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Cape Mountain 4-17-10 1.jpg Photo
Cape Mountain 4-17-10 4.jpg Photo
Cape Mountain 4-17-10 5.jpg Photo
Cape Mountain 4-17-10 6.jpg Photo
Cape Mountain
by JonathanEllinger on Apr 17, 2010
Mercer (historical), Oregon, United States
Hiking | 2.7 miles
then up to Cape Mountain for the 2 mile hike up to the summit where there are historical markers from an old fire lookout there in the 30’s.  There was an old wheel left over from the garage that was there along with other signs showing photos of what it used to look like up there.  Much had grown back on the summit in the 70 years since.  We were afforded some...
Sutton Dunes Pano 4-17-10  1.jpg Photo
Sutton Dunes 4-17-10 3.jpg Photo
Sutton Dunes 4-17-10 4.jpg Photo
Sutton Dunes Pano 4-17-10  2.jpg Photo
Sutton Creek Dunes
by JonathanEllinger on Apr 17, 2010
Heceta Beach, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 4.1 miles
    We started the afternoon off by checking out Sutton Creek Dunes just north of Florence.  Our guidebook said to check out the area at the Holman Vista viewing deck first where we got a cool panorama of some smaller dunes near the beach.  We then headed off on the 4.1 mile loop trail following the creek and then out to Alder Dune and back.   It was a pleasant hike through...
Owl'S Head 001.jpg Photo
Owl'S Head 002.jpg Photo
Owl'S Head 003.jpg Photo
Owl'S Head 004.jpg Photo
Owl's Head
by JonathanEllinger on Jul 10, 2006
Hiking | 18.6 miles
    Today I picked up my dad's car early and drove to NH for a very long climb up Owl's Head mountain in the Pemigewasset Wilderness of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Owl's Head is a very remote mountain that is about 8.8 miles from the trailhead at the Hancock Campground off the Kangamangus Highway (route 112).      When I got to the trailhead at noon I noticed people with mountain...
Macnaughton 8-12-06 001.jpg Photo
Macnaughton 8-12-06 001.jpg Photo
Macnaughton 8-12-06 002.jpg Photo
Macnaughton 8-12-06 002.jpg Photo
by JonathanEllinger on Aug 12, 2006
Hiking | 13.5 miles
    Today I decided to head up north with my dads car to climb MacNaughton.  I had mentioned this mountain in my previous posts and my intentions to climb it before moving.  Although it is not on any of the 4,000 foot peaks list in the Northeast or NY I wanted to climb it before leaving.  All the peak lists were made 20 to 80 years ago before accurate surveying technology was...
Emily Xcountry - White Butte, ND 19.jpg Photo
Emily Xcountry - White Butte, ND 18.jpg Photo
Emily Xcountry - White Butte, ND 17.jpg Photo
Emily Xcountry - White Butte, ND 16.jpg Photo
White Butte North Dakota
by JonathanEllinger on Aug 20, 2008
Amidon, North Dakota, United States
Hiking | 1.3 miles
We got up early from Bowman, ND and headed the wrong way towards White Butte right off the bat!... 20 minutes later we discovered we were in the wrong area and had to turn around which set us back an hour. Thankfully White Butte was a piece of cake hike only about 2 miles long. Emily and I made it to the top and back to the car in less than an...
Drift Creek GPS - 05.jpg Photo
Drift Creek GPS - 07.jpg Photo
Drift Creek GPS - 09.jpg Photo
Drift Creek GPS - 12.jpg Photo
Drift Creek
by JonathanEllinger on Jan 03, 2010
Four Cabin Corner, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 3.3 miles
After a leisurely morning of sleeping in because the snow still sucked for skiing and rain was predicted in the mountains Emily and I decided to head to the coast instead for a hike and then to meet up with Kevin and Alexa who went surfing at Otter Rocks.  The hike was super easy at only 5 miles and Drift Creek Falls was beautiful.  The suspension bridge 75’ over the river below...
Whispering Spruce Trail 4-15-07 001.jpg Photo
Whispering Spruce Trail 4-15-07 002.jpg Photo
Whispering Spruce Trail 4-15-07 003.jpg Photo
Whispering Spruce Trail 4-15-07 004.jpg Photo
Whispering Spruce Trail
by JonathanEllinger on Apr 15, 2007
Yachats, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 0.4 miles
After the helicopter training yesterday I decided to go exploring MacDonald Dunn on my bike again.  This time I rode over Chip Ross Park up Dan's Trail over to the Oak Creek trailhead from my apartment.  The Loop was about 10 miles and was awesome.  I got home and  ate a burger... not really a burger  because I couldn't find a bun to go with it.  I spent yesterday evening trying to...
