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Bellfountain, Oregon, United States

Woodpecker Loop Trail - William L. Finley Wildlife Refuge

Enjoy a hike through oak woodland with great valley views but watch out for the poison oak along the way.

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.2 miles / 3.5 km
Duration: 1 hour or less
Family Friendly
Overview: Before you head out on this wonderful trail through oak woodland and open meadows make sure you grab the brochure at the trailhead kiosk. This trail has multiple interpretive signs about the birds you may see on the walk, including a lot about, yup, you guessed it, Woodpeckers.

Tip: Before you go, make sure you have really good understanding of what Poison Oak looks like as this trail has a A LOT of it. I've included a photo in this guide of what it looks like on the side of the trail. It is very easy to avoid, so just make sure not to touch it or let your children come into contact with it.

Tips: From Corvallis Follow Hwy 99 south for about 8.5 miles from Avery Ave until you see the Refuge Road on the right. Take that road and drive a few miles down the gravel road past the headquarters. You'll drive across open meadows up on a hill. At the bottom of the hill you will see a sign for the trail. I've included a photo of the sign marking the trailhead at POI #1

Points of Interest


Trailhead Parking

Park here in the loop. There is no fee to park here.

Trail Split

Head right to start your loop by heading over the bridge.

Wildlife Viewing Platform

Under these huge trees is wooden viewing platform with interpretive signs about the wildlife you may see.


Whatever you do, don't touch these plants. They are poison oak and the leaves look wet or greasy. You will be itching for weeks if you do!


Here you will find a wonderful little pond where you can sit on a bench and watch ducks swim around.

Trail Photo

The trail is very well maintained and contains multiple bridges over wet areas such as this one.

Trail Junction

Here you can take the Intertie Trail which will take you to the Mill Hill Trail. For this hike you will proceed past this intersection back towards your vehicle.
Pictures in this guide taken by: JonathanEllinger

Jonathan Ellinger

Woodpecker Loop Trail - William L. Finley Wildlife Refuge Map

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