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This guide covers detailed route information, gear/food/water recommendations and pictures of each summit for reference

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Presidential Traverse
by Ktaadn
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Difficult: 22 miles, Full day
Overview: The Presidential Traverse is an excellent and well traveled hike of some of New England's highest peaks - almost all at maximum exposure. At roughly 22 miles & nearly 9,000' of elevation gain this trip is not for the faint of heart or mind to be attempted in just one day - but it can be done with the right preparation. An official Presidential Traverse begins at Madison to Adams to Jefferson to Washington and then on to Monroe to Eisenhower to Pierce & finally Jackson.

My recommendation is to plant one car on 302 at the end of the Webster-Jackson trail and then drive a 2nd car to the beginning of the traverse off route 2(Presidential Highway) in Randolph NH at the Appalchia Trailhead.

See Points of Interests/Pictures for more detail.

Tips: What to bring? Here are the must haves!

AMC White Mountain Trail Map - Presidential Range

I recommend a 3L Camelbak & (2) 32oz Nalgene bottles filled with Gatorade or Smart Water for electrolytes

4 packages of Clif Shot Bloks

4 Clif Gel Shots

in addition to whatever foods you pack

Gotta bring a 1st aid kit

I mean - all these things are pretty basic for hiking but don't go w/o adequate food/water/first aid & orienteering supplies.
Mt. Madison
Snyder Brook Waterfall
Madison Hut
Mt. Adams
Mt. Jefferson
Mt. Washington - Agiocochook
Mt. Monroe
Mt. Eisenhower
Mt. Pierce
Mt. Jackson
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