Wahkeena Falls 6-15-07 005.jpg Photo
Wahkeena Falls 6-15-07 010.jpg Photo
Wahkeena Falls 6-15-07 011.jpg Photo
Wahkeena Falls 6-15-07 013.jpg Photo
Wahkeena Falls
by JonathanEllinger on Jun 15, 2007
Prindle, Washington, United States
Hiking | 6.2 miles
Before picking my mom up at the airport I decided to go for a hike in the Columbia River Gorge up Wahkeena Falls.  The trail I took climbed steeply up to the top of Wahkeena Falls and then up to where the spring that feeds the falls comes out of the ground.  It was amazing to see a decent sized creek simply come out of nowhere in the ground.  The trail crossed...
Cape Arago & Umpqua Dunes 5-19-07 060.jpg Photo
Cape Arago & Umpqua Dunes 5-19-07 068.jpg Photo
Cape Arago & Umpqua Dunes 5-19-07 069.jpg Photo
Cape Arago & Umpqua Dunes 5-19-07 070.jpg Photo
Umpqua Dunes
by JonathanEllinger on May 19, 2007
Tenmile, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 1.9 miles
After Sunset Bay we drove to the Umpqua Sand dunes.  I can't wait to come back here in a month or two with my buddies from Corvallis for a weekend of ATV rentals and bbq's.   There are also shops for sandboarding, a new sport that is blowing up on the coast and on sand dunes around the U.S.  There are actually boards made specifically for the sport with special slick coatings on the...
Thanksgiving 2008 152.jpg Photo
Thanksgiving 2008 150.jpg Photo
Thanksgiving 2008 147.jpg Photo
Thanksgiving 2008 143.jpg Photo
Tumalo 2008
by JonathanEllinger on Nov 29, 2008
Elk Lake, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 3.7 miles
On Saturday Kendra, Adam, Emily, Brendan and I decided to hike up Mt. Tumalo while the others returned to ski the cinder cone across the road from us.  We never saw them from our climb but new they were there.  It was a truly beautiful day and we all ended up hiking in long sleeve shirts to the open summit.  Kendra and Adam brought their dog Jake along who seemed to have...
Triangulation Peak 10-25-08 62.jpg Photo
Triangulation Peak 10-25-08 60.jpg Photo
Triangulation Peak 10-25-08 58.jpg Photo
Triangulation Peak 10-25-08 54.jpg Photo
Triangulation Peak
by JonathanEllinger on Oct 25, 2008
Breitenbush, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 4.7 miles
This weekend Emily and decided it was time to go on another short hike before I had to work at Ruby's.  We drove out towards the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area with guidebooks in hand.  When we passed by Detroit Lake I was absolutely amazed at how low the water level was.  When Kalin and I had passed by the lake in mid July on our Jefferson attempt it reminded me of Lake...
Tahkenitch Hike 5-27-07 002.jpg Photo
Tahkenitch Hike 5-27-07 003.jpg Photo
Tahkenitch Hike 5-27-07 004.jpg Photo
Tahkenitch Hike 5-27-07 006.jpg Photo
Tahkenitch Dunes
by JonathanEllinger on May 27, 2007
Gardiner, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 6.9 miles
Today after we left Shilo's Eleanor, Chris, and Toshi and I headed down 126 to south of Florence on the coast to the Tahkenitch dunes for a 7 mile hike.  Eleanor was in a little under the weather from last night but she decided to go along which I thought was great.  The hike took us over some dunes to the ocean where we walked down the beach for a few miles...
Silver Falls State Park 4-8-07 002.jpg Photo
Silver Falls State Park 4-8-07 003.jpg Photo
Silver Falls State Park 4-8-07 008.jpg Photo
Silver Falls State Park 4-8-07 012.jpg Photo
Silver Falls State Park
by JonathanEllinger on Apr 08, 2007
Hullt (historical), Oregon, United States
Hiking | 10.2 miles
Got up around 10 today and decided to go for a nice ~10 mile hike in the very scenic Silver Falls State Park just east of Salem about an hour away.  When I got there I realized the ticket machine for the parking pass couldn't break a ten so had to beg for a buck from passing motorists in the parking lot.  The first guy I asked, a nice looking older guy,...
Rooster Rock 10-21-06 028.jpg Photo
Rooster Rock 10-21-06 002.jpg Photo
Rooster Rock 10-21-06 005.jpg Photo
Rooster Rock 10-21-06 017.jpg Photo
Rooster Rock
by JonathanEllinger on Oct 21, 2006
Upper Soda, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 8.4 miles
Today I woke up so hungover I didn't know if I wanted to do anything but Anna called me and motivated me to make a plan for the day and make the most out of the weather.  Her and Eleanor were downtown at the Farmer's Market where I met them briefly to say hi before heading East towards the mountains for a day hike up to Rooster Rock, a really cool volcanic...
