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motorway mayhem junction 26 Photo
Three Little Pigs - 'Big Bad Wolf' Photo
The Tree Little Pigs - House of Straw Photo
The Three Little Pigs - House of Sticks. Photo
A Day Out Caching in West Lancashire and Chorley
by The Bolas Heathens on May 14, 2011
England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 61 miles
On Saturday Isaac could not come caching so I opted for a day caching around West Lancashire on my own. I planned to start off with the Pigsy caches to the east of Skelmersdale and then head off north towards Mawdesley and then see how much time I had left.I had a fab time caching around the Pigsy caches with some of the best presented caches we've seen. All decent sized boxes...
8 Shifnal Manor walk Photo
9 Shifnal Manor walk Photo
May 1 Photo
10 Shifnal Manor Walk Photo
Shifnal series, new Lapley Loop and an event near Eccleshall
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 30, 2011
England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 46 miles
On Saturday myself and Isaac decided to head for the By Ecc, An Event! event cache at Copmere, close to Eccleshall. We'd heard there would be 28 caches put out for the event, so just had to find some caches to do in the morning before the event.A new series just to the SW of Shifnal that had come out during the week looked perfect. Even better, just about the whole route...
The Dragons Rest Photo
Pinfold - What's a Pinfold? Photo
Going loopy around Caerwys (start). Photo
# 3 MPFC Photo
North Wales Caching
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 23, 2011
Wales, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 50 miles
On Saturday myself and Isaac decided as the weather was forecast to be great, we'd head for North Wales as some great walking in lovely countryside with the sun on our backs sounded perfect.We started off at Team Marzipan's Loopy series near Caerwys which is a circular walk with a few other caches around the loop on dead-ends. A really lovely walk with a few ups and down's (well, it is Wales...
Wild Goosey Chase 6 Photo
Goosey's Trail 6~Start at the end of the line Photo
Goosey's Trail 7~Stirchley Chimney Photo
Wild Goosey Chase 8 Photo
Goosey Trail / Wild Goosey Chase - Day 1
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 10, 2011
Malins Lee, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 23 miles
We'd heard that a big series of 78 caches was due out at 8am on Sunday morning, so arranged to meet up with Allun from the Shropshire Seekers in the center of Telford with laptops at 7:45am to get them as they were published. We did not know any more than this (which was also posted on Facebook by the cache owner) so were wondering what was in store for us!Sure enough,...
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No12  Photo
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No 1  Photo
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No2  Photo
Ravensmoor Rainbow Series No3 Photo
Nantwich, Heslby, Frodsham and an event in Northwich
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 16, 2011
Hankelow, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 65 miles
On Saturday there was a North West Cachers Monthly Meet in Northwich, so we planned out day around ending up at the event.We started off with a nice circular by the Shropshire Union Canal near to lovely Nantwich. A great ride round on our bikes and no problems with the caches.Next, we headed off to Helsby to make a start on the RaverDave and Helsby Leisurely Walks series on the Helsby Marshes....
Bordesley Park Loop - 5. Cattle Grid Photo
Bordesley Park Loop - 6. Old Stumpy and Lower Rowney Green Photo
Bordesley Park Loop - 7. Horseing Around Photo
Bordesley Park Loop - 8. Big Stump Little Stump Photo
Redditch Area: Bordesley Park Loop, Rowney Green Loop and a few others
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 03, 2011
Cofton Hackett, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 35 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac decided to head for the area between Redditch and the M42 where the Bordesley Park Loop series was. Later that evening the Rowney Green Loop series was published nearby - perfect as we could add that to the plans!We started off with the Bordesley Park Loop series which was a lovely walk in a reasonably circular way around some lovely countryside. At the second cache we got a...
