it's 1st exploring trip + it was definitely time for another Midweek Explore Trip as it had been a while, so I decided to retrace some previous tracks to see if they were still open + find some new tracks..... So along with Dave who just happened to have some time off as well, it was off to head towards Kilcoy and...
2013 Central Aust Trip(TZ30) 014.JPG Photo
2013 Central Aust Trip(TZ30) 019.JPG Photo
2013 Central Aust Trip(TZ30) 038.JPG Photo
2013 Central Aust Trip(TZ30) 039.JPG Photo
2013 Central Australia Touring Trip
by robmacca on Jun 20, 2013
Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 4,742 miles
Here's a Brief Trip report of our 2013 Central Australia TripDay-1: (21-Jun)Left HOME @ 2.45 had breaky at Chinchilla Maccies, then Lunch at Mitchell. From here we pushed on to Tambo for a break then refuelled at Blackall and also stayed at the free in town campgrounds next to the creek at around 4.30pmRefuelling: Blackall - BP: 119.35 ltrs // $167.26 // 995 kms // 140cents/ltrStopover: Blackall Free camp site Distance: 988kmsDriving Time...
Sundown NP 2013 Weekend Trip 017.JPG Photo
Sundown NP 2013 Weekend Trip 018.JPG Photo
Sundown NP 2013 Weekend Trip 019.JPG Photo
Sundown NP 2013 Weekend Trip 020.JPG Photo
Sundown NP Weekend Trip 2013
by robmacca on May 03, 2013
Ballandean, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 46 miles
Sundown NP Weekend Trip 2013:Left home at 6pm and after stopping for Dinner & refuelling, reached Redrock Gorge Campsite at 10.45pm for a quick Coffee and then rolled out swags for the night.... To my surprise I had phone coverage from this campsite.With a lazy rise in the following morning, it was a quick walk down to the viewing plateform of Redrock Gorge, then back to pack up and head off further...
PP Stage-2 Outing (Ethans Pics) 026.JPG Photo
PP Stage-2 Outing (Ethans Pics) 028.JPG Photo
PP Stage-2 Outing (Ethans Pics) 032.JPG Photo
PP Stage-2 Outing (Ethans Pics) 033.JPG Photo
PP Stage-2 Bellthorpe Outing
by robmacca on Apr 26, 2013
Mount Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 64 miles
Another great of exploring and seeing some beautiful countryside. Glad to have the Vitara on this one due to all the Pin Striping from the Lantana, etc. Road conditions were good and dry with little mud.....5 cars in total with my Vitara the old one out.... All went well with the only damage being one of the Cars CV Boots getting a tear in it....Total Distance: 306kms // Driving Time: 6hrs46mins
Recce Map.jpg Photo
GTN-ESK Recce 005.JPG Photo
GTN-ESK Recce 006.JPG Photo
GTN-ESK Recce 007.JPG Photo
Gatton-Esk Recce Trip
by robmacca on Apr 15, 2013
Lake Clarendon, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 170 miles
Well, after finishing a night Shift and seeing a nice fine day, I decided to head straight from work out to check out a future Club run out around the Gatton area (Wallers Rd, etc). Since the rest of my days off have now been replaced with work, today was the only day that would suit for a while, so off I went. First stop was the Gatton Maccies for some Breakfast...
index[2].jpg Photo
index[1].jpg Photo
Nanango - Bears Place Exploring 001.jpg Photo
Nanango - Bears Place Exploring 005.jpg Photo
Nanango to Kilkivan Explore Weekend
by robmacca on Jan 04, 2010
Nanango, Queensland, Australia
Offroading | 214 miles
Did this trip back in 2010 and loved the exploring and scenery that was to be seen. The old Mt Clara Chimney was cool to see as well. Plenty more exploring to do up there......

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