Guides and Trips in Italy

Day 8 Back On The Road Again
by kriehl on Aug 28, 2012
Tessera, Veneto, Italy
Motorcycling | 234 miles
Left from Venice and headed for Porec Croatia then Ljubljana Solvania
Day 6 short trip to Venice
by kriehl on Aug 26, 2012
Verona, Veneto, Italy
Motorcycling | 74 miles
Day 3 Off To France
by kriehl on Aug 23, 2012
Luino, Lombardy, Italy
Motorcycling | 232 miles
Nice day. Really enjoying the French alps. Less cars and fun roads. Blog elsewhere
Start of a new day Photo
pic_84.jpg Photo
Day 2 In And Out Of Italy And Switzerland Multiple Times
by kriehl on Aug 22, 2012
Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italy
Motorcycling | 250 miles
Check the blog. Great roads but slow going. Check out the curvy road after the first Swiss crossing. Better than any roller coaster...if you look at the photos. ....posted elsewhere....find the one that has a guard rail and study it close and look for the road mixed in...absolutely incredible...wish there were no cars.
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Florence And Pisa
by kriehl on Jul 01, 2011
Oltrarno, Tuscany, Italy
Walking | 72 miles
A walking tour around Florence Italy. The two museums we walked through was so full of paintings and stone statutes we need to come back and spend a couple of days in each one. No photos were allowed inside. The church in main square was amazing Lisa will have more photos of it online much later. Pisa and the leaning tower was just that.
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The castle Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in. Photo
pic_106.jpg Photo
Wine tasting north of Roma
by kriehl on Jun 30, 2011
Civitavecchia, Lazio, Italy
Driving | 45 miles
We had a very relaxing day. Started off by working out then massages and off to the hills for wine tasting. The lake was very pretty. We walked up to a church located at the top of the main village on edge of the lake. We found lots of photo opportunities.
Streets of Sorrento Italy Photo
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Amalfi Coast If Italy
by kriehl on Jun 29, 2011
Salerno, Campania, Italy
Boating | 10.2 miles
What a nice coast. We need to come back and ride the coastal road hwy 163 It is 50km long from Sorrento to Salerno. It looks like a fun twisty road. You can see the road in most if these photos if you zoom in. There are lots of villas tucked into the cliffs. On of them recently sold for $30 million. You had to hike the last 2km to the front...
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Gondole Ride
by kriehl on Jun 21, 2011
Venice, Veneto, Italy
Boating | 1.7 miles
Started at our hotel and toured the small canals for 45min. It is really interesting watching all the goods being loaded and unloaded in all the unique doorways. We saw cabinet shops and lumber yards in some of the small alleys. It was low tide during our boat ride. The water was only 3 feet deep in the small canals. At high tide they are 6 feet deep. The main canal is 15-18...
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pic_56.jpg Photo
A Walk Through Venice
by kriehl on Jun 20, 2011
Venice, Veneto, Italy
Walking | 5.7 miles
We spent a couple hours walking around Venice. Plenty of dead ends but managed a path that explored many back alleys.