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Arthurs Rock (6,780'), Lory State Park
by jimlarkey on Oct 23, 2014
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Walking | 3.4 miles
A popular, and well used trail by Fort Collins locals, Arthurs Rock is well worth the +1,200' vertical.  At the summit, you'll be treated to a view of where it all begins...the Larimer foothills, transition between the plains and the mountains.
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Big Bend
by jimlarkey on Oct 04, 2014
Kinikinik, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 6.3 miles
"Bump" is the creative name Joe Grim gave to this +1,400' vertical, whose "thunder" was stolen by the neighboring 9980 ranked peak. The Big Bend, is the major change in course of the Cache la Poudre river, above which the "Bump" rises. The summit of the "Bump" also has the distinction of most northerly corner of the Comanche Peak Wilderness boundary. And it offers the hiker some great views of the...
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Longdraw Ranked Peaks, Pts 10820, 10980, 10736, & 10472
by jimlarkey on Sep 24, 2014
Bellvue, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 8.4 miles
These minor 10er ranked peaks were 100% off-trail, with modest dead-fall in the lower elevations. As minor as these peaks may be, they were visited by some very significant mountaineers. The baby-food jar summit registers logged visits by Ken Nolan 09/10/11, Teresa Gergen 07/17/10, John Kirk 09/18/11, Carolyn Randall 08/14/07, Steve Martin 08/14/07, and many other noteworthy Northern Colorado climbers.We got some great early Fall views of Corral Park, with...
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Red Mountain Summit (7,110') of Larimer Open Space
by jimlarkey on Sep 01, 2014
Wellington, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 5.5 miles
The Cheyenne Ridge trail and Bent Rock trail was/is closed due to flood damage, so we were forced onto the Salt Lick wash trail which goes around the north base of Red Mountain.  I've always wanted to explore the summit of this interesting peak, situated in the middle of "The Big Hole".From our approach, it's only a 400' vertical stroll to the top, on a soft, gentle, grassy slope. “Red Mountain” is a local name for this interesting massif....
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Middle Mtn (9,344'), Ranked Peak, Laramie River Valley
by jimlarkey on Aug 10, 2014
Bellevue, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 6.8 miles
Middle Mountain is another Soft, gentle, easy “mountain” in the Laramie River Valley, that is actually a 4-mile-long ridge, rising 1,000' above the valley floor. But it has the distinction of being a ranked-peak....+300' of prominence. It is kind of like an island, situated between the Laramie River and Nunn Creek. No doubt, Nunn Creek is/was part of the flood plain of the Laramie. We started at Rawah TH, which has plenty of parking, and even a...
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Red Mountain (9,103') , Ranked Peak, Laramie River Valley
by jimlarkey on Aug 09, 2014
Crazy Mountain, Colorado, United States
Offroading | 0.0 miles
Yes, I'm going to claim I've been to the summit of Red Mountain, even though I didn't climb it....but I felt like I did. I was chauffeured to the summit in my partner's X-Terra, and it was some trip. If you plan to drive to the summit: high-clearance vehicle a must, and make sure you select a dry time of the year. Red Mountain is a dominant feature in the Laramie River Valley, so you'll experience some...
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Middle Bull Mtn (8,260'), Soft Ranked Peak, Laramie River Valley
by jimlarkey on Aug 09, 2014
Glendevey, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 2.1 miles
Finding the true summit of Middle Bull Mountain was an interesting bushwhack.  There are 3 closed contours, one of which likely is the highest, and the other 2 are false.  The first contour (SW'ly) involved bushwhacking through aspen saplings, which were a challenge for our packs.  Could not see the other 2 candidate summits so the hand-level was useless.The second (middle) contour offered was near a point named on the topo...
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"WIRO" Wyoming InfraRed Observatory, Jelm Mountain (9,656')
by jimlarkey on Aug 08, 2014
Jelm, Wyoming, United States
Hiking | 0.2 miles
Our base-camp for tagging the following nearby Laramie River Valley summits, was located at 8,950', just 700' below the University of Wyoming summit observatory on Jelm Mountain: N Middle MtnMiddle Bull MtnRed MtnMiddle MtnWIRO, acronym for Wyoming InfraRed Observatory is a student run facility.  You can view details about the observatory at U of W's website, here.  You'll note that you can download a 1/2 hour narrated video by Robert Gehrz that...
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North Middle Mtn (8,864'), Ranked Peak, Laramie River Valley
by jimlarkey on Aug 09, 2014
Glendevey, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 9.4 miles
North Middle Mountain is a actually a 6-mile-long ridge on the west side of the Laramie River, with the highest point on the south end.  It's and easy, soft, gentle summit that can be accessed from County Road 80c. The approach from CR 80c is only a little over a ½ mile to the summit, a mere 20 minutes of steady climbing. An old, faint USFS trail will take you to the top. We sought to explore the...
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Mt Galbraith (7,169') Abort, Jeffco Open Space Park
by jimlarkey on Jul 15, 2014
Golden, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 2.0 miles
Got bummed out by the weather: Colorado monsoonal pattern began a few days ago, and thunderstorm was approaching.  Hope to get back to this hike in cooler, more stable weather.Mt Galbraith Park was Jefferson County's (Jeffco) first hiker-only park.....and our favorite 4-legged friends are permitted, on leash.As short as the hike was, one of our group spotted Ms Moose just below a neighboring ridge line.The mining history of the area is interesting,...
