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Switzerland - Scuol - Val D'Uina and Val Sesvenna
by sharonbader on Sep 14, 2012
Scuol, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 28 miles
We took the post bus from Scuol (1245m)  to S Charl which was at 1800m.We rode up Val Sesvenna which was a great ride, very technical and rocky and did have an approx 30 minute bike on your back hike a bike. We then rode down to the Sesvenna Hut at 2258m. The ride down to the hut was pretty rocky and technical but the loop was worth it for the views and...
Switzerland - Gampel Jeizinen
by sharonbader on Sep 11, 2012
Gampel-Jeizenen, Valais, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 37 miles
We rode here over two days. The first day we were guided by Andreas who we figure is a Marathon XC racer cause we rode up Sweet Single track and down some paved roads. Maybe he thought this was the best mountain biking this area had to offer, we felt differently. The next day we looked at the Hiking Map and rode from Jeizinen to Leuk, took the bus up to Leukerbad, did a side...
Switzerland - Feish - Bellwald
by sharonbader on Sep 09, 2012
Fiesch, Valais, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 8.8 miles
Today we wanted an even easier day and we were heading to Gampel-Jenzinen in the afternoon so we couldn't go on an epic ride. We took the SBB from Fiesch Bhf at 1049m to the Furgangen Lift at 1202m to Bellwald and took the chair to 2060m. There are two downhill mountain bike trails off the second lift. One is more freeride with some stunts and wall rides, the other is more flowy. Before we...
Switzerland - Unterägeri- Panoramaweg
by sharonbader on Sep 03, 2012
Unterägeri, Zug, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 19.6 miles
Always great to ride with Guido! and his brother Andy and Helen, Rene's wife. Panoramaweg in Aegeri. Too bad it was cloudy
Switzerland - Grindelwald - First
by sharonbader on Sep 04, 2012
Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 9.2 miles
We took the First Gondola from Grindelwald to the top of First. The mountain bike karte described a ride down which was on gravel and paved roads. The views would have been great if it wasn't cloudy First day of riding in Grindelwald after getting in late so it was ok. 
Switzerland - Grindelwald - Lauberhorn
by sharonbader on Sep 05, 2012
Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 19.4 miles
We met Simon from Tourism Wengen and Noodlez from Interlaken for a ride near Grindelwald. We rode up to Kleine Scheidegg from there we rode around the Lauberhorn to through Wengen to Lauterbrunnen, up the Gondola and rode to Winteregg and down an awesome wanderweg trail to Lauterbrunnen
Switzerland - Fiesch - Aletsch Roti Chumme
by sharonbader on Sep 08, 2012
Fiesch, Valais, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 18.4 miles
After the long day yesterday we wanted to have a bit easier day so we took the Gondola up from Feish, rode to Bettmeralp and rode the scenic trail - Roti Chumme. There were LOTS of Wanderweggers so we decided not to head to Beil at the intersection but continued down to Marjelensee where we were yesterday and do the same descent we did the day before. 1700 m of climbing was done on...
Switzerland - Fiesch - Aletsch Arena
by sharonbader on Sep 07, 2012
Fiesch, Valais, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 30 miles
We rode from Fiesh to Bettmeralp to Reideralp up across to Aletsch Arena, down trail where you can see the Fiesh Glacier
Switzerland Unterägeri - Naas
by sharonbader on Sep 02, 2012
Unterägeri, Zug, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 11.8 miles
After riding with the guys from Unterägeri twice now, once in North Vancouver and once in Davos in 2011 we took them up on their offer to check out their local trails. We arrived in Zurich at 10:30am, took a quick train to Zug and were picked up by Guido and took a short drive to Unterägeri. The weather wasn't cooperating on the Saturday we flew in so we waited until Sunday to go for a...
Zermatt - Gornergrat day 3
by sharonbader on Sep 23, 2011
Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland
switzerland | 21 miles
Again we went up the Gornergrat from 1620m to 3089. We went down Aussichteweg. We continued down Riffelseeweg to Rifffelberg. At Riffelberg we continued past the Mark Twain Weg trail to the next traverse below MT Weg.Then we took Arvenweg back to Zermatt at Moos.We had a donair and took the Funicular to Sunnegga, had a beer, then took the gondola to Blauherd. From there we hiked up the Panoramaweg and hiked down Abenteuerweg...
