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Mummy Mountain
by antonyw on May 02, 2010
Rucker, California, United States
Hiking | 3.7 miles
A quick hike to check out the wonderful job SCCP, @sammydee and all the other amazing volunteers have done on this new trail.  This immediately goes up on my favorites list for the area.  Nicely graded,  some new wildflowers,  a chance at seeing a big kitty (a Mountain Lion has a den down below they believe) and wonderfully placed picnic tables to enjoy the views and have some lunch.  Come check it out while...
Post Work Stiles Hike
by antonyw on Apr 23, 2010
New Almaden, California, United States
Hiking | 2.5 miles
A quick hike along Stiles after work.
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Frog Lake hike with the girls
by antonyw on May 01, 2010
Madrone Soda Springs (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 4.8 miles
A nice day out in Coe with my 8yo daughter and her best buddy.  We had intended to do a smaller hike but the girls saw Frog Lake on the map and insisted on going to look for frogs so we changed plans.This is the first time in about 6 visits that the store has been open for me, I'm usually here at the crack of dawn and don't get out until sunset...
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Lupine Photo
Friday off in Coe
by antonyw on Apr 30, 2010
Madrone Soda Springs (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 12.1 miles
Another pseudo mandatory day off to keep my vacation hours under 200 so I decided to come down to Coe and see how the wildflowers are doing.Just last week they canceled Backcountry Weekend due to wet conditions and after the rain last week Coe is still very Verdant, in fact I don't think the flowers have peaked yet which is quite late.This hike takes you from the Coyote Creek Entrance, up Coit...
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Tidepooling at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
by antonyw on Apr 24, 2010
Moss Beach, California, United States
0.6 miles
A nice day out at the tide pools with my daughter. She found quite an array of aquatic wildlife while exploring at low tide.  Some highlights were very large sea anemones, lots of sculpins including a few larger ones, abalone shells, tons of hermit crabs and lots of sea snails.  On the norths side we had even better luck finding about 5 sea stars and 5 or 6 larger crabs,  some about 5...
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Santa Clara County OSA Coyote Ridge Hike
by antonyw on Apr 18, 2010
Perry, California, United States
Photography | 4.0 miles
Coyote Ridge is a closed area owned by the VTA and operated by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority.  Each spring they offer docent led wildflower hikes in March and April.  This ridge hike was the last one of the 2010 season.  Signing up is easy,  just send an email to the coordinator, Teri in this case, and she sends detailed instructions on where to meet.  The morning starts off at the gates to...
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Hunting Photo
Saw me finally Photo
Crossing the trail about 20 feet away Photo
Black Mountain Loop
by antonyw on Apr 16, 2010
Vista Verde, California, United States
Hiking | 7.0 miles
A really nice hike through Montebello that includes Black Mountain and the Stevens Creek Nature Trail.The hike started off wonderfully with a coyote hunting gophers in the grass some distance away from me.  I was downwind of him so while he was preoccupied with getting his breakfast he ended up drifting up the ridge quite close to me. I saw two coyotes today and neither seemed very concerned with my presence.  In my past experience they...
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by antonyw on Apr 10, 2010
Clayton, California, United States
Hiking | 13.1 miles
A tough little 13 mile buttkicker of a hike which should be quashed by plentiful post hike brews to aid in your recovery.   We arrived at Mitchell Canyon parking only to be greeted by fierce winds whipping down the slopes of Diablo.  This didn't bode well for our summit attempt as we expected winds to only worsen up on the mountain.  We did get some pretty good gusts on the west facing slopes but thankfully they were fairly...
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Pinnacles: Chalone Peaks and the Southern Wilderness
by antonyw on Apr 03, 2010
Pinnacles, California, United States
Hiking | 13.0 miles
A great hike planned by my crazy friend Laurent. We had done the Northern Wilderness trail last fall so when he proposed this hike it didn't take me long to think... hmmm that'd be fun. We parked at Bear Gulch on a chilly morning around 9am and made the nice hike up to the lake bypassing the caves since we had packs on. The coats came off and we made the nicely...
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Hunt for the elusive Calypso Orchid
by antonyw on Mar 28, 2010
Butano Park, California, United States
Hiking | 5.1 miles
A fun little hike through the lower sections of Butano with my son to look for Calypso Orchids.I'd read online that the orchids flower in a few different areas of the park,  Ano Nuevo trail,  Goat Hill and Mill Ox.  We checked the first two and found success so skipped searching Mill Ox on the other side of the valley. The hike starts out with a tough but pretty climb up Ano Nuevo...