Cache and Play no 1 (Ketley Kapers) Photo
Cache and Play no 5 (The Rock Revellers) Photo
Cache and Play no 6 (Newdale Nonsense) Photo
Lloyds Copice Photo
A clearout of Telford caches
by The Bolas Heathens on Apr 02, 2011
Telford, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 45 miles
On Saturday I dropped Isaac off at school and then set about clearing up the new Telford area caches that had come out while I was in the USA last week.I started off in Ketley, then made my way to the Rock and then onwards to near Bilsts Hill for some excellent caches in the Ironbridge area.It was then back up towards Telford Town Center and then onwards to Donnington. Last cache...
Orlando to Manchester - Virgin Atlantic 76
by The Bolas Heathens on Mar 27, 2011
Orlando, Florida, United States
Flying | 4,430 miles
The full track of our flight from Orlando to Manchester on 27 March 2011.
Our B747=400 just after arrival in Orlando Photo
Manchester to Orlando: Virgin Atlantic 75
by The Bolas Heathens on Mar 22, 2011
Lymm, England, United Kingdom
Flying | 4,324 miles
The full track of our flight from Manchester to Orlando on 22 March 2011.
The Lost Garden Photo
Really Sidetracked Bickershaw Photo
Lioncache 1 Photo
Lioncache 6 Photo
Lioncache, Leopardcache, Foxcache and a few other caches near to Wigan
by The Bolas Heathens on Mar 20, 2011
Newton-le-Willows, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 31 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac headed to the area between Wigan and Leigh to make a start on the many circular (yet a bit random) walks in the area. I say random as some of the walks are not quite circular and involve caches dotted all over the place with no pattern to them.We started with Lioncache which is a elogated walk along an ex-railway line and then back along fields and...
BBW2 #1 - Bishop Bennet Way Series 2 Photo
BBW2 #2 - Bishop Bennet Way Series 2 Photo
Byway Photo
BBW2 #3- Bishop Bennet Way Series 2 Photo
Bishop Bennet Way series 1 and 2, plus a few other caches around Winsford
by The Bolas Heathens on Mar 13, 2011
Tarpoley, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 53 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac headed off to mid Cheshire to do the two Bishops Bennet Way series that had come out recently. Great to see some new circular walks in lovely countryside not too far from home!We started with series 2 which was a circular walk of 20 caches plus a bonus just NW of Malpas. A lovely walk and some great views over to the Welsh hills in the distance.After...
Meretown Meander 23 Photo
Meretown Meander 21 Photo
Meretown Meander 20 Photo
Meretown Meander 19 Photo
Meretown Meander
by The Bolas Heathens on Mar 12, 2011
England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 7.3 miles
On Saturday, after dropping Isaac off at school I set off for the 7 mile walk round the Meretown Meander series. A nice walk not too far from home but in an area I'd not explored much before. All the caches were easy finds except #18 (I resorted to a PAF) and #5 which was on private land and had been muggled.On the way round I bumped into Tizzie and Slicker55 as I...
SERIES 3 ( WALK 2 ) Photo
SERIES 3 ( WALK 3 ) Photo
Hunter's Walks and then a few caches in Stourbridge
by The Bolas Heathens on Mar 06, 2011
Great Dodford, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 28 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac planned a trip to the lovely countryside near Bromsgrove to do the new Hunter's Walk 3 series as we'd seen really good comments about it on Facebook.We parked up near the church at the start of the walk and set off round the series. Some beautiful woodland, great walking and some ingenious caches later and we had finished the series. We had a DNF on #12 which...
White Crow Circular - Stay on the Footpath Photo
Heartwood Photo
White Crow Circular - Coppull & Beyond Photo
Wheres the footpath gone Photo
Some caches around Chorley and Rivington
by The Bolas Heathens on Feb 13, 2011
Coppull, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 30 miles
On Sunday Isaac and myself were due at a NW 2012 Mega Event Committee meeting at the Barn at Rivington so did a few caches on the way and a few afterwards.We only had 4 hours to cache, so we deliberately chose the quick caches in the area. We started off near the White Crow pub (lots of events been held there) and then wended our way up through Coppull into Chorley...