Zermatt - Gornergrat day 2
by sharonbader on Sep 22, 2011
Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland
switzerland | 19.3 miles
Again we went up the Gornergrat from 1620m to 3089. We went down Aussichteweg. This time we took an out and back trail towards Monte Rosa to see the glacier some more. After that we continued down Riffelseeweg to Rifffelberg. Made one wrong turn came back. At Riffelberg we took the Mark Twain Weg, mostly ridable except for the tight rocky switchbacks to Riffelalp. Then we took Arvenweg back to Zermatt at MoosThen we had...
Zermatt - Gornergrat and Rothorn
by sharonbader on Sep 21, 2011
Blatten, Valais, Switzerland
switzerland | 21 miles
Today we took the Gornergrat train from 1620m to 3089m. We then rode variations of Aussichtsweg to Riffelberg. We then followed the train tracks to Riffelboden. This was a road that went to Grunsee. From there we went down Naturweg to Moosjisee to Findeln to Gourmetweg to Direttissima and back to Zermatt.We then had lunch and went up the Rothorn. Unfortunately the upper gondola wasn't running and we were deceived by signs to the...
St. Moritz - Suvretta Pass
by sharonbader on Sep 15, 2011
Celerina, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 20 miles
We took the train from Davos to Celerina booked into the Inn Lodge and caught the Marguns Gondola up the St. Moritz ski area. From there we rode up to Suvretta pass, down to Bever and back to Celerina
St. Moritz - Bernina pass funicular laps
by sharonbader on Sep 17, 2011
La Rösa, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 26 miles
Today we took the Train up to Ospizio Bernina and rode back down to St. Moritz. From there we took the Chantarella Funicular to Corviglia Funicular. Rode down Alp Nova, was so good we did it again. Then rode back to Celerina. Was paved for most of that descent. yuck. 
Davos Rinerhorn
by sharonbader on Sep 14, 2011
Davos, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 11.9 miles
Today we took the Rinerhorn gondola up to check out the more xc trail off this gondola that ends at Sertig Dorfli - Sand to be exact. Really fun trail, nice grade and technically fun. Ride back to Clavadel was pretty much gravel path but fun non the less. 
Davos Weissfluejoch to Klosters
by sharonbader on Sep 12, 2011
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 23 miles
Day two of riding in Davos with Guido and Roman. We did the panoramaweg from Davos to Klosters. 
Bernina pass to Poschiavo to Tirano viacoldanzana
by sharonbader on Sep 16, 2011
Pontresina, Grisons, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 39 miles
We took the RE Train from Celerina to Ospizio Bernina. From there we rode down to Poschiavo. At Poschiavo we hired a shuttle up to Col D'anzana.Gianluca BalzaroloPoschiavo - (CH)Phone                        +41 (0)81 844 10 42            Fax +41 (0)81 844 10 66The climb up was just over an hour to the col. The start of the descent was good, as you got lower it was more armoured and steep, like on your brakes steep. We took the...
Switzerland Poschiavo to tirano smugglers route
by sharonbader on Aug 28, 2005
Poschiavo, Grisons, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 30 miles
Davos Pischahorn, Graubuenden
by sharonbader on Sep 11, 2011
Davos Platz, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 19.0 miles
Hooked up with some Swiss friends from unterageri SwitzerlandWith these guys there is no shuttle. This is more of a hiking trail, rather then a biking trail but it was well worth riding. More pictures and story here:
Graubuenden - Lenzerheide to Tschiertschen
by sharonbader on Sep 10, 2011
Lenzerheide, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain biking | 17.7 miles
Back up the Rothorn Gondola, heading along the Bike attack route, but back up and over Urden Fuerggli. Nice technical single track through the alpine, then a fireroad descent, then a single track descent, then a paved road climb, then a single track descent, then more fireroad, then back to the highway. 

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