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Point Reyes: Mt. Wittenberg, Kelham Beach, Glen Camp, Alamere Falls
by secretchinamark on May 19, 2015
Point Reyes Station, California, United States
Backpacking | 26 miles
Day 1 (11 miles):Started by hiking from Bear Valley Visitor Center up the Mt. Wittenberg Trail to the peak. This was a moderately steep climb, and the view at the top was not worth it. From there, we descended via Sky Trail to Kelham Beach, which granted us a beautiful stretch of the Pacific all to ourselves. We then hiked back up via Bear Valley Trail to Glen Camp, where we settled...
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Meizhou area village-hopping
by secretchinamark on Jan 05, 2014
Meizhou, Guangdong, China
Backpacking | 15.3 miles
Two-day backpacking through some mountain paths in northeastern Guangdong province near Meizhou. We started in beautiful Xiaosheng village (小胜镇), where we first slowly bushwhacked up to a local peak before circumnavigating it and traveling southwest to the town of Sanhe (三合), where we made camp for the night behind Sanhe School (三合学校). The next morning we continued on to Huangjin village (黄金镇), where we caught a bus to Fengshun (丰顺).
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Ventana Double Cone loop - Big Sur
by secretchinamark on Feb 15, 2014
Greenfield, California, United States
Backpacking | 36 miles
3-night backpacking trip looping from China Camp to the peak of Ventana Double Cone for a beautiful mountain-and-sea-side sunset/sunrise. Some challenging but rewarding elevation gain and scrambling through one particularly difficult trail. Copious water and well-maintained campsites along the rivers made for great camping.Day 1: 9.5 milesStarted from China Camp and traveled northeast along Pine Ridge Trail. The trail was almost entirely downhill for this segment. Camped at Hiding Canyon Camp, which...
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Lassen Volcanic National Park - Snag Lake, Lava Beds, Mount Hoffman, Horseshoe Lake, Crater Butte
by secretchinamark on Aug 31, 2013
California, United States
Backpacking | 29 miles
Great 2-night backpacking trip in the eastern backcountry area of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Lakes, meadows, lava beds, hill climbing, and crater lake exploration.(Trip time is understated since only the first day was tracked by GPS. Total hiking time was more like ~18 hours.)Day 1 (tracked by GPS): We parked at the Summit Lake South campground (about a 30 minute drive from the Southwest gate of the park) and set off northwest...
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Cache Creek Regional Park - High Bridge Trailhead to Ridge Trail
by secretchinamark on Apr 27, 2013
Wilbur Springs, California, United States
Backpacking | 14.3 miles
One-night, out-and-back camping trip.
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Horse Pasture Trail, Tassajara Road, Tony Trail, Marble Peak Trail - Big Sur/Ventana Wilderness
by secretchinamark on Feb 16, 2013
Greenfield, California, United States
Backpacking | 16.7 miles
This was a beautiful 2-night backpacking trip which covered a good variety of terrain. We traveled at a relaxed pace, covering 6-8 miles each day and taking some long breaks.There was some challenge along the second half of the Tony Trail: two short sections along the hillside had eroded and were very difficult to cross with our packs. For the first, we transferred our packs across with a rope; for the second, we...


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