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Cripple Creek, Colorado, United States

Paradise Cove Swimming Hole

A Granite Walled Swimming Hole Perfect For Cliff Jumping

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.0 miles / 1.6 km
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: Paradise Cove (also known as Guffey Cove) is a hidden little swimming hole near Cripple Creek. The cove is a short, but sometimes steep 1/2 mile (one way) hike. You will be rewarded for your modest effort with an afternoon of fun, and a whole lot of good stories to tell your friends. The cove itself is a small but deep pool, fed by a small waterfall. The pool is surrounded by steep granite cliffs that provide diving platforms for the adventurous. There are three different heights, each providing different levels of thrills and danger.

Aside from swimming and cliff jumping the site is very scenic and a fun place to just hang out.

Disclaimer: cliff jumping is very dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone ever. If you do decide to participate Everytrail and this author cannot be held responsible for any injuries.

Tips: Don't bring glass bottles, they are prohibited and I have seen sheriffs ticketing for this.

Bring along a trash bag to pack out your trash, along with any other trash you find at the cove.

Points of Interest


Parking Area

From Colorado Springs, follow RT 24 to the town of Florissant (34.5 miles). From Florissant, follow Teller County Road 1 south for about 9.2 miles, until a Y fork, and bear right, into County Road 11. Follow County Road 11 for 4.1 miles, until a T intersection, and make a right turn at the intersection, into County Road 112. Follow County Road 112 for 2.7 miles, and where the road crests on top of a hill, park in the gravel lot on the left. On foot, cross the road and follow a foot trail in direction North for about 0.4 miles to the swimming hole.

Stream Crossing

As you hike the trail you will cross Guffey Creek Several Times. None of the crossings are bridged.

Paradise Cove

After a short hike you will come to the cove. The top of the cove is marked with a sign warning of the danger of jumping. The trail down to the swimming hole is short and steep. There are some nice rocks and a small beach area to hang out on. You can take a dip in the jade colored pool, or if your feeling adventurous take a plunge from one of the granite outcroppings.
Pictures in this guide taken by: colokeith

Keith Ganger (2011) All Rights Reserved
Just went there for the first time last week. The place is not as trashed as people claimed it to be. It appears someone kindly enough cleaned up the place.
Furthermore, this place is amazing and is a great spot for cliff jumping, not recommended if you're afraid of heights, but this is a fun place to visit on a sunny day. The water is cold but way worth the small hike.

I just ask that people please take your trash and do your best to keep this place clean.

Visited on Sep 02, 2015

by dulibar1 on Sep 07, 2015
people have trashed this site. Pack it in and Pack it out! What is so difficult about this people?
Visited on Jul 17, 2015

by on Jul 19, 2015
I took my family there after the reviews on this site and this was a big mistake. First this is a tiny area and there were over 200 kids from 18-28 drinking and jumping from the cliff. Trash was everywhere, people were very rude and after 10 minutes we left. I guess there are not many places for young folks to go on a sunny day in the summer. If you like crowds, loud drunk kids then this place is for you.
Visited on Jun 29, 2014

by mhardy303 on Jun 30, 2014
We did his hike in an hour, the creek was still frozen over as was the pool, it is a fun hike, had lunch on a rock near the end of the trail. We did find Mountain Lion and Bear tracks that appeared to be fairly recent, but did not see any wildlife with the exception of birds.

It was fun, the iced over pool and creek were walkable, but I wouldn't risk it this late in the year.

Park across the road from the trailhead, or get a ticket.

Very easy hike, in for about a half mile, then up a quarter mile, and down to the pool (swim hole)then another quarter mile down the creek... beautiful country!

Visited on May 03, 2013

by MartySharty on May 23, 2013
While I was hiking in my neighborhood in what you call Paradise Cove, I came across the Guffey Charter School children cleaning up what we call Guffey Gorge. They cleaned up after the "swimmers" or let's be honest litterers and poopers and urinators! The 6-13 y.o.'s committment to their community should be an example to the disgusting swimmers! Shame on all of you who do not respect our neighborhood, who leave trash, alcohol bottles, diapers and YES...HUMAN FECES! My tip to all of you is STAY AWAY FROM GUFFEY GORGE (PARADISE COVE)!! You are no longer welcome and quite frankly, only locals have EVER been welcome.To Colorado Keith; you are helping kill 1,200 y.o. trees, ruining ground that has been sacred for thousands of years and for what? So you can be a popular, local, nature loving, guy who turns people on to GUFFEY GORGE WHERE THERE IS NO PARKING!!!! I figure if none of the people we see everyday all summer long cannot/will not respect a sign that reads NO PARKING ON ROADWAY OR GRASS, then it is obvious why the people you encourage, 21,000 hits I see, have no idea that IT IS GROSS AND DISGUSTING TO POOP AND STICK A PIECE OF T.P. ON IT.Figure it out already and stay away! posted 9-13-2012
Visited on Sep 13, 2012

by missscarlet on Sep 14, 2012
This site stated that I visited 2 days ago...LIE!
Sept 13, 2012 as posted below:

Visited on Sep 13, 2012

by toggle on Sep 14, 2012
Do what is suggested in the web site!!! We live here and all that is left after everyone leaves is trash...alcohol bottles, cans, dirty diapers, cloths, and toilet paper. The children of Guffey Charter Elementary School ages 6-13 cleaned up this trash. PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT!!!! Just remember that at drought times, Four Mile Creek is only a trickle of water that barely flows through thousands upon thousands of cattle pastures. This is what we call Beef Tea. Gross... Think about that next time you take the plunge.
Please Park Responsible! It Is Dangerous for those who don't!

Please help by keeping it clean.
Thank you, The Guffey Community

Visited on Sep 13, 2012

by toggle on Sep 14, 2012
This is a great place to go if you want to find a one of a kind spot in colorado where you can cliff dive, swim and hang out in quite a private place that you normally wouldn't find unless you were looking for it.
Visited on Jun 14, 2012

by cras.abrown on Jun 15, 2012
This is an amazing place to visit. Be warned, however, the water is very cold, as it doesn't see too much sun.
Visited on Aug 01, 2011

by sevenfooter1 on Nov 02, 2011

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