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Inside Basilca Del Pi Photo
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A Stroll Through Barcelona Spain Gothic Area
by kriehl on Jul 03, 2011
Walking | 9.5 miles
We very much enjoyed our day in Barcelona. We strolled through some really nice parts of the gothic area. Lunch time we found our usual favorite spots in Spain. Relaxing with a beer and tapas in an outdoor cafe by a cathedral. The people watching was very nice. Afterwards we strolled inside the old city wall and found great music and architecture. I recorded a taste for you in the picture...
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Cannes And Nice France
by kriehl on Jul 01, 2011
Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Walking | 24 miles
We saw quite a few unique things today. The photos have hidden surprises....look for them. We also witnessed a traditional bachelor party. The guy getting married had to dress up and go massage a naked stranger. We watched but did not video it...sorry. Then he had to interview more strangers and survey them for their favorite sexual positions. The victims had to pick from a photo list of the positions and sign...
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Florence And Pisa
by kriehl on Jul 01, 2011
Oltrarno, Tuscany, Italy
Walking | 72 miles
A walking tour around Florence Italy. The two museums we walked through was so full of paintings and stone statutes we need to come back and spend a couple of days in each one. No photos were allowed inside. The church in main square was amazing Lisa will have more photos of it online much later. Pisa and the leaning tower was just that.
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Streets of Sorrento Italy Photo
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Sorrento Italy
by kriehl on Jun 29, 2011
Walking | 2.3 miles
We had a nice stroll through Sorrento Italy today. Very nice historic city. Built upon old lava flows from 78-79ad the same flow that buried Pompeii.
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Europe on the left Asia on the right, both Instabul, Turkey Photo
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Instanbul, Turkey
by kriehl on Jun 25, 2011
Walking | 9.6 miles
Touring Instanbul Turkey
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Instanbul, Turkey
by kriehl on Jun 25, 2011
Tophane, Istanbul, Turkey
Walking | 9.6 miles
Touring Instanbul Turkey
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A Walk Through Venice
by kriehl on Jun 20, 2011
Venice, Veneto, Italy
Walking | 5.7 miles
We spent a couple hours walking around Venice. Plenty of dead ends but managed a path that explored many back alleys.


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