Pyramids 9-14-08 46.jpg Photo
Pyramids 9-14-08 44.jpg Photo
Pyramids 9-14-08 41.jpg Photo
Pyramids 9-14-08 40.jpg Photo
Pyramid Peaks
by JonathanEllinger on Sep 14, 2008
Marion Forks, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 5.2 miles
Today Emily and I wanted to get out of town and go for a hike so we decided to head to Santiam Pass and go for a short hike.  We looked in my book of hikes in the area and chose a 4.2mile roundtrip hike up Middle Pyramid. I had to go to work at 4pm so we had to be down from the mountain by 2pm for me to make it...
Oneonta & Lotourell Falls 10-6-07 82.jpg Photo
Oneonta & Lotourell Falls 10-6-07 77.jpg Photo
Oneonta & Lotourell Falls 10-6-07 75.jpg Photo
Oneonta & Lotourell Falls 10-6-07 64.jpg Photo
Oneonta Falls & Triple Falls
by JonathanEllinger on Oct 06, 2007
Dodson, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 7.4 miles
Today I took Julie and her friend Jill on some hikes up in the Columbia Gorge. We also took Jill’s cute dog Lou who almost has as much energy as McKenzie but a little bit smaller. Neither girl had really seen the Columbia Gorge yet so I really enjoyed introducing them to it. I purposely chose light hikes to save Julie’s knees. For the first hike we headed in at Horsetail Falls...
Mary'S Peak 9-17-06 002.jpg Photo
Mary'S Peak 9-17-06 003.jpg Photo
Mary'S Peak 9-17-06 004.jpg Photo
Mary'S Peak 9-17-06 005.jpg Photo
Mary's Peak from Conner's Camp
by JonathanEllinger on Sep 17, 2006
Peak (historical), Oregon, United States
Hiking | 6.1 miles
Today I decided to go for a hike up Mary's Peak, the tallest mountain in the coastal range at 4,098 feet and only 30 minutes drive from Corvallis.  I drove the road up (very cool winding road with banked turns) to the Connors Campground parking lot and then hiked up from there as Jason had suggested in my Keene Sandals.  It was a 3 mile hike through some of the most beautiful...
Emily Xcountry - Glacier 121.jpg Photo
Emily Xcountry - Glacier 119.jpg Photo
Emily Xcountry - Glacier 118.jpg Photo
Emily Xcountry - Glacier 116.jpg Photo
Highline Trail
by JonathanEllinger on Aug 23, 2008
Siyeh Bend, Montana, United States
Hiking | 11.4 miles
Saturday - Breakfast with Rachel & Jon then the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park. After a wonderful breakfast with Rachel and Jon at the same place we went to with Kenny Emily and I hit the road towards Glacier National Park. This time we only had an afternoon to spend in the park so we went by the short trails Kenny and I had gone on. I wanted to finally hike...
Mt. Jefferson Attempt 6-30-08 35.jpg Photo
Mt. Jefferson Attempt 6-30-08 34.jpg Photo
Mt. Jefferson Attempt 6-30-08 32.jpg Photo
Mt. Jefferson Attempt 6-30-08 31.jpg Photo
Mt. Jefferson Attempt
by JonathanEllinger on Jun 29, 2008
Marion Forks, Oregon, United States
Hiking | 6.5 miles
Too big with too little time is how I would describe our effort to climb Mt. Jefferson this weekend. Kalin and I thought we'd have enough time to climb the 2nd tallest volcanic peak inOregon in just a night and a day but we were very wrong.  I had a very foreboding and nervous feeling about the climb all week long. I guess my instincts are right on still. We left Corvallis...
Iron Mtn 9-30-06 001.jpg Photo
Iron Mtn 9-30-06 002.jpg Photo
Iron Mtn 9-30-06 003.jpg Photo
Iron Mtn 9-30-06 004.jpg Photo
Iron Mountain
by JonathanEllinger on Sep 30, 2006
Hiking | 6.6 miles
Today I went for a hike up Iron Mountain with Ashley Hatfield and my roomate Jason Killian along who brought McKenzie along.  I had gotten up early and went to Firestone to have 4 brand new tires put on my truck.  I got the Bridgestone AT Dueler Revo's, a sick tire that performs amazingly in wet conditions ie, the Pacific Northwest.  Thus, I was anxious to test them out so I opted...

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