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Lesser Yellowlegs Photo
Northern Flicker Photo
Bewick's Wren Photo
California Quail Photo
Annual termite hatch
by tclifton on Oct 05, 2011
Carmel Highlands, California, United States
Bird Watching | 3.3 miles
California has a wet season and a dry season. The dry season usually runs from May to October, making baseball rain-outs rare. The dry season ends with the first substantial rain, which usually lasts about a day and then the weather clears and warms again.This rain triggers the annual termite hatch when termites come streaming out of their subterranean homes and take flight, hoping to find a mate and create a new...
Peregrine Falcon Photo
Peregrine Falcon Photo
Peregrine and Turkey Vulture Photo
Turkey Vulture Photo
Late winter birding at Point Lobos
by tclifton on Mar 01, 2011
Carmel Highlands, California, United States
Bird Watching | 4.7 miles
While I wasn't planing on spending 3 hours at Lobos, these things happen. It turned out to be a wonderful day for spotting and photographing raptors and butterflies. I started at the Bird Island parking lot and was just going to do the Bird Island loop and see if I could spot the Peregrine Falcon. As I came around the bend, I heard a cry, looked up, and spotted the falcon in...
Snowy Egret Photo
Snowy Egret Photo
Black Phoebe Photo
Loose Kelp Photo
Fall Birding at Point Lobos
by tclifton on Oct 18, 2010
Carmel Highlands, California, United States
Bird Watching | 4.7 miles
Another jaunt at Point Lobos to check out the fall sights, birds, late flowers, and termites. I actually didn't plan on the termites, but should have because it was the first clear day after the first rain of the season. Termite hatches seem far less threatening when they aren't happening in your neighborhood. The birds also seemed to like the event.
Western Scrub-jay Photo
Black Pheobe Photo
Harbor Seal Photo
Double-crested Cormorants Photo
Granite Point, Moss Cove Trail
by tclifton on Sep 28, 2010
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, United States
Bird Watching | 2.3 miles
This is a revisit to a trail I walked last spring but never got around to writing about. It is a nice flat 2 mile out and back from Whaler's Cove to the Ichxenta Point at the northwest corner of the Reserve. The first half of the trail is wheel-chair accessible.The trail starts across from the Whaler's Cabin Museum. You can park in the Whaler's Cove parking lot, but it will fill...
Little waves Photo
Bewick's Wren Photo
Poison Oak Photo
Band-tailed Pigeon Photo
Point Lobos - 100910
by tclifton on Sep 10, 2010
California, United States
Bird Watching | 2.1 miles
I took a short hike around Point Lobos. I mostly wanted to take some photos and see some birds. Perhaps see some more whales or dolphins (but that didn't pan out).It was a short hike, but I did get down to Sea Lion Point. I have been wanting to clean up the trail map down there for a while. Erosion at the Point has cause a few changes in where the trails...
Bird Island Photo
Sea cave/arch at China Beach Photo
Alligator Lizzard Photo
Hanging flowers Photo
Point Lobos truthing hike 2
by tclifton on Aug 11, 2010
Carmel Highlands, California, United States
Bird Watching | 3.8 miles
Another little hike where I was recording waypoints to tighten up my trail maps. This hike solidified my thought that very few people use the interior trails. The Reserve was packed, they were letting in cars in small groups when I got there a bit before noon. Both Whaler's Cove and Sea Lion Point parking lots were full, as was the parking lot at the Slot. I found one last spot at...
Sea Otters Photo
Killdeer Photo
flowers Photo
grasses Photo
Point Lobos truthing hike
by tclifton on Jul 27, 2010
California, United States
Bird Watching | 3.5 miles
The trail map at Point Lobos is not especially accurate. Specifically most of the interior trails only vaguely represent reality (they are in the same zip code and roughly run in the correct direction). Since I have collected gps tracks while walking the Reserve's trails for the last year, I figure I can help produce an improved map. But since gps tracks themselves are less than accurate, I set out to collect...
Great Egret Photo
Canada Goose Photo
Wild Turkeys Photo
Song Sparrow Photo
Point Lobos - Granite Point trail
by tclifton on Apr 13, 2010
Carmel Highlands, California, United States
Bird Watching | 2.2 miles
This out and back hike is just over two miles (if you add in the loops) along the northeast shore at Point Lobos State Reserve.Bear with me as I try to upload photos for a guide. I will get back to finish this shortly because it was a nice little hike.
Wild rose and ferns Photo
Bewick's Wren Photo
Hairy Woodpecker Photo
Chestnut-backed Chickadee Photo
Point Lobos - Whalers Knoll
by tclifton on Jun 04, 2010
Carmel Highlands, California, United States
Bird Watching | 4.0 miles
This was another birding hike, but then all of my hikes these days focus on birding. I also wanted to cover two trails that I had not hiked before, the Whaler's Knoll trail and the Lace Lichen trail. I started at the Sea Lion Point parking lot and headed north on the North Shore trail. At a little over a quarter of a mile, the Whaler's Knoll trial heads off to the...
Sick Sea Lion? Photo
Harbor Seals Photo
Brandt's Cormorants Photo
Black-crowned Night Heron Photo
Point Lobos Birding
by tclifton on Apr 28, 2010
Carmel Highlands, California, United States
Bird Watching | 4.5 miles
Point Lobos has been called the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world. I won't argue that here. It is also a nice place to do some easy hikes and if you like viewing birds and marine mammals it is well suited for that too.For this trip, I chose the main perimeter trails. They give you a good sense of what the reserve has to offer in a 4.5 mile...


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