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Kenting driving
by oldpinetree on Apr 25, 2011
Ma’anshan, Taiwan, Taiwan
Driving | 56 miles
26 April 2011A driving trip to several attractions in Kenting. 
20090812_125007_IMG_1398 (Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090812_125044_IMG_1399 (Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090812_125802_IMG_1402 (Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090812_153537_IMG_0570 (Chitose, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 10
by oldpinetree on Aug 12, 2009
Kita-rokujō, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 43 miles
Day 10: 札幌 薄野/狸小路 - New Chitose Airport - Haneda Airport - Hong KongIt's the last day of our summer trip to Hokkaido. We spent the morning at Tanukikoji (狸小路) and the nearby Department stores at Sapporo. We had our lunch at "Crab Shogun" 北海道かに将軍札幌本店http://www.kani-syougun.com/The lunch set are more affordable than the dinner set but they are equally delicious. We returned the car to ORIX at New Chitose. ORIX had a mini-bus for us to go...
20090811_114541_IMG_1354 (Kikaiba, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090811_114650_IMG_1355 (Kikaiba, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090811_115618_DSC02701 (Kikaiba, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090811_121005_DSC02708 (Kikaiba, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 9
by oldpinetree on Aug 11, 2009
Kita-rokujō, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 32 miles
Day 9: 滝野すずらん丘陵公園 - 札幌駅 It's a day for kids. We spent nearly a whole day in 滝野すずらん丘陵公園 (Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park). The park is at South of Sapporo central area and it took about an hour's ride to reach there. The park is very family and kids friendly. Every amusement facility and gadget is designed with kids in mind and from their perspectives. As far as I could see, People there were nearly all...
20090810_075936_DSC02667 (Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090810_112956_IMG_1189 (Temiyachō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090810_114343_DSC02684 (Temiyachō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090810_115640_IMG_1224 (Temiyachō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 8
by oldpinetree on Aug 09, 2009
Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 145 miles
Day 8: 洞爺湖 - 小樽 - 札幌駅  Leaving early from the onsen hotel in Lake Toyo, it took about 2.5 hours to go to Otaru via the expressway. The misty weather was gone. Sunshine and blue sky welcomed us in Otaru. We parked our car near 淺草橋 and then walked along the canal. The old warehouses on the other side and the canal make nice composition for photos. It's pretty awkward that there...
20090809_103701_DSC02605 (Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090809_105205_IMG_0997 (Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090809_125343_IMG_1033 (Tōya, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090809_134712_IMG_1039 (Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 7
by oldpinetree on Aug 09, 2009
Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 34 miles
Day 7: Lake Hill Farm - 昭和新山 It's the second day we stayed at the Lake Toyo region. The original plan was to take the lake cruise to 中島 and to go to several tourist spots in the region.  The weather was however dull and dark on the day. We had a leisure walk in the morning on the lake side near our hotel. There were lots of statues with various themes along the promenade....
20090808_044121_IMG_0750 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090808_044640_IMG_0762 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090808_064549_IMG_0774 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090808_083244_IMG_0810 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 6
by oldpinetree on Aug 07, 2009
Horomui, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 212 miles
Day 6: Pension Jacatra - 親子の木 - 苫小牧港市場 - 登別地獄谷 - 洞爺湖畔亭 HotelThe trip ahead for the day was a long one. I should have had adequate sleep to prepare for the long driving journey. However, I woke up near the time of sunrise, 4:11AM in a Hokkaido August. I did not regret that 'cos the sun rise over the mountains on the fields was fabulous. The morning mist covered the Biei...
20090807_085454_IMG_0426 (Kami-furano, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
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Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 5
by oldpinetree on Aug 06, 2009
Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 49 miles
Day 5: 青い池 (白金溫泉) - Panorama Road - Chiyoda Farm (千代田の丘FAMUZU牧場) - 四季彩の丘 - 美瑛市We planned to have a farm activities in Chiyoda Farm on that day. The farm is part of the "Panorama Road" in Biei. We spent some time as a short excursion to a nearby new tourist spots in the region - 青い池. The small stream collection pond is fed by nearby hotspring. We read from the recommendations from local...
20090806_053520_DSC01916 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090806_054937_DSC01924 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090806_090031_IMG_0010 (Naka-furano, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090806_091349_DSC02017 (Naka-furano, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 4
by oldpinetree on Aug 05, 2009
Kami-furano, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 65 miles
Day 4: (花畑行) 富田農場 - 北星山町營薰衣草園 - 彩香の里 - 羊の丘 - 富良野Grape Juice Plant - 富良野車站 - Kanno FarmWe spent the whole day in Furano region for its flower lands.  To prepare for the long day trip, it's refreshing to take a bath in the open bath of the Pension before the journey. In order to avoid the crowd, we arrived Farm Tomita earliest possible for us. Early birds get the worms and...
20090805_073319_IMG_9706 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090805_073629_IMG_9707 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090805_085955_IMG_9711 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090805_090850_IMG_9728 (Biei, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 3
by oldpinetree on Aug 04, 2009
Nishi-kagura, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 52 miles
Day 3: 北西の丘展望公園 - 亞斗夢の丘 - Asahiyama Zoo (旭山動物園) - Patchwork Road's Ken & Mary の木 The breakfast in the Pension was highly regarded by our family - The bread was fresh and crispy. All local ingredients - fruits, potato, milk, sausages were nice.  On the day, we planned to visit Asahiyama Zoo which was about 1 hour ride from our Pension. On the road to the zoo, we were attracted by two...
20090804_095914_IMG_9543 (Kita-rokujō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090804_113737_IMG_9556 (Iwamizawa, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090804_130734_DSCF5426 (Yawara, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090804_135050_DSCF5446 (Yawara, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 2
by oldpinetree on Aug 04, 2009
Naie, Hokkaidō, Japan
Driving | 130 miles
Day 2: 札幌 - 北滝町 「ひまわりの里」 - Biei (美瑛) Pension JacatraWe spent day one of our trip mostly on the flight from Hong Kong to Japan. We arrived Sapporo quite late in the evening. The Summer Hokkaido trip literally begun on Day two.  We booked a 8-seater Honda Stepwagon from ORIX. The Sapporo branch was very close to the hotel we stayed in Sapporo and it's just several streets north to Sapporo JR...


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