Boundary Patrol Photo
Staffordshire Pub Crawl - Hixon Photo
Tour De Chris - Blithfield Stumped Photo
Constellations:Ursa Major - Alioth Photo
Blithfield Loop, Old Hattons series and various other caches
by The Bolas Heathens on Feb 06, 2011
Milford, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 76 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac finally managed to get out for a days' caching. We'd not been out for 4 weeks - the first we were ill and then the next few weeks Isaac was studying for exams at school.We decided to start off at the Blithfield Loop, a series of 17 caches plus a bonus cache around Blithfield Reservoir to the east of Stafford. This is a familiar place as I...
Severn Gorge Earthcache Photo
Severn Gorge Earthcache Photo
The Ironbridge Photo
View along the Severn past Buildwas Photo
Severn Gorge Earthcache
by The Bolas Heathens on Feb 05, 2011
Geocaching | 1.7 miles
This morning I dropped Isaac off at school and could not resist popping down to Ironbridge to try the new Severn Gorge Earthcache as no-one had logged it yet.I parked as suggested near the Ironbridge (60p for 2 hours) and set off to do my measurements by the bridge. Once I got these details I headed off up into Benthall Woods to climb up to the viewpoint at the top of the gorge...
SERIES 2 (Walk 5) Photo
You can see for miles! Photo
SERIES 2 (Walk 6 ) Photo
SERIES 2 ( Walk 14 ) Photo
Hunters Walk, Pike's Pool Loop and the Burcot Eight
by The Bolas Heathens on Jan 09, 2011
Romsley, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 25 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac decided to head down to the Bromsgrove area for some caching.We started off on the Hunters Walk series which we absolutely loved. A great walk, some really nice hides and we bumped into another cacher on the way round - meek19 - great to meet you.We then headed off via an easy drive-by in Bromsgrove to the Pike's Pool Loop series. As we pulled up we spotted...
Cache and grab Number 2 A495 Photo
Spend A Penny Photo
Tetchill Tour - The Gateway Song Photo
Frankton Frolics 1 - Narrowboat Photo
Frankton Frolics, Ruabon Circular and a few other caches
by The Bolas Heathens on Dec 30, 2010
Whitchurch, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 67 miles
Myself and Isaac had been suffering from a bad dose of cabin fever with all the Christmas snow stopping us going caching. As the snow had now just about cleared, we decided it was high time for a day out.We started off with two quick caches on the way to Frankton and then set out on foot for the Frankton Frolics series. This is a series of 21 caches, with one non-series...
Chebsey Circular – No 08 Photo
Chebsey Circular – No 15 Photo
Chebsey Circular – No 16 Photo
Chebsey Circular – No 17 Photo
Chebsey Circular - 6 FTF's
by The Bolas Heathens on Dec 23, 2010
England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 7.5 miles
I was busy at work when a new series of 20 caches on a circular walk came out not too far from home. A moment later Allun from the Shropshire Seekers called about them.We arranged to meet up in about an hour's time and were soon on our way to look for the caches. At the second cache we bumped into Tuco Ramirez, who had already managed 14 FTF's. Great to meet...
Wheaton Aston Circular Walk 7 Photo
Wheaton Aston Circular Walk 8 Photo
Wheaton Aston Circular Walk 9 Photo
Wheaton Aston Circular Walk 10 Photo
Wheaton Aston Circular, Black Gold Of Old and Whistle Down The Wind Series
by The Bolas Heathens on Dec 12, 2010
Wheaton Aston, England, United Kingdom
Geocaching | 34 miles
On Sunday myself and Isaac headed off to do some newer caches along the A5 corridor near Cannock.First on the list was the Wheaton Aston Circular which is a set of 19 caches on a route round the village of Wheaton Aston, very close to the in-laws house. A really nice walk in the fog, so the views were not very expansive. We found all but #5, which was nowhere to be seen.We then...

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