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El Sereno Open Space Preserve Hike
by ybwhiker on Apr 12, 2014
Los Gatos, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 11.0 miles
This is my second time on this trail. I was impressed at the first time by its beauty, and thought that it's worth to visit again, with my hiking friend.There are only a very small parking lot for 2 cars near the trailhead. So it's a good idea to park way down and hike up to the trailhead. The first part of the hike is mostly in the shade, with little views....
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American River Trail Biking
by ybwhiker on Apr 13, 2014
Sacromento, CA - California, United States
Road biking | 86 miles
I have planned this biking trip long before, and finally, we did it. It is one of the best biking trail in California, possibly also in the US.To maximize the mileage, we started from the very beginning point of the trail on Sacramento River at the water tower. Riding north for about 3 miles, the trail is closed by a fence, indicating that it's private property. We then had to ride back,...
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Wilder Ranch State Park Hike
by ybwhiker on Apr 06, 2014
Santa Cruz, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 21 miles
We picked this state park, because it can offer both hiking trails to the hillside and coast.There is a parking lot passing the park entry, for which you need to pay $10. Another choice is to park along the Hwy 1, just at the entry point to the park, which is free.From the parking along the Hwy 1, we went across the highway (be careful), and got on to the trail. This...
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Ohlone Wilderness Trail Hike 2014
by ybwhiker on Mar 30, 2014
Livermore, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 26 miles
This year, I joint two other hikers for their annual hike of this long hike. They have done this route more than 10 times in the past, very dedicated.It had been raining for several days before, and the rain just stopped, a hour or so before we started at the trailhead. So I expected some muddy conditions on the trail.As expected, there are some muddy conditions along the trail, even on fire...
Mt Diablo Hike
by ybwhiker on Mar 16, 2014
Clayton, CA - California, United States
Hiking | 15.6 miles
We planed for this trip to reach 4 peaks: North Peak, Mt. Diablo, Eagle Peak, and Twin Peak. It's pretty long for a day hike, but very satisfactory.The accent is mostly on the fire road, but many sections are very steep. So it's a better choice for accent rather than decent. The branch out for North Peak is an additional 1.5 miles, but well worth the time and effort, because the final...
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Monterey Area Biking
by ybwhiker on Mar 09, 2014
Marina, California, United States
Road biking | 45 miles
It's a little secret that there is a paved, beautiful view biking trail in the Monterey area. We followed this trail and continue on the scenic 17-mile Drive. Although it's mostly flat, there are still many up and down, offering excellent chance of exercise, with unbelievable ocean views. 
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve Hike
by ybwhiker on Mar 08, 2014
Portola Valley, California, United States
Hiking | 7.3 miles
This trail is close to residential and not as crowd as PG&E trail, but still offers beautiful view and good exercise. 7 mile/2400 feet is moderate, suitable for most people.
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McNee Ranch State Park Hike 2014
by ybwhiker on Feb 23, 2014
Pacifica, California, United States
Hiking | 12.0 miles
I found this trial by just scanning through the Google map. It's close the coast and have some elevation, so I thought that it must have great view.To my surprise, the first half of the trial is paved, although it has been long time and some sections are already worn down. Also the grade is very gentle. First half mile is in the forest, and quickly, it becomes short bushes, giving great...
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San Francisco Biking
by ybwhiker on Jan 19, 2014
San Francisco, California, United States
Mountain biking | 39 miles
Along the trail, it's simply beautiful.
Stevens Creek Trail Run
by ybwhiker on Jan 18, 2014
Mountain View, California, United States
Running | 14.9 miles
I joint with BURN running group for this run, starting at 7am. Weather in the Bay Area is perfect for the running, around 50 degree. Most part the trail are paved, only the last couple of miles are unpaved.There are some runners and bikers, but a lot less than Los Gatos Creek Trail.
Fly from Orlando (MCO) to San Francisco (SFO)
by ybwhiker on Jan 13, 2014
Orlando, Florida, United States
Flying | 2,536 miles
This is my first time to record flight path with my Forerunner 305 on my flight from Orlando (MCO) to San Francisco (SFO). I placed my GPS device close to the window and it seems working pretty well, even at around 500mph speed.But the altitude data seems strange, it flight quite some for only 28000 feet, but went as high as 38000 feet.
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Disney Marathon 2014
by ybwhiker on Jan 12, 2014
Orlando, Florida, United States
Running | 26 miles
After running marathon races for 5 years, this is my first time to record my race with my forrunner 305, together with a Canon S100 camera.The race started at 5:30am, still dark. Different from any other races, which usually started by a horn, the Disney Marathon race started with the Disney style of fireworks. Very interesting.The course is through all four Disney Parks: Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, Animal Planet,  Hollywood Studio. Plus...
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Coyote Lake County Park
by ybwhiker on Jan 05, 2014
San Martin, California, United States
Hiking | 14.8 miles
This park is in the south tip of the South Bay, and I haven't been there even after so many years in the Bay Area.Early morning, we started at the trailhead. The trail are quite well maintained. There are quite number of mountain bikers on the trail. There are many trails in the park. I just picked the sections that will provide different views in the loop.On the way up, we saw...
Colorado river access - white rock canyon
by ybwhiker on Dec 29, 2013
Willow Beach, Arizona, United States
Hiking | 3.0 miles
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Bay Trail Biking from Mountain View to South San Francisco
by ybwhiker on Dec 22, 2013
Jackson Park, California, United States
Road biking | 54 miles
This our dream biking trip, starting from the Mountain View Caltrain station, ending at South San Francisco Caltrain station, and riding Caltrain back to Mountain View. The trails are mostly on the paved bike trail, with occasional unpaved trail, and some time on the not-so-busy road.We passed many high tech campuses, such as Oracle and Genetech, and residential areas, as well as coastal park areas. In some sections, we have the Bay...
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Saratoga Gap to Monte Bello
by ybwhiker on Dec 21, 2013
San Lorenzo Park, California, United States
Hiking | 17.8 miles
We four started early at Saratoga Gap of intersection of Hw 9 and Hw 35 at 7:50am. The parking lot is almost empty. The first half of the hike mostly are downhill, relatively easy with fast pace. Along the trail, we saw a really nice small lake with perfect reflection of the surrounding area.Just before the ascent, we spent 20 minutes to have lunch together. Then it's the tough part of the...
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Alum Rock Park Hike
by ybwhiker on Dec 15, 2013
East Foothills, California, United States
Hiking | 11.9 miles
This park is very close to the residential area, but does not have a lot of crowds.We started early at 7:30am, still very chilly. A few young runners went ahead of us. After a mile or so easy ascent, the trail gets steep. But the most part along the trail is wide and easy, with a lot of bike tire marks, indicating heavy bike traffic later of the day.The trail is scenic...
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Bay Bridge Biking
by ybwhiker on Dec 01, 2013
Emeryville, California, United States
Road biking | 37 miles
The new Bay Bridge has biking trail to the Treasure Island (no Island access yet). So we did this trail plus biking trails along the coast lines in Berkeley and Richmond. It's truly beautiful.
Joseph D Grant County Park
by ybwhiker on Nov 24, 2013
San Jose, California, United States
Hiking | 12.4 miles
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PG & E trail
by ybwhiker on Nov 23, 2013
Cupertino, California, United States
Hiking | 8.9 miles
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