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VOC - West Clear Creek
by dsmeeth on May 11, 2013
Baldwins Crossing, Arizona, United States
Driving | 126 miles
Chavez Crossing
by dsmeeth on May 11, 2013
Baldwins Crossing, Arizona, United States
Driving | 8.0 miles
Muley Pt. - Mexican Hat - Valley of the Gods - Goosenecks
by dsmeeth on Nov 13, 2012
Fry Canyon, Utah, United States
Driving | 100 miles
Grindstone Flat - Coral Pink Sand Dunes
by dsmeeth on Jul 05, 2012
Junction, Utah, United States
Driving | 113 miles
Sacramento Pass - Grindstone Flat
by dsmeeth on Jul 04, 2012
San Pedro, Nevada, United States
Driving | 190 miles
Coral Pink Sand Dunes - Sedona
by dsmeeth on Jul 06, 2012
Moccasin, Arizona, United States
Driving | 274 miles
Looking south from Hwy 89 Photo
Heading to Utah! Photo
Johnson Canyon Rd. Photo
Sedona - Bryce Canyon
by dsmeeth on Jun 25, 2012
Sedona, Arizona, United States
Driving | 298 miles
Sydney Peaks - Great Basin National Park
by dsmeeth on Jun 30, 2012
Brian Head, Utah, United States
Driving | 195 miles
Bryce Canyon - Sydney Peaks
by dsmeeth on Jun 28, 2012
Panguitch, Utah, United States
Driving | 44 miles
Exploring Rd. 418
by dsmeeth on Jun 13, 2012
Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
Driving | 8.0 miles
Flattop Mesa Photo
Lava Mtn Photo
Roger's Spring Photo
Kingman - Valley Of Fire
by dsmeeth on Mar 13, 2012
Kingman, Arizona, United States
Driving | 155 miles
Across the valley to the Vermillion Cliffs Photo
Interesting spot to stop Photo
Balanced rocks Photo
When will they fall? Photo
East Rim to Lees Ferry and Sedona
by dsmeeth on Aug 08, 2011
Fredonia, Arizona, United States
Driving | 210 miles
After five very nice days of Grand Canyon hiking, camping, and sightseeing, Brenda and I head back to Sedona. We take our time for the first 50 miles, pulling off for photos, exploring Honeymoon Wash (see separate trip), and to check out Lees Ferry. It's a fun morning and we decide that the Vermillion Cliffs area merits another trip, perhaps during a cooler part of the year. Seeing the Colorado flow past...
Point Imperial Overlook Photo
Morning shadows Photo
East from Roosevelt Point Photo
North Rim to Cape Royal
by dsmeeth on Aug 06, 2011
Arizona, United States
Driving | 47 miles
Today we explore the road leading to Cape Royal, and start by taking the road to Point Imperial. The moring light is still good and we enjoy this well-developed overlook. There are few tourists about so far. Heading back towards Cape Royal we stop at all the overlooks, snap pictures, and breath the friesh air. At the trailhead to Cape Final, we put on our hiking shoes and hit the trail. (See...
Nice meadow on the way out from Hesperus Photo
Aspen Panorama Photo
Rico Fire Dept Photo
This one is for rent Photo
Rico to Bolam Pass
by dsmeeth on Jul 25, 2011
Rico, Colorado, United States
Driving | 14.9 miles
The morning after out Hesperus climb, we pile into the Jeeps and head for Rico and Bolam Pass. Just outside Rico we find a sweet little hot spring and spend 30 minutes soaking our bones; one local we meet tells us the water is high in lithium. Unsure whether this is good or bad, we keep soaking. The tub is small and soon we leave to allow others their turn in the...
Navajo Ranches - beautiful! Photo
Afternoon panorama Photo
Vermillion Cliffs Photo
Colorado River Photo
Sedona to East Rim of Grand Canyon
by dsmeeth on Aug 04, 2011
Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, United States
Driving | 240 miles
Brenda and I drive to the the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is a nice day with just enough clouds to keep the temperature down in a somewhat reasonable range. The highlight of the drive is passing over the Colorado River at Navajo Bridge. The park is full so we camp just outside at a spot known as the East Rim. The view here is great and we have the...
Crossing the pass east of Flagstaff Photo
Elephants Feet Photo
Navajo National Monument view Photo
Roadside art Photo
Sedona to Hesperus Mountain
by dsmeeth on Jul 23, 2011
West Sedona, Arizona, United States
Driving | 362 miles
It is a nice long drive up through the Navajo Reservation and into Colorado. East of Cortez we finally get glimpses of Hesperus Mountain, pulling us on through the last miles. After jumping off onto the dirt roads, I can smell the mountain air and Hesperus begins to loom ahead. Wildflowers grace the meadows and finally we are at camp.
IMG_2174 a web.jpg Photo
IMG_2197 a web.jpg Photo
IMG_2275 a web.jpg Photo
IMG_2335 web.jpg Photo
Santa Rosa to Sedona
by dsmeeth on May 30, 2011
Montgomery Village, California, United States
Driving | 841 miles
A long drive back from Santa Rosa. Home again!
Morning rain won't touch the groud Photo
Monument Valley in the distance Photo
Morning on the Navajo Reservation Photo
Baby Rocks Photo
Mancos CO to Sedona AZ
by dsmeeth on Jul 16, 2011
Mayday, Colorado, United States
Driving | 326 miles
The second leg of my journey back to Sedona. Home at last.
IMG_3797 web.jpg Photo
Leadville CO to Mancos CO
by dsmeeth on Jul 15, 2011
Twin Lakes, Colorado, United States
Driving | 263 miles
Heading back to Sedona, I get as far as Mancos before the need for rest ends my driving day. Earlier, I hiked up Mt. Elbert, so I guess it's understandable.
Red rock and Navajo Reservation Photo
Anasazi Inn Photo
Mesa east of Baby Rocks Photo
Wide open highway Photo
Sedona AZ to Leadville CO
by dsmeeth on Jul 12, 2011
Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, United States
Driving | 593 miles
Nice long drive to Leadville for a wilderness first aid class. Beautifyl day.

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