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Steep Mountain (9,538') Celebration, 1,000th Summit, RMNP
by jimlarkey on Jul 06, 2014
Estes Park, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 3.5 miles
"Mountain Jim" chose Steep Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park to celebrate his 1,000th lifetime summit, and celebrate his 75th circuit around the Sun."Howard" was unable to join us on the climb, but he did leave a note for Jim on the Summit, from a previous day's climb.  We feasted on sandwiches, G&T, chips, brownies, special gorp, and amazingly a "BD cake"......Hostess Cupcakes, complete with a BD candle.  It would have been...
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"Golgotha" (11,176'), Sky Ranch
by jimlarkey on Jun 21, 2014
Bellvue, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 7.7 miles
"Golgotha" ???What's in a summit's name?You won't find "Golgotha" on any government or commercial maps.  It's a local name that the nearby Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp chose for this rocky outcrop on Comanche Peak's (12,702') east shoulder.The outcrop is prominently visible from Sky Ranch, and was the site of 3 crosses built by the campers, commemorating the biblical Calvary.  The US Forest Service removed the crosses from the public land.The Beaver Creek/Fish...
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Fort Collins First Water Works
by jimlarkey on Jun 14, 2014
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Walking | 0.1 miles
Once a year, the First Water Works of Fort Collins is open to the public, hosted by the "Friends of the Water Works", a Poudre Landmark Foundation auxiliary.  Also the Poudre Fire Authority was present and offered a demo of their equipment.The Water Works was built to improve the water supply for fire fighting, a problem which plagued the young city's wooden buildings.An interesting "factoid":  the Water Works pumps were driven by...
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Grand Marais, MI Walkabout
by jimlarkey on May 06, 2014
Grand Marais, Michigan, United States
10.6 miles
Just a simple, easy walkabout to some of our favorite Lake Superior places, in the off-season before the tourist hit.
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Chalk Bluffs, Pawnee National Grassland
by jimlarkey on Apr 01, 2014
Grover, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 8.0 miles
"Township 11 N., R.65 W.--The southern part of this township is gently rolling prairie land with a few scattering valleys and sinks.  The northern tier of sections are broken by chalk bluffs, especially sections 7, 8, and 9.  Water is a little scarce here, but can be obtained by digging.  Good native grasses.  The bluff land is worthless, excepting for grazing purposes.  Other land worth from $8 to $10 per acre.  Annual...
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Mining District Loop - Abort
by jimlarkey on Mar 05, 2014
Leadville, Colorado, United States
Snowshoeing | 4.4 miles
The map we had of the Mining District Trails clearly stated "...should not be used for navigation."  We followed a snowmobile track to the top of Breece Hill, and decided that the map might be wrong, from what we were seeing from our track.  Sure 'nough, the Mining District Loop was drawn wrong on the map, as well as the contour lines.Well....not exactly.  Good example of not "Staying Found".  We thought we were on...
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Monarch Lake Loop, Granby
by jimlarkey on Feb 27, 2014
Granby, Colorado, United States
Snowshoeing | 5.9 miles
You know the hike is good when your adrenalin is up...moose!  We didn't see any, but I'm sure they saw us.  The upper meadow at Buchanan Creek was just loaded with fresh moose tracks and scat.  The trail was obliterated by the deep hoof prints.  Snow was too deep off-trail for escape route, so either forward or back....moose permitting :-)  Fortunately, we didn't confront any."Steam Donkey"...Do you know what it is?If you...
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Battle Mountain (12,044') - Aborted 2nd Time
by jimlarkey on Feb 23, 2014
Estes Park, Colorado, United States
Snowshoeing | 4.0 miles
I've been "skunked" by Battle Mountain before  , and you've got to respect the peaks when there is whiteout above treeline.It was a fun trip descending off-trail in the fresh powder.Battle Mountain showed me her summit once in the summer, and I'm thankful she was so gracious.
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Ranked Peak 6712 (6,712'), Bushwhack
by jimlarkey on Feb 19, 2014
Poudre Park, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 3.8 miles
Part of a continuing series of "get to know a gully" :-)"Plans are nothing; planning is everything"Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) I planned (past tense) to bag Ranked Peak 6712 (6,712') from the Wintersteen Trail, as hiked by JoeGrim.  But a bridge closure in Gateway Park due to 2013 flood damage, and open water in the Cache la Poudre River forced me to do impromptu "planning".I saw a gully near the Greyrock TH, that I...
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"South Greyrock" (7,309') Loop, South Approach, Bushwhack
by jimlarkey on Feb 12, 2014
Poudre Park, Colorado, United States
Hiking | 3.1 miles
Part of a continuing series of "get to know a gully" :-)It's been a couple years since last I stood on the summit of "South Greyrock".  While walking on the Greyrock Trail recently, I walked by a gully that is on the south face of "South Greyrock"....wonder if it would take me to the top?Once you leave the Greyrock Trail, it's all up!  Route finding to the snow-covered summit was pretty easy....

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