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Ruins along the way Photo
Not sure if you can see the windy road in the photo but the track will show it. Nice little town below Photo
Yet another old castle laying in ruins along the road Photo
Spain France border. Photo
Ainsa, Spain To Hendaye, France
by kriehl on Jul 04, 2011
Motorcycling | 209 miles
We enjoyed the roads again today. A few changes in the end would have made the last part of the ride even better. We ended up in the Basque region on a beautiful beach with lots of naked people. The beach and surrounding area is very pretty. We left Spain through a high coastal mountain range and came down into the valley that separates France and Spain. We will be in...
pic_291.jpg Photo
pic_292.jpg Photo
pic_293.jpg Photo
Castle we can not ride too. Photo
Barcelona To Ainsa
by kriehl on Jul 04, 2011
Eixample Left, Catalonia, Spain
Motorcycling | 194 miles
Our trip started with a slight delay. We needed an adapter for my gps/phone that no one had. I eventually found an electronic store and made one for $2. But all is forgotten now. I am sitting on a castle wall built i think in the 12 century writing this story. The view is shown in the last three photos. We navigated around highland lakes and 9000 ft mountains all with spectacular...
pic_231.jpg Photo
pic_232.jpg Photo
Inside Basilca Del Pi Photo
pic_234.jpg Photo
A Stroll Through Barcelona Spain Gothic Area
by kriehl on Jul 03, 2011
Walking | 9.5 miles
We very much enjoyed our day in Barcelona. We strolled through some really nice parts of the gothic area. Lunch time we found our usual favorite spots in Spain. Relaxing with a beer and tapas in an outdoor cafe by a cathedral. The people watching was very nice. Afterwards we strolled inside the old city wall and found great music and architecture. I recorded a taste for you in the picture...
pic_178.jpg Photo
pic_179.jpg Photo
pic_180.jpg Photo
pic_181.jpg Photo
Cannes And Nice France
by kriehl on Jul 01, 2011
Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Walking | 24 miles
We saw quite a few unique things today. The photos have hidden surprises....look for them. We also witnessed a traditional bachelor party. The guy getting married had to dress up and go massage a naked stranger. We watched but did not video it...sorry. Then he had to interview more strangers and survey them for their favorite sexual positions. The victims had to pick from a photo list of the positions and sign...
pic_113.jpg Photo
pic_114.jpg Photo
pic_114.jpg Photo
pic_115.jpg Photo
Florence And Pisa
by kriehl on Jul 01, 2011
Oltrarno, Tuscany, Italy
Walking | 72 miles
A walking tour around Florence Italy. The two museums we walked through was so full of paintings and stone statutes we need to come back and spend a couple of days in each one. No photos were allowed inside. The church in main square was amazing Lisa will have more photos of it online much later. Pisa and the leaning tower was just that.
pic_103.jpg Photo
pic_104.jpg Photo
The castle Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in. Photo
pic_106.jpg Photo
Wine tasting north of Roma
by kriehl on Jun 30, 2011
Civitavecchia, Lazio, Italy
Driving | 45 miles
We had a very relaxing day. Started off by working out then massages and off to the hills for wine tasting. The lake was very pretty. We walked up to a church located at the top of the main village on edge of the lake. We found lots of photo opportunities.
pic_78.jpg Photo
pic_79.jpg Photo
Streets of Sorrento Italy Photo
pic_81.jpg Photo
Sorrento Italy
by kriehl on Jun 29, 2011
Walking | 2.3 miles
We had a nice stroll through Sorrento Italy today. Very nice historic city. Built upon old lava flows from 78-79ad the same flow that buried Pompeii.
Streets of Sorrento Italy Photo
pic_81.jpg Photo
pic_82.jpg Photo
pic_83.jpg Photo
Amalfi Coast If Italy
by kriehl on Jun 29, 2011
Salerno, Campania, Italy
Boating | 10.2 miles
What a nice coast. We need to come back and ride the coastal road hwy 163 It is 50km long from Sorrento to Salerno. It looks like a fun twisty road. You can see the road in most if these photos if you zoom in. There are lots of villas tucked into the cliffs. On of them recently sold for $30 million. You had to hike the last 2km to the front...
pic_74.jpg Photo
Europe on the left Asia on the right, both Instabul, Turkey Photo
pic_76.jpg Photo
pic_77.jpg Photo
Instanbul, Turkey
by kriehl on Jun 25, 2011
Walking | 9.6 miles
Touring Instanbul Turkey
pic_73.jpg Photo
pic_73.jpg Photo
pic_73.jpg Photo
pic_74.jpg Photo
Instanbul, Turkey
by kriehl on Jun 25, 2011
Tophane, Istanbul, Turkey
Walking | 9.6 miles
Touring Instanbul Turkey
pic_65.jpg Photo
pic_66.jpg Photo
pic_67.jpg Photo
pic_68.jpg Photo
Gondole Ride
by kriehl on Jun 21, 2011
Venice, Veneto, Italy
Boating | 1.7 miles
Started at our hotel and toured the small canals for 45min. It is really interesting watching all the goods being loaded and unloaded in all the unique doorways. We saw cabinet shops and lumber yards in some of the small alleys. It was low tide during our boat ride. The water was only 3 feet deep in the small canals. At high tide they are 6 feet deep. The main canal is 15-18...
pic_54.jpg Photo
pic_55.jpg Photo
pic_56.jpg Photo
pic_56.jpg Photo
A Walk Through Venice
by kriehl on Jun 20, 2011
Venice, Veneto, Italy
Walking | 5.7 miles
We spent a couple hours walking around Venice. Plenty of dead ends but managed a path that explored many back alleys.
From Lakeview To Bend
by kriehl on May 10, 2011
Lakeview, Oregon, United States
Motorcycling | 215 miles
Reno To Lakeview
by kriehl on May 09, 2011
Nightingale, Nevada, United States
Motorcycling | 235 miles
Had a tough time trying to find our dirt route out of Plush Oregon.
Vegas To Reno
by kriehl on May 08, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Motorcycling | 531 miles
Great ride from Beaty to Dryer. Need to do that again
To Phoenix
by kriehl on Mar 08, 2011
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
Motorcycling | 461 miles
Made it back the USA
San Carlos
by kriehl on Mar 07, 2011
Los Llanos, Sinaloa, Mexico
Motorcycling | 322 miles
To Culiacan Mexico
by kriehl on Mar 06, 2011
El Refugio, Nayarit, Mexico
Motorcycling | 322 miles
A lot of toll roads today. Forgot to start my tracking again this morning
To Puerto Vallarta
by kriehl on Mar 05, 2011
Michoacán, Mexico
Motorcycling | 0.0 miles
We did almost 500 miles today. Alot of curves and great little stop we would love to come back to.
To Ixtaps
by kriehl on Mar 04, 2011
Oaxaca, Mexico
Motorcycling | 438 miles
Lots of topes today

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