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Country Knolls, New York, United States

North Woods Nature Preserve

Hidden hike in residential Clifton Park, formerly the "Round Lake Reservoir"

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Length: 1.0 miles / 1.6 km
Overview: The target of today's hike used to be known as the "Round Lake Reservoir" and was owned by the Round Lake Water Company. It's now a little-known Nature Preserve owned by the Town of Clifton Park. This spot has been an attractive place to explore for local residents for at least as long as the neighboring houses have been here, which is 1970.

It's a short and pleasant hike, with the only known hazards being the legendary "North Woods Mosquitoes". They're small, but they can be numerous and VERY hungry!

Points of Interest


Starting point in Country Knolls

Don't blink or you'll miss the signs at the entry point on Shadow Wood Way, between Perk Place and Partridge Plateau. Park your car on the residential street and off you go!

Left at the Fork

Turn left at the fork in the road and begin the gentle downhill towards the pond. If you bear right, you'll eventually end-up in some neighboring backyards without seeing much!

The pond awaits you!

You've now finally arriving at the pond, or the "Round Lake Reservoir" as it used to be known before the Town of Clifton Park bought it for a Nature Preserve. A clockwise loop around the pond should allow you to get some good views of the water, which is teeming with life. At the far end, you should be able to hop over a few rocks at the outlet of the pond. Then, completing the clockwise loop, re-join the dirt road for an uphill workout back to your car!
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