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Raspberry Mountain
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Easy: 6.0 miles, 1-3 hours
Other Information: Family Friendly
Dog Friendly
Overview: The hike to the top of Raspberry Mountain is a pleasant six mile jaunt (round trip) through the Pike National Forest. The trail is wide and smooth, most of it shaded by tall dark Colorado Spruce. Sentinel Point and the northernmost of the Sibling Spires are visible occasionally about four miles to the south, whetting your appetite for the “Big View” available at the summit, when the Crags, Pike’s Peak and the Catamount Reservoirs spread across the horizon’s southeastern quadrant. Early morning trekkers will have the best light for views to the north and west as well (and will be less likely to get short changed by storms in the summer).

From I-25 drive west on Hwy 24 (Cimarron St) through Woodland Park. At Divide, turn left on Hwy 67 South for 3½ miles to the Crags Campground/Mennonite camp turn off; this is on the left (east) side of the road. This turn is between some guard rails just after a right curve in the road, it's easy to miss. Follow this road for about a mile, until you come to a sharp right turn in the road that crosses a small valley. The trailhead is on the left side, recognizable by a gate blocking vehicle access to the trail. Parking is allowed in front of the gate and along the road on the north side. There is room for only a few cars, but this is rarely a problem.

Tips: 1. The trail is dog friendly. Remember to take water for your companion; none is readily accessible along the trail.
2. Park as far off the road as possible. Not many people use this trail, but there’s a lot of traffic to the Crags and the Mennonite camps.
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