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Bruges, Flanders, Belgium

Week-end in Bruges

Sometimes called "The Venice of the North", Bruges is the perfect destination for a romantic week-end.

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.1 miles / 5.0 km
Duration: Multiple days
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Overview: Bruges (Brugge in Flemish) deserves its name of "Venice of the North".

Its downtown is indeed surrounded by canals that it is possible to travel by boat.

Bruges is also the most touristic city of Belgium and again it's not for nothing. The medieval town has preserved all the splendor of its medieval architectural heritage. In this regard, the historic center of Bruges is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000 for its Gothic brick buildings and masterpieces of Flemish primitive art.

Bruges is also in itself a veritable outdoor museum. Its religious monuments are also among the attractions that the city hides. Finally, it contains some witnesses museums of art and craft heritage of Bruges. Many cultural stops to do a weekend or more.

Finally, Bruges is located near the North Sea. Ostend (Oostende in Dutch) is in some way to the seaside town of Bruges. If you fancy going to see the sea and why not go swimming during your stay in Bruges, know that you do not have to travel only 30 km.

Tips: Try the boat ride, a bike tour or a guided carriage ride!

Points of Interest



This monument was built between the sixteenth and the thirteenth century. It has 366 steps, measures 83 meters high and offers panoramic views over the city. On the second floor is the former treasury museum. The Belfry's carillon consists of 47 bells is the most famous in Europe

Choco Story - The Chocolate Museum

The museum is in the house Croon, a former wine tavern dating from around 1480. It traces the history of chocolate from the time of the Mayans and Aztecs and exposes the different stages of processing cocoa to the shelves, truffles and other chocolates. The tour ends with a tasting of chocolate.

It is also possible to book a workshop where you make your own chocolates

Dumon Chocolatier

Buy chocolate in Bruges may sound easy, but given the number of shops, it is very difficult to choose. Dumon Chocolatier you will not disappoint you.


A good place to drink a fresh Beer. (or maybe 2)

Basilica of the Holy Blood

It consists of a XII century Romanesque crypt of the Chapel of St. Basil, on the ground floor, and a Gothic chapel dating from 1480, the basilica itself, on the floor. Subsequently, the building has been redesigned several times, as shown by its Renaissance facade. You get to the upper chapel by a staircase from 1530 that reveals the relics of Holy Blood, reduced by Thierry d'Alsace, Count of Flanders, held here since 1150. The shrine of the Holy Blood, religious dress and paintings are exhibited in the museum adjoining the basilica. Visit: The shrine of the Holy Blood in gold and silver gilt, filled with statues and precious stones.


This platform is one of the most beautiful in the city. It is bordered features and facades dominated by the Belfry. A boat ride on the canals are available from this location.

Church of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady of Bruges (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk) is built in the thirteenth century on the site of a Romanesque church in the historic heart of Bruges. Its architecture is inspired by the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Tournai.

Between 1270 and 1340 is built tower 122 meters high, placed on the nave north aisle.

Towards the mid-fifteenth century a rise of 54 meters high brick is added to the building (one of the highest brick building in the world).

Diamond Museum

This small museum offers an educational tour about the history of Bruges as the oldest diamond center of Europe, on the diamond mining and its cut. One can also see a demonstration of diamond cutting performed by an employee of the museum. Features: The demonstration of diamond cutting daily at 12.15.


Located near the Lake of Love, the Begijnhof was founded in 1245. It reflects the influence of the Beguine, widows or single women devoted to God. The assembly is composed of houses with picturesque surrounding a large courtyard garden, and a church. It is now occupied by Benedictine nuns who still wear the dress of the fifteenth century. One house was converted into a museum to show how the Beguine lived and worked at the time. Features: The "House of the Beguine" with its Flemish kitchen, fireplace and Gothic cabinet called Schapraai.

Restaurant De Wijngaert

If you are in Bruges, you MUST eat at this restaurant. But remember to book before ...


Lake of Love is a romantic place walk, surrounded by a picturesque park, the Minnewaterpark. It was once a
Inner Harbour shopping

Park hotel

Well located and with large rooms this hotel is one of many types of accommodation in Bruges

Train Station

Bruges is a city where cars are not welcome. Comming by train is probably the best solution.
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