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Mt Dickerman 2013
by EraSeek on Jul 30, 2013
Silverton, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 8.0 miles
First time up Mt Dickerman. Great view even though it was hazy from the fires.
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Granite Mountain june 2013
by EraSeek on Jun 04, 2013
Rockdale, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 6.6 miles
I took the suicide route up, straight up gully and ridge. On the way up I loosened a rock and it picked up a couple of others and I watched as they bounced 1000 feet down the way I came, hoping no one was following. Very steep! The summit ridge was quite snowy and a great view as usual. I took the traditional trail down and the narrow snow path made it...
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Northrup Canyon Plungepool
by EraSeek on May 25, 2013
Osborne, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 6.7 miles
Drove up here to do one of Bruce Bjornstad's Earthcaches. A beautiful hike. Birds. One Rattlesnake.
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Mailbox Peak 2013
by EraSeek on May 19, 2013
Ragnar, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 5.6 miles
Nice steep hike in the fog. Easy up.  A little tough on the knees coming down. Something like 1200' gain per mile.
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Rye, Wa. trek 2013
by EraSeek on Apr 12, 2013
Beverly Junction, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 19.3 miles
Another re-visit to this trail across the Yakima Firing Range along the John Wayne Trail by mountain bike. Always remote and unpopulated. Always a great place to experience. A maintenance run for one of my geocaches.
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Wallula Gap 2012
by EraSeek on Sep 15, 2012
Yellepit, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 9.1 miles
This was my second trip out to Wallula Gap. This time it was hot, dusty, and very hazy from all the fires in the state. However, long slog that it was, it is an awesome spot!
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Ancient Lakes again
by EraSeek on Oct 09, 2011
Quincy, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 3.8 miles
A trip to another part of Ancient Lakes. A shorter trip with exploring, route-finding, and geocaching. I took this trip with LucyandRickie. Most of our adventure here involved trying to find a way across a waterfall and stream to get to another cache, and then finding a small rattle snake guarding the area.
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Copper Lake hike
by EraSeek on Aug 14, 2011
Skykomish, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 9.0 miles
Another hike in the Cascades to two beautiful lakes, Trout lake and Copper Lake.
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Oyster Dome
by EraSeek on Aug 01, 2011
near Bellingham, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 6.3 miles
A steep  hike off Chuckanut Drive with great views to the west.
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Mount Townsend
by EraSeek on Jul 23, 2011
Leland, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 8.3 miles
An awesome trip to a mountaintop ridge with views of the Straights of JuanDeFuca, Victoria BC, Mt Baker, Glacier Peak, Seattle, Bangor, Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams, all from one spot. Glorious fog blown meadows, surrounded by snow capped peaks. And of course friends.
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Checking on my "The Thing that came from hell" Geocache
by EraSeek on Apr 05, 2011
Cathcart, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 2.6 miles
The trek out to check on my "The Thing that came from hell" geocache GC1Q98V after the recent floods. The trail out to it was 50% water. I even found a fish on the trail.
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Ancient lakes
by EraSeek on Mar 28, 2011
Quincy, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 3.8 miles
I returned to the Ancient Lakes area with my wife to show her the area, do some birding, geocache, and follow more trails. Our destination turned out to be more Eden-like than I had expected, with a green plains and a waterfall at the end.
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Ebey Bluffs
by EraSeek on Oct 14, 2010
Coopville, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 3.9 miles
Ebey Bluffs is one of the most scenic lowland hikes in the northwest.
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Westbar Overlook
by EraSeek on Oct 12, 2010
Geocaching | 0.8 miles
A excursion to find another Bruce Bjornstad cache. Westbar overlook.
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Potholes Coulee - Ancient Lakes area
by EraSeek on Oct 12, 2010
Geocaching | 5.5 miles
A trip to find Bruce Bjornstad's Potholes Coulee cache. The gates were locked and it was between seasons, so no one was around. I rode my bike in to the trailhead and hiked from there. Another fantastic area!!
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Sentinel Gap View
by EraSeek on Oct 09, 2010
Mattawa, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 2.7 miles
Made the hike to the Sentinel Gap View cache with Lucy and Rickie. We basically went straight up the hill and took the trail down though the northern gulch. You could also get there via the southern dunes and then up the hill to the road.
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Mt Pilchuck -(Purgatory)
by EraSeek on Oct 01, 2010
Granite Falls, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 5.8 miles
Made a quick trip up (1and a half hours) Mt. Pilchuck to repair my Purgatory cache. What a beautiful day! Just awesome. Lots of folks along the trail too.
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Jetty Island
by EraSeek on Aug 30, 2010
Everett, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 4.3 miles
Headed out to Jetty Island to replace my cache and find two others on what was suppose to be a wet, and gloomy day. Not!
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Repairing Ozymandias
by EraSeek on Aug 05, 2010
Stanwood, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 6.3 miles
A canoe trip down the the Stillaguamish River to Port Susan bay to repair my Ozymandias cache. Miles and miles of sand flats at low tide, as you can see.
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John Day Road Trip
by EraSeek on Jul 04, 2010
Gurdane, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 329 miles
A long auto trip on the 4th of July with the purpose of Birding, Geocaching and a visit to the fossil beds in mind. Awesome country!! High country! We drove for hours without seeing another car. Flowers everywhere on the high grasslands.

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