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Saxifrage Photo
Grizzly gulch creek Photo
Kelly Lake Loop
by antonyw on Mar 26, 2010
Madrone Soda Springs (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 12.9 miles
An approx 13 mile hike to check out Kelly Lake and the wildflowers of Coe in March.  The hike starts from free parking at the Coyote Creek entrance.  There's room for about 4-5 cars here.  I've posted a pic of the right side of the road, there's room for one more on the left side.  Never gotten a ticket here despite the No Parking signs about four miles back on the road. ...
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Poppies  Photo
Chia Photo
Goldfields Photo
New Boot Break In Hike STP
by antonyw on Mar 20, 2010
New Almaden, California, United States
Hiking | 2.6 miles
Just a quick hike to see how my new boots felt ahead of a planned hike to Mt Tam tomorrow.  Unfortunately I got stuck on kid duty and won't make it after all.Flowers are amazing now,  it's time to head over and start checking them out.  I hear there is an even better show up on Rocky Ridge.   
Tidy tip and bugs Photo
Poppy and bug Photo
Mint, nettle or Chia?  I forget :-) Photo
Popcorn Photo
STP Wildflower Walk
by antonyw on Feb 28, 2010
New Almaden, California, United States
Hiking | 2.5 miles
A quick loop to see how the wildflowers are coming along... very nicely.  One of my favorite loops in STP if I don't have a lot of time.  Park was quiet today and the mud was surprisingly not too bad at all.  Only a few sections were sandal sucking but 90% of the trail was just fine.  Saw lots of bunnies on the Stiles swtichbacks in the poppies and then a large...
Baby Blue Eyes Photo
Alex Photo
Great clouds Photo
Giraffe's Head (Lamium amplexicaule) Photo
Baldy Ryan Creek Stroll
by antonyw on Feb 27, 2010
Mountain Home, California, United States
Hiking | 2.3 miles
A nice hike with my daughter in Rancho Canada this afternoon.  We managed to get in a mini hike but turned back short of our goal with foreboding black clouds coming in.  We were searching for salamanders and newts but ended up with just a milliepede find which was fine as Alex was entirely thrilled with that. Love this park... usually not very busy and puts on some great flower and wildlife shows most every...
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los alamitos creek ride
by antonyw on Feb 21, 2010
Alamitos, California, United States
Road biking | 6.0 miles
Blue Eyed Grass Photo
Fiddlenecks Photo
Miniature Lupine Photo
Poppy Photo
Ohlone Trail Loop
by antonyw on Feb 19, 2010
Coyote, California, United States
Hiking | 4.4 miles
A quick hike around a part of STP I hadn't explored before.  Nice singletrack and a side visit to STP falls which must be quite impressive just after a good amount of rain. 
Hunting Hollow Trail Photo
Hunting Hollow Trail Photo
Sycamore with moss Photo
Windmill!   Photo
A Coe Trifecta
by antonyw on Feb 18, 2010
Old Gilroy, California, United States
Hiking | 15.1 miles
A nice tour of three peaks from the Hunting Hollow entrance. I had intended to only do Vasquez peak today since I'd been to Willson Peak before but when I consulted the map at a decision point I decided to throw in Willson and then added Rock Springs Peak later on so it became a trifecta of sorts.The hike starts along the nice flat Hunting Hollow trail with about four creek crossings,  the...
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Creek trail ride
by antonyw on Feb 15, 2010
Vasona Junction, California, United States
Mountain biking | 9.4 miles
A nice ride along the Los Gatos Creek trail with the girls. They were quite impressed with the Bean Sprayer at Forbes Mill(not) so on the way back we took some time to play in the creek and collect some clam shells at Vasona. Only three wipeouts (one combo with both girls involved), that resulted in two skinned knees, so not too bad on this ride ;-) Good times!
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Bald Mountain
by antonyw on Feb 08, 2010
Twin Creeks, California, United States
Hiking | 1.2 miles
Just a quick walk since I was bored and to kill an hour or so.  Not much in the way of flowers up here yet but great views from the top.  A large shaft of light was illuminating the newly verdant east SJ hills that made this mini hike worthwhile. On the way back I noticed that some large birds I haven't seen before were staged about every 500 feet along the...
Redwood Lighting Photo
Tree crossing Photo
Many trees down along this section Photo
Nice sunny and rocky section of trail Photo
Waterfalls of Berry Creek and McAbee Peak
by antonyw on Jan 31, 2010
Riverside Grove, California, United States
Hiking | 13.0 miles
This hike is brought to you by The Nino.  I always love an El Nino year so as soon as it fired up plans were started to hike out and check out the amazing falls here.It's a very beautiful but challenging little hike through Big Basin.  We intended to go clockwise but the latest storms had downed many trees in the park making Skyline to the Sea trail impassable according to the Rangers.  It...

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