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120623 Traditional Mixed Terrain
by cduque on Jun 23, 2012
San Francisco, CA, USA
Mixed Terrain bicycling | 48 miles
We were gonna do a much longer ride but right after the first beer and lunch at Fairfax's Iron Springs we all agree to just ride straight back to San Francisco instead on continuing  doing the route we had plan to do. So at the end of the day we end up riding the "Traditional Mixed Terrain "instead of the much longer "Baby Ruta Loca Mixed Terrain"
2012 Mixed Terrain Fleche
by cduque on Mar 02, 2012
Fort Winfield Scott, California, United States
Mixed Terrain | 223 miles
IMG_0132.JPG Photo
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Wildcat Camp
by cduque on Jul 24, 2010
Point Reyes Station, California, United States
Mixted Terrain biking | 35 miles
A short ride,about 40miles (The GPS started tracking a little after we left) Went on Hwy1 to Five Brooks were we took the fireroad to Wildcat Campground on the other side of the ridge. The returned the same way and went on the very easy Bear Trail to its end and back. Then out to Black MtnCycles  to visit Mike and then back to where we started at Inverness Park. Some long...
2010 La Ruta Loca Randonnee
by cduque on Jul 10, 2010
San Francisco, California, United States
Mixed terrain bicycle ride | 118 miles
The 2010 version of this epic ride. a little over 200k and ~15000 of elevation to be completed in less than 13.5 hours. Very much follow brevet rules.
SFR 400k 2009
by cduque on Apr 04, 2009
San Francisco, California, United States
Brevet | 241 miles
Mt Tam DeerPark MuirWoods SF
by cduque on Jan 31, 2009
San Francisco, California, United States
Mixed terrain biking | 33 miles


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